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NLL starting new season, seeking GMs

The NLL is gearing up for a new season of play and currently have vacancies that they’re looking to fill. Originally founded in 2001 as an NBA Live league, the NLL is now using NBA 2K and runs one season per year, following along with the real NBA season. It strives for realism and aims to have the deepest GM experience possible with plenty of interactive features including trades, drafting rookies and a realistic salary cap. Player ratings are also updated on a monthly basis based on real life performance.

For details on the available teams and how to get involved, please visit the NLL website ASAP. Be sure to check out the FAQ and Rules pages for more information on how the league runs and your responsibilities as a GM.

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Great league.. Hope you enjoy


I’ve been in this league for like 7 years.. it’s awesome… would love to see some new members help fill out the league.


Might be interested in joining, Is it sim based or do we actually play the games? And is it based on 2K12 or 11?


It’s sim based and it uses 2k11…. it’s super realistic!