NBA 2K14 Eco-Motion Trailer & Blog

NBA 2K14 Next Gen: LeBron James

A new trailer for the next gen version of NBA 2K14 has been posted, revealing more information on the new Eco-Motion engine that is being introduced in the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of the game. Ronnie 2K has also posted an entry over on the official PlayStation.Blog, explaining the ins and outs of the new engine.

Eco-Motion strives for dynamic player animations, with Ronnie touting the claim that no two animations will ever appear exactly the same, as well as the elimination of pre-canned animations. Give the blog a read for more snippets on Eco-Motion and watch the trailer below, or check it out here on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded video. Have your say in the comments below, as well as in this thread in NBA 2K14 Forum.

Latest Details on MyGM in NBA 2K14 Next Gen

NBA 2K14 Next Gen: MyGM Profile

A couple more snippets on MyGM mode in NBA 2K14 next gen have been posted on the game’s official Facebook page, along with new screenshots. When creating our GMs, we will have the ability to select different management styles, with each offering different benefits such as specialising in trade negotiations or having more business savvy.

Each team will also have a unique owner with a different personality, approach and expectations. The example provided is producer Erick Boenisch as the fictional owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, who indicates that he’ll spend a lot of money but has high expectations and low patience for anyone who can’t get the job done. There is also an Involvement level attribute, which may see some owners meddle with the decisions that you’re making.

MyGM is certainly shaping up to be an interesting mode. Check out the screenshots below or here in our gallery.

Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments below, as well as here in the NBA 2K14 section of the Forum.

File Additions for NBA 2K13

NBA 2K13 Cover Art

Here are the latest file additions for NBA 2K13 PC. I’ve uploaded R4zor’s tutorial and resources for creating custom courts so that it doesn’t get lost, while Albys and skoadam have updated their current rosters for the game. Download them at the links below.

R4zoR’s Court Creating Tutorial For NBA 2K13

Albys Realistic Roster (Updated to v10.0)

URB Roster V12 [15 Complete Seasons Mods] (Updated to v12.0)

EA Announces NBA Live 14 Soundtrack, Partnership with MICK

NBA Live Mixtape in NBA Live 14

EA Sports has unveiled the complete soundtrack for NBA Live 14, which they’re referring to as the NBA Live Mixtape. This year’s soundtrack covers a few different genres including hip-hop, dancehall, indie rock, EDM and trap. It was put together by MICK (formerly known as MICK Boogie), former DJ for the Cleveland Cavaliers and the man behind the NBA Live 10 mixtape and ’93 ‘Til Infinity mixtape for NBA Jam. MICK has also provided 30 custom mixtape bumpers that play in between the tracks.

It’s also been revealed that it will be possible to customise the soundtrack for each game mode, if for example you would like a different playlist for Dynasty Mode and LIVE Season. Interestingly, new music will be a part of the LIVE content updates being delivered throughout the season, as MICK will continue to select new songs and artists to be added to the soundtrack. Check out the full soundtrack listing below and have your say in the comments, as well as here in the NBA Live 14 section of the Forum.

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NLSC Podcast Episode #53 Mailbag Call

NLSC Podcast Logo

We’ll be recording Episode #53 of the NLSC Podcast in about 24 hours, so I’m putting out a last call for submissions for this week’s listener mailbag. If you’ve got a question you’d like us to answer, a prediction you’d like us to make or a topic you’d like to hear us discuss, please post it in the comments below or in this thread in the NLSC Hub.

You can also hit us up via our Facebook page and Twitter. We’re always keen to hear from our listeners and talk about what you want to hear, whether it’s NBA Live, NBA 2K, the real NBA, patching or something else related to the community. Let us know what’s on your mind and if you haven’t caught it yet, you can listen to last week’s episode here.

Latest NBA 2K14 Next Gen Screenshots, MyGM Info Coming

NBA 2K14 Next Gen: MyGM Conversation

Several new screenshots of NBA 2K14 next gen have been posted over the last few days, as Ronnie 2K has been providing NBA players with their in-game likenesses. You can check them out by clicking the thumbnails after the jump, as well as here in our NBA 2K14 Next Gen Screenshots gallery.

A couple of screenshots from the new MyGM mode have also been posted over on the game’s official Facebook page. MyGM is described as being a re-imagination of what a franchise mode should be, as your actions and conversations while running a team will have a ripple effect throughout the organisation. More information on the mode will be coming soon, as 2K are releasing snippets of info on NBA 2K14 next gen every day via their social media pages.

Check out the MyGM screenshots below and have your say in the comments, as well as in the NBA 2K14 section of the Forum.

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VSN Arcade Radio Interview with NBA Live 14 Developers

NBA Live 14: Derrick Rose

VSN Arcade Radio has posted an interview with NBA Live 14 developers Ryan Ferwerda and Scott O’Gallagher. Topics include the dribbling controls, dynamic crowd responses, post moves and the ability of big men to handle the ball. The devs also hinted at some pleasant surprises with the ESPN presentation and mentioned that more details on Ultimate Team will be coming soon.

Give it a listen and feel free to add your thoughts in the comments below, as well as in this thread in the NBA Live 14 section of the NLSC Forum. Thanks to 22cedric for the heads up and Mr LostSoul for the recap.

Ultimate Base Roster V58 for NBA 2K12 PC Released

Ultimate Base Roster V58

HAWK23 has returned with a new version of the Ultimate Base Roster for NBA 2K12 PC! The new release, V58, contains an amazing 44 complete season mods, including current 2013/2014 rosters updated through November 3rd, 2013. A rundown of the key features of UBR V58 is as follows:

  • We now have 44 full season mods from 1970 – Present
  • Added 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, and Ult. 70s Basketball Roster Mods
  • Includes a “UBRV58 Association.ros” roster file which strips out all of the retro teams for those of you who just want the updated roster with flawless Season/Franchise mode. Don’t worry the normal Ultimate Base Roster V58 with all the retros is still there too.
  • Added the 12-13 Heat and 12-13 Spurs to the Ultimate Base Roster
  • Added 70+ new/improved cyberfaces for the 13-14 rookies (many converted from 2K14)
  • Added a few updated Draft Classes including Version 2 of the 2014 Draft Class
  • Tweaked ALL Season Mods for updates such as skin color, ratings, player additions, cyberface assignments, and age updates. We now have 44 full season mods, the ABA mod, the All-Legends mod, All-Star mod, the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s Ultimate Basketball mods, and the Ultimate Base Roster (UBR) all compatible without affecting regular NBA2K12 files and they all work in season/association.
  • Current NBA Teams Rosters/Rotations up to date as of November 3, 2013.

Download the Ultimate Base Roster here! For additional information, previews and support, check out the release thread in the NBA 2K12 section of the NLSC Forum.

November 2nd Official Roster Update for NBA 2K14

Orlando Magic vs. New Orleans Pelicans in NBA 2K14

2K Sports are certainly pushing through more official roster updates this year, as NBA 2K14 has received another new roster containing lineups that have been updated through November 2nd. Several players are still missing and no new players have been added in the latest release, though a few ratings have been updated. New courts for the Milwaukee Bucks and Orlando Magic have also been added. As always, you can find analysis of the latest updates over on Rashidi’s blog.

The new rosters will come through automatically as long as your PC, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 is connected to the Internet. If you’re playing on PC and would like to update your game manually, you can download our offline pack which contains the latest roster and online data files.

File Additions for NBA Live 2004

NBA Live 2004 Cover Art

Mel_Fox_76 has released some more player face updates for NBA Live 2004, which you can pick up at the links below.

Derrick Rose Face Patch
Caron Butler Face Patch
Jose Calderon Face Patch
Deron Williams Face Patch

File Additions for NBA 2K13

NBA 2K13 Cover Art

For those of you who are still playing NBA 2K13 on PC, skoadam has released a new version of his current roster update for the game, which also includes several retro season mods. Pick it up at the link below.

URB Roster V11 [15 Complete Seasons Mods] (Updated to v11.0)

NBA Live 14 Developer Blog: Gameplay & Controls

NBA Live 14: Dwight Howard

EA Sports have posted a very detailed developer blog over on the official NBA Live website, providing a deeper look at dribbling controls, strategy and signature styles in NBA Live 14. Key points include:

  • The controls include a Turbo/Sprint trigger, so the game will definitely not be taking the same approach as NBA Elite 11.
  • Dribbling moves are performed using very similar right stick movements to previous NBA Live games.
  • Different dribbling moves suit different players, according to their signature styles, speed, quickness etc.
  • Defensive controls include slides and an auto-charge option, which is balanced and carries a risk/reward factor.
  • Several new strategy and coaching options have been added, similar to what we’ve seen in NBA 2K.
  • Defensive AI has also been enhanced.

The blog also features screenshots of the controls and another video demonstrating how to perform dribbling moves. Check it out and take a look at the screenshots below, or here in our NBA Live 14 gallery. Add your thoughts in the comments below and join in the discussion taking place here in the NBA Live 14 section of the Forum.

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Details on MyTEAM in NBA 2K14 Next Gen

NBA 2K14 Next Gen: New Cards in MyTEAM

2K Sports have been revealing some snippets about MyTEAM in the next gen version of NBA 2K14 over the past couple of days, along with some screenshots. As with last year’s game or NBA Live’s Ultimate Team mode, new content is collected in the form of virtual trading cards, which have been redesigned for the next gen version of the game. Gamers can also obtain all of the classic jerseys that are in the game for use with their MyTEAM.

The latest post mentions a new MyTEAM mode called Domination, in which you pit your MyTEAM against every NBA team and three All-Star squads in offline gameplay. For each star level you reach, you’ll gain a player or team item pack. Check out the latest screenshots below or here in our NBA 2K14 Next Gen gallery.

Add your thoughts in the comments below, as well as in the NBA 2K14 section of the NLSC Forum.

The Friday Five: 5 Biggest Basketball Video Game Pet Peeves

Messing with the cameraman in NBA Live 2003

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Friday Five! The Friday Five is a feature that I post every Friday in which I give my thoughts on a topic that’s related to basketball video games, the real NBA or another area of interest to our community, either as a list of five items or in the form of a Top 5 countdown.

As you can probably guess, I’m a big fan of basketball video games. You’d certainly hope that I would be, given that I’m a running a website dedicated to basketball video gaming. While they’re not the only titles that I play, basketball games are certainly among my favourites and whether it’s the more realistic approach of NBA Live and NBA 2K, or the arcade style of NBA Jam, I’ve had a lot of fun with them over the years. However, as we all know too well, basketball games definitely have their frustrating and annoying moments.

There are plenty of major, gamebreaking issues that cause us frustration – cumbersome controls, disappointing AI and so on – but that’s not what I’m talking about today. I’m talking about some of the little things that don’t necessarily ruin basketball games or render them completely unenjoyable, but at the very least take something away from the experience. These are my five biggest basketball video game pet peeves…or at least the ones that spring immediately to mind.

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NLSC Podcast – Episode #52

NLSC Podcast Logo

Episode #52 of the NLSC Podcast is out now and for once, we were able to record a show without some big news breaking within an hour of us finishing up. Nevertheless, there was still plenty to talk about this week, so please join Arcane, JaoSming and myself as we recap and react to the latest NBA Live 14, NBA 2K14 and NBA news.

  • Last week’s NBA Live 14 Developer Blog delivered some insight into Signature Styles and dribbling controls. Was it what we were hoping to hear?
  • The PlayStation 4 Trophies have been revealed, giving us a few snippets on NBA Live 14’s game modes. Dynasty Mode is back!
  • A few more details on Ultimate Team have also been made available, leading us to ponder: Ultimate Team or MyTEAM?
  • We react to the latest soundtrack reveals, as well as the newest screenshots.
  • Last week’s press conference delivered a HUGE amount of information on NBA 2K14 next gen. We recap the highlights and give our thoughts on each.
  • The same event provided us with some raw next gen gameplay footage. Does it live up to the OMG Trailer?
  • NBA 2K14 next gen will reflect the change back to the 2-2-1-1-1 format in the NBA Finals. No word on current gen yet.
  • We also have some new screenshots, NBA Today news and a sneak peek at the Momentus Trailer to talk about.
  • Elsewhere, NBA 2K14 current gen has been receiving a few official roster updates. The Doctor is back in the house!
  • The 2013/2014 NBA season is underway. We offer a few thoughts from the first couple of days of the regular season.
  • We wrap up with some next gen console news.

Click Play to listen to the show!

If you’ve got any feedback on Episode #52 or thoughts on any of the topics we discussed, we’d like to hear from you! Sound off in the comments below or here in the new central discussion thread for the podcast in the NLSC Hub section of the Forum. Mailbag submissions for future episodes are also most welcome.