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NBA Stats Tracker is now fully compatible with NBA 2K12

Excuse the shameless plugging, and let me clear my throat. -coughs- Ahem. With that out of the way let me go in bold, saying…

NBA Stats Tracker is finally fully compatible with any NBA 2K12 save!

Some of you may be saying, “er… okay. And? Wait, what the hell is NBA Stats Tracker anyway?” Good question. NBA Stats Tracker is a tool (made by me, Leftos), that started off as a workaround for the Team Stats bug in NBA 2K12. Team Stats would register incorrectly after each game you played in Association/Season/My Player, which would ruin the immersion for those paying attention to the team stats table in NBA.COM, or in the stat overlays in-game. However, due to my limited reverse engineering knowledge and experience (it’s not like Visual Concepts is going to give us maps around its save files anytime soon), the tool required work to get it to work with any save; a 20-step tutorial you had to get out of the way before your first game in order to use the tool. I was disappointed, and gave up.

But Vl@d Zola Jr. came to help, and the latest version of REditor implemented Team Stats, so now by using these 2 tools together, you can correct your team stats! Yay…? Click on Read More to find out what’s exciting about all this.

Well, to tell you the truth, that’s really not all. In all those months that I had given up on trying to decode the saves and make the tool (which was named “Correct Team Stats” back in January) compatible with them, I was bombarded by suggestions both here in the NLSC Forum as well as from friends on what else I could do with it. Long story short? NBA Stats Tracker is now a full-fledged basketball analysis tool! It allows you to do all kinds of analysis on Team, Player and League stats, as well as give you Scouting Reports in natural language, if all those numbers make you dizzy.

Here’s a not-so-quick feature tour video of what NBA Stats Tracker can do for you, no matter if you’re just an NBA 2K12 gamer, or a real-life coach or fan wanting to follow and analyze their favorite team and league:

Join the discussion on NBA Stats Tracker over in the Forums! Give me your suggestions, feedback, questions and problems!

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