New Poll: Playing basketball video games online and offline

We now have a new poll up which asks: “Do you mostly play basketball video games online or offline?” Cast your vote now and feel free to post your thoughts in the comments below!

Our previous poll asked “Do you consider yourself a sim or arcade player when it comes to basketball video games?” It appears as though most folks around these parts seek realism from their virtual basketball experience, with 67% of voters identifying themselves as sim players compared to only 8% who consider themselves arcade players. A further 25% saw themselves as being somewhere in between.

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4 Comments on "New Poll: Playing basketball video games online and offline"

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If 2k have released the god damn patch for PC 2k12 – definitely Online, but now…


I think this poll is misleading because most here are PC gamers and are unable to really play online regularly. If the online was fixed I would likely pay equally.