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NLSC Podcast – Episode #52

Episode #52 of the NLSC Podcast is out now and for once, we were able to record a show without some big news breaking within an hour of us finishing up. Nevertheless, there was still plenty to talk about this week, so please join Arcane, JaoSming and myself as we recap and react to the latest NBA Live 14, NBA 2K14 and NBA news.

  • Last week’s NBA Live 14 Developer Blog delivered some insight into Signature Styles and dribbling controls. Was it what we were hoping to hear?
  • The PlayStation 4 Trophies have been revealed, giving us a few snippets on NBA Live 14’s game modes. Dynasty Mode is back!
  • A few more details on Ultimate Team have also been made available, leading us to ponder: Ultimate Team or MyTEAM?
  • We react to the latest soundtrack reveals, as well as the newest screenshots.
  • Last week’s press conference delivered a HUGE amount of information on NBA 2K14 next gen. We recap the highlights and give our thoughts on each.
  • The same event provided us with some raw next gen gameplay footage. Does it live up to the OMG Trailer?
  • NBA 2K14 next gen will reflect the change back to the 2-2-1-1-1 format in the NBA Finals. No word on current gen yet.
  • We also have some new screenshots, NBA Today news and a sneak peek at the Momentus Trailer to talk about.
  • Elsewhere, NBA 2K14 current gen has been receiving a few official roster updates. The Doctor is back in the house!
  • The 2013/2014 NBA season is underway. We offer a few thoughts from the first couple of days of the regular season.
  • We wrap up with some next gen console news.

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If you’ve got any feedback on Episode #52 or thoughts on any of the topics we discussed, we’d like to hear from you! Sound off in the comments below or here in the new central discussion thread for the podcast in the NLSC Hub section of the Forum. Mailbag submissions for future episodes are also most welcome.

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theres a screenshot of the shorts going through harden’s leg in a next gen screenshot though. so it goes both ways.