NBA 2K14 Real Voices Trailer

NBA 2k14 Next Gen: Derrick Rose

2K Sports has released a trailer that reveals an exciting new presentation feature in NBA 2K14 next gen. Over 600 halftime interviews have been recorded for the game, featuring the real voices of NBA players and coaches alike. It certainly indicates a huge step forward in the presentation on the next generation of consoles and a commitment to an authentic, immersive experience.

Watch the trailer below or check it out here on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded video. What do you think of having real coach and player voices in the game? Have your say in the comments below and join in the discussion that’s taking place here in the NBA 2K14 section of the NLSC Forum.

NBA 2K14 Next Gen Developer Diary & Screenshot – MyGM

NBA 2K14 Next Gen: MyGM - Concessions

A new screenshot from MyGM mode in NBA 2K14 next gen has been posted over on the game’s official Facebook page, spotlighting the financial responsibilities of managing concession prices. You can check out the screenshot by clicking the thumbnail after the jump, as well as in our NBA 2K14 Next Gen Screenshots gallery.

Additionally, 2K Sports have posted a MyGM developer diary over on Operation Sports. It explains that users will be able to choose the type of GM they want to be, with each approach to the job bringing its own benefits. It also talks about GM attribute upgrades, owner attributes, conversations and staffing. Interestingly, it notes that retired players can become assistant (and ultimately head) coaches. It’s definitely worth checking out for an in-depth overview of MyGM, so give it a look and add your thoughts in the comments below, as well as in this thread in the NBA 2K14 section of the NLSC Forum.

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MyNBA2K14 App Launched for iOS Devices

LeBron James in NBA 2K14

2K Sports have launched the free NBA 2K14 companion app for iOS devices, with the Android version coming soon. Much like last year’s MyNBA2K app, MyNBA2K14 allows users to start a MyCAREER game in one of the console versions of NBA 2K14, sync it with their mobile device and then view their MyPLAYER details and earn extra Virtual Currency while on the go. It also includes a mobile card game.

The iOS version of MyNBA2K14 is available here in the iTunes Store. You can check out an overview of the app in the trailer below, or watch it here over on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded video.

The Friday Five: 5 Bad (Yet Entertaining) Basketball Games

International Basketball 2009

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Friday Five! The Friday Five is a feature that I post every Friday in which I give my thoughts on a topic that’s related to basketball video games, the real NBA or another area of interest to our community, either as a list of five items or in the form of a Top 5 countdown.

All genres of video games have their bad releases. Basketball games, be they arcade or simulation oriented, are definitely not exempt from that. However, just as some bad films or television shows are guilty pleasures, so too are certain subpar video games. This week, I’m taking a look at some basketball games that are far from classics, yet are still interesting and even enjoyable in their own way.

I’d like to stress that while I’m calling these games “bad” due to their various shortcomings or the fact that they’re inferior imitations of better basketball titles, most of them do have some redeeming factors, which is what makes them entertaining. These are certainly subjective opinions, so you may not share my view on all of the games and indeed some of them have received positive reviews here and there. With that said, this is my list of five basketball games that are bad, yet still entertaining.

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Assorted NBA Live 14 Previews

NBA Live 14: Victor Oladipo

Various online publications have been posting preview articles and hands-on impressions of NBA Live 14. Here are five of the latest:

Some of the noteworthy points include the evolving experience thanks CourtQ and the partnership with Synergy Sports, an overview of the game modes, the user interface and customisation options. Check out the previews and feel free to sound off in the comments below, or head on over to the NBA Live 14 section of the Forum to join in the discussion that’s taking place here.

Interview with NBA Live 14 EP Sean O’Brien (Sportsgamerblog)

Damian Lillard vs Kyrie Irving in NBA Live 14

Glen Haag of has posted an audio interview with NBA Live 14’s Executive Producer, Sean O’Brien. The interview covers a multitude of interesting topics including Sean’s background with EA Sports, the new IGNITE engine, ESPN integration and even whether or not the series could return to the PC platform.

Give it a listen and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, as well as in this thread in the NBA Live 14 section of the NLSC Forum. Thanks to 22cedric for the heads up.

Information on MyGM, The Park & PS4 Exclusives for NBA 2K14

NBA 2K14 Next Gen: Solomon Hill

2K Sports continues to reveal information on MyGM in NBA 2K14 next gen via the official Facebook page, with new screenshots accompanied by snippets that offer a few more details on the mode. GMs can be upgraded in seven different attribute categories and Special Abilities can also be acquired. Owners will provide Wishlists and Demands, giving you an idea of what they’d like you to do with their team. Team Staff have also been redesigned and have their own version of Signature Skills. Check out the latest screenshots below, after the jump.

Meanwhile, it seems that stores are already selling the PlayStation 4 version of NBA 2K14. While gamers obviously cannot play it without a console, the features list on the back of the box has provided a few more details on The Park. Up to 100 MyPLAYERs in a single park will be able to take part in what is described as a “massively-multiplayer playground mode”, in which they can play pickup games, socialise, watch other games in progress and more.

In less exciting news, it appears as though the PlayStation 4 exclusives will be Black ice jewelry and PlayStation gear in the VC store, as well as a PlayStation court in The Park. What do you think of the latest info? Sound off in the comments below and have your say here in the NBA 2K14 section of the NLSC Forum.

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November 7th Official Roster Update for NBA 2K14

The Sacramento Kings' new court in NBA 2K14 PC

A new official roster with lineups updated through November 7th 2013 has been pushed through for NBA 2K14. Players like Russell Westbrook have returned from injury, however several players are still missing. An update for the Sacramento Kings’ court has also come through with the latest roster.

You’ll receive the update automatically as long as your PC, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 is connected to the Internet. As always, PC users who would like to update their game manually can make use of our offline pack, which contains the latest roster and online data files.

NLSC Podcast – Episode #53

NLSC Podcast Logo

As we find ourselves less than two weeks away from the release of NBA Live 14 and NBA 2K14, we’re getting more and more information on this year’s games. The 2014 season, although just a couple of weeks old, has also provided us with a few talking points. Join Arcane, Pdub and myself as we give our thoughts on the latest previews, news and real life NBA happenings in Episode #53 of the NLSC Podcast.

  • A new developer blog has given us more insight into the controls, signature styles and defensive strategy in NBA Live 14. Do we like what we saw?
  • We also got a couple of new tidbits from VSN Radio’s interview with developers Scott O’Gallagher and Ryan Ferwerda, leading to some speculation on a few features.
  • NBA Live 14’s soundtrack has been revealed and unfortunately for Arcane, there’s no J. Cole…yet, anyway.
  • Moving on to NBA 2K14, we give our thoughts on some MyTEAM snippets that have been mentioned on the official Facebook page during the past week.
  • MyGM is shaping up to be a deep and interesting mode in NBA 2K14 next gen, but might there be too much depth to the mode?
  • The PlayStation 4 version of NBA 2K14 will be getting some exclusive content. Fortunately, everyone on our panel will benefit.
  • We answer a mailbag question regarding NBA 2K14’s chances at winning Game of the Year.
  • Episode #53 wraps up with some talk about the real NBA. The Clippers’ fortunes, Bulls’ struggles, rookie performances and tanking are all discussed.

Click Play to listen to the show!

As has been the case recently, some really juicy news on both games broke a few hours after we finished recording this week’s episode. We’ll be sure to talk about all that good stuff next week but in the meantime, let us know what you think of Episode #53 and your opinion on the topics that we discussed. Sound off in the comments below or in this thread and don’t forget to post any mailbag submissions here.

NBA Live 14 CourtQ & LIVE Season Trailer, Information

NBA Live 14: CourtQ

EA Sports has posted a new blog over on the official NBA Live 14 website, revealing more information on CourtQ in this year’s game. The blog touts EA’s partnership with Synergy Sports, with Synergy data powering more than 70 player ratings and tendencies in NBA Live 14. Roster updates will also be coming daily and will account for new gear, accessories and even hairstyles.

A new trailer has also been posted, providing an overview of CourtQ as well as LIVE Season. It stresses the game’s commitment to having players look and play the way they do in real life, every single day, while also talking about some of the challenges that will be featured as part of LIVE Season’s Big Moments. Watch the trailer below or check it out here on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded video. Give us your take in the comments below and jump into the discussion taking place in this thread in the NBA Live 14 section of the NLSC Forum.

NBA Live 14 Hands-On Impressions from IGN

NBA Live 14: John Wall vs. Kryie Irving

IGN have posted some hands-on impressions of the Xbox One version of NBA Live 14. The author, Ryan McCaffrey, notes that while the game doesn’t match up to NBA 2K14 next gen in the graphics department, it is more aesthetically pleasing than what we’ve seen in the trailers so far. He also praises the ESPN presentation, confirming the presence of Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy along with Jalen Rose, who will provide custom weekly commentary based on what’s happening around the league in real life. ESPN Wired audio will also be in the game and relate to what’s happening on the court.

The controls are described as an evolution of the old Freestyle Control, as indicated by last week’s developer blog. Ryan also delivers some good news on game modes, comparing Rising Star to MyCAREER while also noting a 30 year GM mode (presumably Dynasty), head-to-head seasons against friends, the previously announced FIFA-like Ultimate Team, a Best of Seven mode and LIVE Season, which will feature challenges based on individual game data.

Overall, the article sounded quite positive and promising. Check it out and add your thoughts in the comments below, as well as join in the discussion taking place here in the NBA Live 14 section of the Forum.

NBA 2K14 Eco-Motion Trailer & Blog

NBA 2K14 Next Gen: LeBron James

A new trailer for the next gen version of NBA 2K14 has been posted, revealing more information on the new Eco-Motion engine that is being introduced in the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of the game. Ronnie 2K has also posted an entry over on the official PlayStation.Blog, explaining the ins and outs of the new engine.

Eco-Motion strives for dynamic player animations, with Ronnie touting the claim that no two animations will ever appear exactly the same, as well as the elimination of pre-canned animations. Give the blog a read for more snippets on Eco-Motion and watch the trailer below, or check it out here on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded video. Have your say in the comments below, as well as in this thread in NBA 2K14 Forum.

Latest Details on MyGM in NBA 2K14 Next Gen

NBA 2K14 Next Gen: MyGM Profile

A couple more snippets on MyGM mode in NBA 2K14 next gen have been posted on the game’s official Facebook page, along with new screenshots. When creating our GMs, we will have the ability to select different management styles, with each offering different benefits such as specialising in trade negotiations or having more business savvy.

Each team will also have a unique owner with a different personality, approach and expectations. The example provided is producer Erick Boenisch as the fictional owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, who indicates that he’ll spend a lot of money but has high expectations and low patience for anyone who can’t get the job done. There is also an Involvement level attribute, which may see some owners meddle with the decisions that you’re making.

MyGM is certainly shaping up to be an interesting mode. Check out the screenshots below or here in our gallery.

Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments below, as well as here in the NBA 2K14 section of the Forum.

File Additions for NBA 2K13

NBA 2K13 Cover Art

Here are the latest file additions for NBA 2K13 PC. I’ve uploaded R4zor’s tutorial and resources for creating custom courts so that it doesn’t get lost, while Albys and skoadam have updated their current rosters for the game. Download them at the links below.

R4zoR’s Court Creating Tutorial For NBA 2K13

Albys Realistic Roster (Updated to v10.0)

URB Roster V12 [15 Complete Seasons Mods] (Updated to v12.0)

EA Announces NBA Live 14 Soundtrack, Partnership with MICK

NBA Live Mixtape in NBA Live 14

EA Sports has unveiled the complete soundtrack for NBA Live 14, which they’re referring to as the NBA Live Mixtape. This year’s soundtrack covers a few different genres including hip-hop, dancehall, indie rock, EDM and trap. It was put together by MICK (formerly known as MICK Boogie), former DJ for the Cleveland Cavaliers and the man behind the NBA Live 10 mixtape and ’93 ‘Til Infinity mixtape for NBA Jam. MICK has also provided 30 custom mixtape bumpers that play in between the tracks.

It’s also been revealed that it will be possible to customise the soundtrack for each game mode, if for example you would like a different playlist for Dynasty Mode and LIVE Season. Interestingly, new music will be a part of the LIVE content updates being delivered throughout the season, as MICK will continue to select new songs and artists to be added to the soundtrack. Check out the full soundtrack listing below and have your say in the comments, as well as here in the NBA Live 14 section of the Forum.

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