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NBA Street 2K14 v1 Mod Released!

With the release of the iff editing update for RED MC, I can now release the full first version of my NBA Street 2K14 mod! The mod features 23 different street courts, including many variations of Rucker Park, custom crowds for Attack Athletics, and new crowds for the Practice Gym and Rooftop courts. I was also able to convert over the _lo quality versions of NBA 2K12 courts, which were originally from the PlayStation 2 versions of NBA 2K. Couple all these courts with custom uniforms from bigh0rt and R4zoR, and all the database edits I did from the “Early” version of the mod, and you get one complete street mod. And of course, like all the mods I made, this mod will not overwrite any of your original files and should work fine with any other mods you have installed.

You can get the mod from our Downloads Database, and be sure to check out the Release Thread as well. Hit Read More to see some gameplay videos I regularly upload to my YouTube channel.

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