File Additions for NBA 2K14

NBA 2K14 Cover Art

We have an assortment of new file additions from our community for NBA 2K14 PC today, including faces, a custom title screen, and a new soundtrack. We also have a new version of the NBAE League 2K14 roster for the Xbox 360 version of the game. Check them all out at the links below!

Stephen Curry Title Screen
My Custom Soundtrack

Robert Covington Face

NBAE League 2K14 (Updated to v2.0)

FIBA Baller
FIBA Cyberfaces 2K14/13 – Jermaine Anderson (Canada PG)
FIBA Cyberfaces 2K14/13 – Oscar Torres (Venezuela SF/SG)

File Additions for NBA Live 08

NBA Live 08 Cover Art

Today’s new file addition for NBA Live 08 PC is the latest version of the Real Arena Experience by ChicagoBulls24. Download both parts at the links below!

Real Arena Experience 2014 V3 (Main Arena)
Real Arena Experience 2014 V3 (Team Arena)

The Tuesday Triple x3: More NBA Video Game Commercials

This is The Tuesday Triple, where I attempt to break down random topics into three points, and maybe an “and one” if I need it. Similar to the established Friday Five by Andrew, the topics will be related to basketball video games and their communities as a whole.

Andrew featured his favorite non-gameplay NBA video game commercials in his latest Friday Five, I was a bit disappointed. I liked three of the seven he linked in his article, specifically the 2K14 next gen commercial with LeBron, and 2K11’s MJ’s Greatest Moments and Signature Moves. The rest, including Jordan showing off his many rings, just, I don’t know, didn’t resonate with me. So in response, I am going to triple the content of this Tuesday Triple with the following 9 great NBA video game commercials.

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Further Update on NBA Live 14 Rosters

NBA Live Developer Fernando has posted an update on the status of the rosters for NBA Live 14 here in the Forum. It appears as though further issues have arisen, which have prevented the previously mentioned update from being pushed through. Although there is currently no timetable for a new roster update, the team is apparently working on those issues and are hoping to get a new update pushed through as soon as they possibly can.

In the meantime, NBA Live 14 has still been receiving other content updates, including new BIG Moments and LIVE Season games, as well as new packs and player cards in Ultimate Team. According to Fernando, the update system will be configured differently for NBA Live 15, so they don’t anticipate having similar issues with the game when it is released later this year.

Dumb Mondays: Free to Wait in NBA Games?

This is Dumb Mondays, starting the workweek off with silly facts or some of my opinions and predictions that you may or may not find interesting. This week I am sharing a dumb opinion and will be looking for and responding to your comments throughout the week.

If you haven’t heard of Jim Sterling’s webshow the Jimquisition, I would highly recommend checking it out for his comments on the video game industry. A few months ago he covered the topic of what he dubbed ‘Free to Wait‘ games. These are the games we see a lot of on mobile platforms, where gameplay is halted due to a timer that you can pay real or virtual currencies to speed up. These mechanics have been legitimized simply because the base game is free, but what if this terrible thing started showing up in our annual NBA games?

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New Poll: Who will win the 2014 NBA Finals?

It’s that time of the year again. The Eastern and Western Conference Champions have been decided, and for the second year in a row, it’s the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs meeting in the NBA Finals. Who will win the Larry O’Brien trophy this year? Cast your vote in our latest poll, and be sure to join in the discussion here in the NBA & Basketball Talk section of the NLSC Forum!

Our previous poll asked How important is it to you that basketball video games feature historical content? Not surprisingly, most basketball gamers are very much in favour of historical content, as 39% said it was “vital” while a further 22% felt it was “very” important. 23% of voters felt that historical content is moderately important, 10% don’t feel that it’s very important, and a final 6% opined that it isn’t important at all.

NLSC Top 10 Plays of the Week #12

Welcome to the twelfth installment of the NLSC Top 10 Plays of the Week! This is a weekly feature in which we invite the community to submit their best highlight videos from NBA Live and NBA 2K, for a chance to have them featured in a Top 10 countdown compiled by Lean.

Once again, we’ve received a great collection of highlights from our community, making for another entertaining Top 10 countdown. Check it out below, or watch here on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded video.

For your chance to be featured in future installments of the NLSC Top 10 Plays of the Week, please see this thread for more information and start posting your videos ASAP!

June 1st Official Roster Update for NBA 2K14

I haven’t been keeping up with the official roster updates for NBA 2K14 for the past month or so, so I felt a bulletin and an update to our offline pack was overdue. The official roster updates have indeed continued throughout the 2014 NBA Playoffs, and new rosters are available featuring lineups that are current as of June 1st.

As always, you’ll get the latest rosters automatically as long as your PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One is connected to the Internet when you fire up NBA 2K14. Once again, I have updated our offline pack for PC users who wish to update their game manually for whatever reason.

File Additions for NBA 2K13

Today’s new addition for NBA 2K13 PC is an add-on for the previously released FIBA 2K13 mod, which includes various fixes and updates. Check it out at the link below!

FIBA Baller
FIBA 2014 My Career Fix Mod

File Additions for NBA 2K14

NBA 2K14 Cover Art

Looking for some new updates for NBA 2K14 PC this weekend? Check out the latest file additions from our community, which include a new version of the AAU Basketball 2K14 mod, and several face updates. Download them all at the links below!

AAU Basketball 2K14 [v8] (Updated to v8.0)

Kevin Parker
Derrick Rose Face

Arinze Onuaku Face
Jarvis Varnado Face
Julyan Stone Face
Cole Aldrich Face
Timofey Mozgov Face
Luigi Datome Face
Troy Daniels Face
Phil Pressey Face
Chris Babb Face
Chris Copeland Face
C.J. Watson Face
D.J. Augustin Face
Luol Deng Face
Robert Sacre Face

File Additions for NBA 2K11

The efforts to keep NBA 2K11 up to date continue, as LJ has released a couple of new face updates for Serge Ibaka and Steven Adams of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Pick them up in the one pack at the link below!

Serge Ibaka and Steven Adams Faces

The Friday Five: My 5 Favourite Basketball Video Game Commercials

The Friday Five

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Friday Five! This is a feature that I post every Friday in which I give my thoughts on a topic that’s related to basketball video games, the real NBA or another area of interest to our community, either as a list of five items or in the form of a Top 5 countdown.

I’m going with a lighter topic for The Friday Five this week, as I list my top five favourite basketball video game commercials. No doubt I’ll be back to covering topics with a little more substance sooner rather than later, but I thought it would be fun to take a look back at some memorable advertisements for NBA Live, NBA 2K and NBA Jam that got us talking about the games, or at the very least were entertaining to watch.

Just to clarify before I begin the countdown, I’m picking commercials and promotional spots here, as opposed to pure gameplay trailers. Including both in the one countdown would make for a long list and some very difficult choices, so picking my five favourite gameplay trailers is a topic for another day. With that said, here are my 5 Favourite Basketball Video Game Commercials!

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Free NBA 2K14 on PS3 for PlayStation Plus Subscribers

The official PlayStation Blog has announced June’s lineup of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers. NBA 2K14 on PlayStation 3 is a part of this and will be available for free from June 3rd until July 1st (as a part of the new setup for PS+ free games). The NBA Finals begin on the same day.

For those unfamiliar with PlayStation Plus, it is Sony’s version of Xbox Live. You need to have it to play multiplayer on PlayStation 4, but it also comes with exclusive discounts and free games each month. If you download (or ‘claim’ on the online store) a free game, it is yours to play as long as you have an active PS+ subscription. If it lapses, you lose access to any free games you downloaded, but keep any purchased with discounts.

It is worth mentioning that Vlad’s RED MC does support editing the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 roster files for NBA 2K14.

File Additions for NBA 2K10

As we mentioned in Episode #80 of the NLSC Podcast, we have some dedicated folks making a detailed 2014 season update for NBA 2K10 PC. The latest releases include home and away jersey updates for the Los Angeles Clippers, Washington Wizards, and Phoenix Suns. Check them all out at the links below!

Los Angeles Clippers 2014 Jerseys
Washington Wizards 2014 Jerseys
Phoenix Suns 2014 Jerseys

NLSC Podcast – Episode #80

NLSC Podcast Logo

JaoSming makes his return to the booth this week alongside Arcane and myself for Episode #80 of the NLSC Podcast. Join us as we talk about another community member joining the NBA 2K development team, some recent modding developments, the 2014 NBA Conference Finals, and more.

  • E3 2014 is right around the corner. No announcements as yet, but we expect to hear a few things about NBA Live 15 and NBA 2K15.
  • bedwardsroy19 is the latest community member to get a job as a developer on the NBA 2K series. So…who’s next?
  • Once again, we put out a call to any knowledgeable basketball video gamers to help out in expanding our Wiki resources.
  • We cover some recent modding news, including JaoSming’s latest developments for NBA Street 2K14 and some efforts to bring NBA 2K10 up to date.
  • JaoSming has achieved a dream by buying the Boston Celtics…in NBA 2K14 next gen’s MyGM mode. Was it worth all the VC?
  • Moving on to the real NBA, we agree that the Conference Finals have been a bit anticlimactic so far. We offer our predictions for the rest of the series.
  • We mention some other interesting NBA news and notes, including a couple of statistical milestones.
  • The show wraps up with JaoSming’s impressions of Remote Play with the PlayStation Vita.

Click Play to listen to the show!

As always, we welcome your thoughts on this week’s show, as well as any of the topics that we discussed. Have your say in the comments below, or here in the Forum! Mailbag submissions and topic suggestions are also welcome, so feel free to hit us up in this thread.