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New Poll: Simming Habits

A new poll is now up, which asks “Do you mostly play or simulate games in modes like Dynasty, Association & MyCAREER?”. What are your simming habits when it comes to basketball video games? Do you only play important games while simming in between? Do you play most games but simulate the occasional matchup you find unappealing or believe you can win easily? Cast your vote now and feel free to tell us more in the comments below.

Our previous poll asked “How often do you play basketball video games?”. Not surprisingly, 38% of you indicated that you play them every day, while 29% of you are hitting the virtual hardwood on most days of the week. 19% are playing basketball video games two or three days a week, 9% set aside time for a weekly session of basketball gaming and a final 5% aren’t playing quite as often these days.

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Play ’em all, but that is why I love the 14 game season option


Well in my case I like having full seasons, since they make the association somewhat more realistic. I usually sim through the season though and play through the playoffs. The playoff atmosphere is more entertaining in game than regular season games.


I havent played much Association yet but I play the 58 game schedule. I play one game and simulate one game. So that way 29 games are my own stats and 29 games are simulated stats. The oddities would seem to get cancelled out that way.

In MyCareer I play all games mostly unless I am kinda bored. I play most games because I hate simulating through shitload of games and the stats I acquire arent even my hard work.


I also play all and use 14 games per season and 5 min quarters in My Player mode 😛 But why even play when im just simming?