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NLSC Current Roster Updates for NBA Live 2005-08 v5.0 Released

At long last, the wait is finally over! I have released new versions (v5.0) of the current roster updates for NBA Live 2005, NBA Live 06, NBA Live 07 and NBA Live 08, containing 2011/2012 season rosters accurate as of April 23rd 2012. Get them at the download links below:

NBA Live 08: Download | Support Thread
NBA Live 07: Download | Support Thread
NBA Live 06: Download | Support Thread
NBA Live 2005: Download | Support Thread

Make sure that you download the correct update for the game you’re playing. Please see the support threads for supplemental downloads as well as the download links for the Roster Only version, if you’d prefer to use the rosters with an alternate art pack.

Please note that the rosters were finalised on April 23rd and as such, do not include the signings of Xavier Silas and Derrick Byars, while also featuring late season lineups where several key players were resting. I anticipate releasing another set of updates in the next week or so which will feature those transactions along with lineups updated as of the first round of the 2012 Playoffs and any fixes/updates that may be required. Thanks again to everyone for your patience in recent months, I hope you enjoy the rosters!

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Thank you so much!!!!


Want me to record gameplay of 08?


Oh wow! Thanks for the release Andrew! Been waiting for this in a while. I’m going to install this since TUP 12 doesn’t come out yet. Really a great release, oh yeah! =) Just in time for the playoffs. =)


yeah! yeah!


Thank you Andrew!


Hi Andrew! I’m Taw and I’ve been following your work eversince:) I am great fan and I do appreciate all the work you put for us playing the old NBA live games.

I am still playing NBA LIve 07. I always download roster updates ever since you started uploading it. So I downloaded the latest update for the rosters yesterday and I have a problem. After downloading and installing the rosters, I loaded it and try to play a game. I tried to use Denver Nuggets but Nene (with the washington wizard picture) kenyon martin (with the LA clipper pic), Felton (with the portland pic) plus the rookies are missing. and the ESPN transition does not appear.

I tried using the other teams and it is all thesame. The rosters are from last year. I hope you can help me out with this. I would appreciate it:) Thank you very much!


Nice one sir andrew…

been waiting for this..



salamat sir Andrew…


Hi Andrew! I am still having problems with updating the roster of nba live 07. I downloaded it again, reinstalled my nba live 07 but it is still thesame. the problem is that when i try to load the new roster the bdate written in the side is 9/20/11 thesame with the uninjured. the date should appear april 26,2012 right? kindly help me:)


Why those rosters aren’t working in Dynasty Mode? Wanna play it, but when I run DM I got OKC for example, but players are from Seattle 2006/2007. Help please!