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NCAA 2K13 v1.0 Released for NBA 2K13 PC

Only a couple months after the initial release, version 1.0 of the NCAA 2K13 total conversion mod for NBA 2K13 PC has been released! The mod still has the same 30 NCAA teams as before, but this version has all the courts previously released in quiet updates, basic appearances for all players by basketball110 and ratings & tendencies done by johnbuckeyefan.

This will probably be the final update from myself with the NCAA/College Hoops mod for NBA 2K13. With the REDitor releasing soon, Behindshadows will take over leadership and development of the mod while he and the rest of the College Hoops 2K11/2K12 crew use this mod as a base for a more accurate representation of the NCAA. Be sure to keep an eye out for that.

For now, you can check out the released version of the NCAA 2K13 mod in the NLSC Downloads Database, as well as the official Release Forum Thread if you want to say thanks to the guys for their hard work or if you have any issues or questions.  If you click Read More, you can check out my Video Review of the mod. Enjoy!

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