New Poll: The New Design

As you can see, we’ve posted a new poll to go along with our new design. What do you think of the new look? Cast your vote now!

Our previous poll asked “What are your favourite kind of mods for NBA Live/NBA 2K?” It seems historical mods remain the most popular garnering 34% of the vote, while FIBA based mods finished second with 22%. 17% of voters like NCAA mods best while Euroleague mods are preferred by a further 13%. The final 14% expressed a preference for all other types of mods. Be sure to check out the NLSC Forum¬†for the latest updates from the talented individuals in the NBA Live and NBA 2K modding communities.

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4 Comments on "New Poll: The New Design"

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Really don’t like it. Go back to the old layout.


Like the old format better


The new format to me seems more organized then eh previous one but I mostly like th enew one