NBA Live 13

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NBA Live 13
Developer(s) EA Sports
Publisher(s) EA Sports
Series NBA Live
Platform(s) TBA
Release date(s) Fall 2012
System requirements TBA

NBA Live 13 (stylised as NBA LIVE 13) is scheduled for release in Fall of 2012. It will be the eighteenth game in EA Sports' NBA Live series (the seventeenth to be released) and the first to be released since 2009, following the cancellation of NBA Elite 11 in 2010. It will also be the first game developed by EA Tiburon, with all previous games in the series being developed by EA Canada.


EA Tiburon, perhaps best known for developing the EA's series of NFL games, has assumed development of the NBA Live series. On April 5th 2011, it was announced that the game would be coming out in the Fall of 2012, confirming that EA Sports would not be releasing a sim NBA game for the second year in a row following NBA Elite 11's cancellation. EA Sports' lone basketball release in 2011 was NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, a sequel to their reboot of the NBA Jam series.

Details of NBA Live 13 remain largely unknown as of March 2018 but presumably the game will feature ESPN licensing as per EA Sports' fifteen year agreement with the network, Dynamic DNA updates courtesy of their partnership with Synergy Sports and staples of the series such as Dynasty Mode and right analog controls.

EA Sports President Peter Moore commented briefly on the future of the franchise in an interview conducted at E3 2011. He reaffirmed EA's commitment to reviving the franchise and continuing to produce NBA games, following the renewal of their licensing agreement with the NBA in May 2011. When asked to comment on whether the physics engine used in other EA Sports titles will be present in NBA Live 13, Moore did not confirm that it would be included in the game but noted that technology is shared between development teams and would not rule out the possibility of its inclusion at some point.

Title & Return to the NBA Live brand

Posts by members of the development team originally made reference to NBA Elite 12, suggesting that the NBA Elite brand would continue to be used rather than the series adopting another new name or returning to the NBA Live branding. However, in the announcement posted on April 5th 2011, EA Sports President Peter Moore simply referred to the game as the "next NBA simulation title", suggesting that the NBA Elite name would be dropped.

On February 23rd 2012, Kyrie Irving announced via Twitter that he'd had an opportunity to play NBA Live 13 while in Orlando for the 2012 All-Star Weekend. Inquiries by Kotaku revealed that EA Sports will indeed be returning to the NBA Live branding, as a spokesman stated "This fall we'll launch an all-new experience that captures the future of basketball with NBA Live 13."

PC Version

The NLSC once again put together a PC Petition in the hopes of demonstrating the community's support and enthusiasm for basketball games on the PC. The petition was submitted to EA Sports in November 2011. A few sites and online stores have listed a PC version of NBA Live 13, however the game's release on the PC platform remains unconfirmed as of March 2018.

NBA Live Advisory Council

On February 27th 2012, EA Sports announced the NBA Live Advisory Council initiative. Fans were invited to submit their applications to be a part of the council, which would allow them an opportunity to meet with the NBA Live Development Team to provide feedback and suggestions for NBA Live 13. On March 28th, Shawn Drotar, Mario Drake, Scott O'Gallager, Corey Andress, Jordan Simmons, Harold Biscocho, Steve Bascombe and Dougie Veney were announced as the eight inaugural council members. The Council's visit to EA Tiburon took place from April 10th-13th, 2012.


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