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This tutorial will help you replace the music in NBA Live.


This tutorial was written for NBA Live 06 but the steps should work with any NBA Live beginning with NBA Live 2000.

The Guide

First off, get the NHL 2002 Ditty Importer here.

Then open the Ditty Importer and choose the .mp3/.mp2 file that you wish to import, and then convert it into the .asf format. Then rename the new file to match the name of the song that you wish to replace, eg xsong9. Then go into the music folder (NBA Live 06\audio\music) and be sure to back up the ones that you are about to replace; then put the new file in there.

Note: Songs named xsong are used in the menus, and the ones named xmsong are the ones that are used in 1on1 and practices. xintro1 is the music that is played during player introductions.