File Additions for NBA Live 2003

Murat continues to do some fine work for NBA Live 2003, as he has created some custom camera patches for the game. If you’d like to dust off NBA Live 2003 and check them out, you can download them both at the links below.

Camera Patch
Broadcast Camera Patch

Submit a “Defensively Minded” Squad for this week’s LUT Community Challenge

For this week’s LIVE Ultimate Team Community Challenge in NBA Live 15, gamers are being invited to submit their “Defensively Minded” squads.

You can send in your submissions over at, the hub for the LIVE Ultimate Team community. We also invite you to join in the discussion of Ultimate Team here in the NBA Live 15 section of the NLSC Forum.

NBA Jam 2K15 V1 for NBA 2K14 PC Released

Our own bigh0rt has released V1 of the NBA Jam 2K15 mod for NBA 2K14 PC. As its name no doubt implies, the mod adds an NBA Jam-style of experience to NBA 2K14, with modified playbooks and beefed up ratings. The teams featured in the mod span several different seasons, being a selection of noteworthy squads (for better or worse) that lend themselves well to a fun arcade experience.

Download the mod at these links:

For more information and previews, check out the release thread here.

Ultimate Base Roster V24 for NBA 2K14 PC Released

A new version (V24) of the Ultimate Base Roster for NBA 2K14 PC has been released by HAWK23 and company! Key features of the latest release include:

  • Added updated version of the Ultimate Base Roster & UBR Association Files with current transactions, signings, rotations, and coaching moves (11/23/14)
  • Added ~275 retro player portraits (1946-1990) throughout applicable rosters
  • Added ~10 new current player portraits
  • Every single current NBA player and retro player in the UBR now has a portrait
  • Added 15 current and year-specific retro player cyberfaces to applicable rosters
  • Improved gear/accessories/team colors/shoes for some teams in the UBR
  • Added new version of the 2014 Roster with real historical stats for players – courtesy Redd
  • Added tweaked versions of every roster between 1980-1999 (portraits/year specific cyberfaces added)
  • Added V2 of the 1996 Draft Class
  • Added V1 of the 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, and 1977 Draft Classes (we now have every draft class from 1971-2017 available)
  • Rosters accurate as of 11/23/2014

Download the Ultimate Base Roster for NBA 2K14 here! Be sure to check out the release thread for more information, previews and support, as well as Like the official UBR Facebook page.

File Additions for NBA 2K15

Pick up the latest version of goldenstate77’s SweetFX tweak in today’s file additions for NBA 2K15 PC! For more information on the current status of NBA 2K15 modding, please see this bulletin from earlier in the week.

SweetFX for Win 7 and 8.1 (Updated to v4.1)

File Additions for NBA 2K14

NBA 2K14 Cover Art

Today’s new file additions for NBA 2K14 PC include a pack of faces with fixed headshapes, and a new realistic 2014/2015 season roster update. Pick them both up at the links below!

Face Pack

Kevin’s Realistic Roster
Kevin’s Realistic Roster

File Additions for NBA Live 2000

Hentzman is back with some new 2014/2015 season updates for NBA Live 2000 PC. If you’d like to dust off a classic and play it with current season rosters, check them all out at the links below!

NBA Live 2000 2014/2015 Roster Update
Charlotte Hornets/New Orleans Pelicans Switch
Charlotte Hornets 2014/2015 Court Patch

New Ultimate Team Legends: Sean Elliott, Larry Nance, & Jalen Rose

A trio of new Legends have been added to Ultimate Team in NBA Live 15 this weekend, namely Sean Elliott, Larry Nance, and Jalen Rose.


The three-time NBA All-Star played 13 seasons between the Suns and Cavaliers, averaging 17.1 PPG and 8 RPG. The 6’10 Nance averaged more than 2 BPG throughout his career.


The left-handed swingman is most known for his tenure with the Indiana Pacers, where he helped the Pacers reach the 2000 NBA Finals. Rose averaged 18+ PPG in six different seasons.


A former third-overall pick and two-time All-Star, Elliott helped lead the Spurs to an NBA title in 1999. His game-winning three-pointer in the 1999 Western Conference Finals, known as the “Memorial Day Miracle,” is one of the biggest shots in Spurs history.

Be sure to join in the Ultimate Team discussion taking place here in the NBA Live 15 section of the Forum.

The Friday Five: 5 Ways You Can Help The NLSC

The Friday Five

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Friday Five! This is a feature that I post every Friday in which I give my thoughts on a topic that’s related to basketball video games, the real NBA or another area of interest to our community, either as a list of five items or in the form of a Top 5 countdown.

For those of you who may not be aware, the NLSC has been around for a little over eighteen years. While I’d like to think that those of us who have been a part of the site’s staff over the years have done our part to keep the NLSC alive and kicking for close to two decades now, we certainly wouldn’t be here if not for the support and contributions of our visitors and community regulars. As far as gaming communities are concerned, basketball games are unquestionably a niche interest, but we’re proud to provide facilities and a home for basketball gamers from around the world.

From time to time, members of the community reach out to me and ask how they can support or help the site. I certainly appreciate those offers, and welcome any constructive contributions that people are willing to make. There are times when we’ll look to add new members to the NLSC Team, but even if you’re not on staff, there are definitely ways that you can help us thrive and grow. In this week’s Friday Five, I’m outlining some of the ways that you can help lend a hand around the NLSC.

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Details on November 20th Roster Update for NBA Live 15

EA Sports has posted an overview of the November 20th roster update for NBA Live 15, which you can check out here over on the official website. Anthony Davis, who has had a fantastic start to the season for the New Orleans Pelicans, is one of the biggest movers in the latest roster, with several ratings upgrades that have pushed him into the 90+ overall club.

Shawne Williams of the Miami Heat has also been spotlighted in the article, as he is now 66 overall following a significant boost to his three point rating. Williams is currently shooting 27/53 (51%) from downtown , which is good for sixth in the league.

The article also links to an Excel spreadsheet, which provides a complete listing of all the individual ratings that have been updated in the November 20th roster, as well as the resulting changes to the players’ overall ratings.

Feel free to post your thoughts on the latest roster in the comments section below, or in this thread in the NBA Live 15 section of the Forum. Don’t forget that we’re also collecting general roster feedback in this thread, which Fernando is keeping tabs on.

NLSC Podcast – Episode #103

NLSC Podcast Logo

Episode #103 of the NLSC Podcast is available now! Arcane, Pdub, Qballer, and myself are your hosts for this episode, as we discuss the past week in basketball gaming, as well as some recent NBA topics.

  • As we open the show, it appears as though Arcane won’t be able to join us…or will he?
  • We quickly rundown some recent NBA Live 15 news, including the latest Ultimate Team content.
  • A couple of new tools have been released for NBA 2K15 PC, so modding should hopefully be underway very soon!
  • We congratulate Vlad, who in addition to releasing the new version of RED MC, also appears to have landed a job with 2K Sports.
  • Pdub and Qballer provide their impressions of NBA Live 15, and we discuss our recent experiences with the game.
  • Arcane joins the show, surprising everyone except Andrew, who added him to the Skype chat.
  • Pdub gives his thoughts on NBA 2K15, and we discuss some possible enhancements for MyCAREER.
  • Turning our attention to the real NBA, we reflect on the Malice at the Palace, on its tenth anniversary.
  • The Philadelphia 76ers are still losing. We throw some new predictions out there.
  • Kobe Bryant’s latest milestone, the Los Angeles Lakers’ fortunes, and the surging Memphis Grizzlies are also discussed.
  • We finish with some Tweets about Derrick Rose, who once again is in and out of the Chicago Bulls’ lineup.

Click Play to listen to the show!

As always, we welcome your thoughts on this week’s show, as well as any of the topics that we discussed. Have your say in the comments below, or here in the Forum! Mailbag submissions and topic suggestions are also welcome, so feel free to hit us up in this thread.

NBA Live 15 Tips from The Gaming Tailgate & NotYourAverageFlight

The basketball gaming community has been posting some tips and tricks videos for NBA Live 15, to help their fellow gamers learn the ins and outs of this year’s game from EA Sports. A couple of new ones have been posted recently that you may be interested in checking out.

First of all, YouTuber NotYourAverageFlight has posted a guide on how to perform flashy dunks in NBA Live 15. The video explains the different distances and angles to take off from, the impact of fatigue, and so on. The second video comes courtesy of The Gaming Tailgate, and provides an overview of playcalling.

Be sure to check out both videos, which you can find embedded below. If you’ve got any tips or tutorials that you’d like to share, in written or video format, please feel free to post them in the comments section, or join in the discussion in the NBA Live 15 section of the Forum.

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LIVE Ultimate Team Spotlight of the Week: Curry & Rondo

Stephen Curry and Rajon Rondo are the Spotlight Players of the Week in NBA Live 15’s Ultimate Team.

Curry led the Warriors to three wins last week, and was phenomenal in the Warriors blowout win of the Lakers. Curry scored 30 points and dished out 15 assists in the 136-115 win.

Rondo had a pair of double-digit assist games last week, including a near-triple double. Rondo scored 20 points, handed out 12 assists, and grabbed nine rebounds in Boston’s loss to Oklahoma City.

Be sure to join in all the Ultimate Team chatter here in the NBA Live 15 section of the Forum!

Latest LIVE Ultimate Team Fantasy Challenge: Lakers on the Road

This week’s LIVE Ultimate Team Fantasy Challenge in NBA Live 15 features the Los Angeles Lakers’ upcoming road games against the Atlanta Hawks, Houston Rockets, and Dallas Mavericks. The real Lakers have had a very rough start to the season, but by picking up wins against those three teams in Ultimate Team, you can win 15,000 coins.

If you’re playing Ultimate Team in NBA Live 15, how are you liking it? What does your squad look like? Sound off in the comments below, and join in the discussion here in the NBA Live 15 section of the Forum!

New Poll: Which Modes Are You Playing Right Now?

Now that NBA Live 15 and NBA 2K15 have been out for a little while, and gamers have either had a chance to pick them up and get stuck into playing them, or elected to go back and play an older game, we have a new multiple choice poll for you all: “Which Modes Are You Playing Right Now?” Cast your vote now, and feel free to talk about some of your recent basketball gaming experiences in the comments section below!

Our previous poll asked “Who’s your early pick to win the 2015 NBA Championship?” The defending champion San Antonio Spurs were the favourites with 23% of the vote, just edging out the Cleveland Cavaliers with 22%. The Chicago Bulls were the third most popular pick at 19%, followed by the Houston Rockets (8%), the Miami Heat (7%), and the Portland Trail Blazers (4%). A further 17% believe another team entirely will win it all this year.

Don’t forget that you can join in all the discussion of the real NBA and other leagues in the NBA & Basketball Talk section of the NLSC Forum!