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Nice Kicks hint at involvement with NBA 2K14

Nice Kicks, a Texas-based shoe store and online source of sneaker news, release dates and history, posted a Tweet mentioning a meeting with 2K Sports and encouraging fans to prepare for “something major” in NBA 2K14, with 2K’s Social Media Coordinator Chris “LD2k” Manning subsequently re-Tweeting them.

Stating the obvious, their involvement with NBA 2K14 will have something to do with shoes, perhaps in the form of in-game reviews or the ability to source and purchase shoes that appear in the game. We probably won’t find out what’s going on for a little while yet as the preview season is still a few months away, but feel free to speculate on what a partnership between Nice Kicks and 2K Sports might entail in the comments below, as well as take the discussion to the Forum.

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