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The very first NBA Live cover featured a shot from the 1994 NBA Finals, with Robert Horry and John Starks in the foreground. Beginning with Shaquille O'Neal in NBA Live 96, EA Sports have chosen a lone player to grace the cover of NBA Live, with the exeption of the French cover for NBA Live 07 that featured both Boris Diaw and Tony Parker as well as the Mobile cover for NBA Live 06 that didn't feature any player). Whereas the cover of EA Sports' Madden series is jokingly referred to as being "cursed" due to unfortunate injuries that have been suffered by NFL players who have graced it, NBA Live's cover players have generally avoided such misfortune.

In 2006, Dwyane Wade became the first player to win the NBA Championship in the same year he appeared on the cover of NBA Live. The 2006 NBA Champion Miami Heat featured three former cover players in Wade (NBA Live 06), Shaquille O'Neal (NBA Live 96) and Antoine Walker (NBA Live 99).

Kevin Durant was set to be featured on the cover of the re-branded NBA Elite 11, a game that was ultimately cancelled. Durant would later be recognised along with other former cover players as part of the unlockable "Cover Players" team in EA Sports' NBA Jam: On Fire Edition.

Main Covers[edit]

Game Player Notes
NBA Live 95 Robert Horry/John Starks Shot from the 1994 NBA Finals, with Horry and Starks featured most prominently.
NBA Live 96 Shaquille O'Neal An alternate cover featuring a shot from the 1995 NBA Finals was primarily used for the console versions.
NBA Live 97 Mitch Richmond
NBA Live 98 Tim Hardaway
NBA Live 99 Antoine Walker
NBA Live 2000 Tim Duncan Michael Jordan was featured in a sidebar, promoting his first official appearance as a Legend.
NBA Live 2001 Kevin Garnett
NBA Live 2002 Steve Francis
NBA Live 2003 Jason Kidd
NBA Live 2004 Vince Carter
NBA Live 2005 Carmelo Anthony
NBA Live 06 Dwyane Wade First player to win the championship the same year as appearing on the NBA Live cover.
NBA Live 07 Tracy McGrady
NBA Live 08 Gilbert Arenas
NBA Live 09 Tony Parker
NBA Live 10 Dwight Howard
NBA Elite 11 Kevin Durant Game cancelled.
NBA Live 13 Unknown Game cancelled, cover player never revealed.
NBA Live 14 Kyrie Irving
NBA Live 15 Damian Lillard
NBA Live 16 Russell Westbrook Westbrook is also the "cover" player for NBA Live Mobile.
NBA Live 18 TBA

International Covers[edit]

From NBA Live 2004 to NBA Live 10, EA Sports featured alternate covers for international releases in certain regions including Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Japan and the United Kingdom.

Game Player
NBA Live 2004 Raul Lopez (Spain)
NBA Live 2005 Tony Parker (France), Pau Gasol (Spain)
NBA Live 06 Tony Parker (France), Pau Gasol (Spain), Yuta Tabuse (Japan)
NBA Live 07 Dirk Nowitzki (Germany), Tony Parker/Boris Diaw (France), Pau Gasol (Spain)
NBA Live 08 Luol Deng (United Kingdom), Andrea Bargnani (Italy), Pau Gasol (Spain), Tony Parker/Boris Diaw (France)
NBA Live 09 Luol Deng (United Kingdom), Andrea Bargnani (Italy), Pau Gasol (Spain)
NBA Live 10 Pau Gasol (Spain), Luol Deng (United Kingdom)