NBA Live 96 Codes (SNES)

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The following is a list of codes for the Super Nintendo version of NBA Live 96.

Secret players[edit]

An assortment of secret players including missing players such as Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, class of 1995 rookies such as Kevin Garnett and Jerry Stackhouse, legends such as Larry Bird and Magic Johnson and members of the development team can be unlocked by entering their names at the Edit Player screen.

Please note than an underscore ("_") represents a space.

Code Player Credits Developer Name
AIR_DYCK Air Dyck Music and Sound FX Jeff van Dyck
ALLAN_J. Allan J. Stunt Programmer Allan Johanson
ANDY_R. Andy R. Programmer Andy Rogers
CHOW Chow Producer Stanley Chow
DANIEL_NG Daniel NG Programmer Daniel Ng
GARRY_L. Gary Lam Lead Tester Gary Lam
IVAN_A. Ivan Allan Development Director Ivan Allan
NELSON Nelson Executive Producer Sam Nelson
RAMMER Sean Ramjagsingh Special Thanks Sean Ramjagsingh
REDDEKOPP Rod Reddekopp Stunt Programmer Rod Reddekopp
SAB Sab Graphics and Animation Sebastiaan Reinarz
TED_M. Ted M. Special Thanks Ted Murray
Code Player Notes
DADDY-O Daddy-O Unconfirmed Reference
ENZO Enzo Unconfirmed Reference
ICE Ice Unconfirmed Reference
NORVELL Norvell Unconfirmed Reference
RANATA Ranata Unconfirmed Reference
THURSTY Thursty Unconfirmed Reference
TRAZ Traz Unconfirmed Reference
WILLARD Willard Unconfirmed Reference
MCKIBBEN McKibben Unconfirmed Reference Could be version specific
Code Historical Player
ARCHIBALD Nate Archibald
B._RUSSELL Bill Russell
BAYLOR Elgin Baylor
BIRD Larry Bird
CHAMBERLAIN Wilt Chamberlain
COUSY Bob Cousy
COWENS Dave Cowens
ERVING Julius Erving
FRAZIER Walt Frazier
GERVIN George Gervin
HAVLICEK John Havlicek
HAYES Elvin Hayes
I._THOMAS Isiah Thomas
JABBAR Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
JOHNSON Magic Johnson
LAIMBEER Bill Laimbeer
MARAVICH Pete Maravich
MCHALE Kevin McHale
MIKAN George Mikan
MURPHY Calvin Murphy
R._BARRY Rick Barry
ROBERTSON Oscar Robertson
SMITH Randy Smith
THOMPSON David Thompson
THURMOND Nate Thurmond
WALTON Bill Walton
WEST Jerry West
WORTHY James Worthy
Code Active Player Opening Day Roster Notes
BARKLEY Charles Barkley Rockets NBAPA License conflict
JORDAN Michael Jordan Bulls NBAPA License conflict
Draft Code Rookie Name Opening Day Roster Notes
1 J._Smith Joe Smith Warriors
2 McDyess Antonio McDyess Nuggets
3 Stackhouse Jerry Stackhouse Philadelphia
4 Wallace Rasheed Wallace Bullets
5 Garnett Kevin Garnett Timberwolves
6 B._Reeves Bryant Reeves Grizzlies
7 Stoudamire Damon Stoudamire Raptors
8 Respert Shawn Respert Bucks
9 O'Bannon Ed O'Bannon Nets
10 K._Thomas Kurt Thomas Heat
11 Trent Gary Trent Blazers
12 Parks Cherokee Parks Mavericks
13 Williamson Corliss Williamson Kings
14 E._Williams Eric Williams Celtics
15 B._Barry Brent Barry Clippers
16 Henderson Alan Henderson Hawks
17 Sura Bob Sura Cavaliers
18 Ratliff Theo Ratliff Pistons
19 Childress Randolph Childress Blazers
20 Caffey Jason Caffey Chicago
21 Finley Michael Finley Suns
22 Zidek George Zidek Hornets
23 Best Travis Best Pacers
24 Meyer Loren Meyer Mavericks
25 Vaughn David Vaughn Magic
26 Ford Sherell Ford Supersonics
27 Bennett Mario Bennett Suns
28 Ostertag Greg Ostertag Jazz
29 C._Alexander Corey Alexander Spurs
30 Roe Lou Roe Pistons
32 Rencher Terrence Rencher Heat
33 Burrough Junior Burrough Celtics
34 Declercq Andrew Declercq Warriors
35 J._King Jimmy King Raptors
36 Moten Lawrence Moten Grizzlies
37 F._King Frankie King Lakers
39 D._Marshall Donny Marshall Cavaliers Not Donyell
40 Whitfield Dwayne Whitfield Raptors
42 Boyce Donnie Boyce Hawks
43 Snow Eric Snow Bucks
47 Edney Tyus Edney Kings
48 Davis Mark Davis Timberwolves
49 Allen Jerome Allen Timberwolves
50 Lewis Martin Lewis Raptors
52 Hoiberg Fred Hoiberg Pacers
56 C._Carr Chris Carr Suns
57 Martin Cuonzo Martin Grizzlies
58 A._Reid Don Reid Pistons
Draft Code Player Notes
31 TARLAC Dragan Tarlac No NBA contract until 2000
38 GRIFFITH Rashard Griffith Cut before season
41 MEEK Erik Meek Cut before season
44 PELLE Anthony Pelle Cut before season
45 T._BROWN Troy Brown Cut before season
46 BANKS George Banks Cut before season
51 BODIROGA Dejan Bodiroga Cut before season
53 POPA Constantin Popa Cut before season
54 -not in game- Eurelijus Zukauskas Cut before season
55 MCDONALD Michael McDonald Cut before season
ILGAUSKAS Zydrunas Ilgauskas Drafted in 1996 by Cleveland