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NBA Street Vol. 2 HDR Roster & Art Update Released

At long last, the HDR update for the Gamecube version of NBA Street Vol. 2 has been released. Thanks to Mazzocchi‘s hard work cleaning up the roster file I previously created, as well as updating over 500 textures for the game, we can now publicly release this update pack.

While the update includes current rosters for the 29 NBA teams in the game, as well as jerseys for the players included, we still need help with the cyberface art for future updates. If you are interested in helping out, please check out the HDR threads in the Virtual Hardwood Forum.

You can download the update in the NLSC Downloads Database, and please stop by the Release Thread as well. For tutorials on how to make your own edits to the game, please check this Resources Thread. I hope that you enjoy the updated rosters for this great game as much as we are!

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Awesome stuff, guys. 🙂