File Additions for NBA 2K11

NBA 2K11 Cover Art

We have some new releases for a classic today, as experiment626 has released four nifty retro updates for NBA 2K11, including three team add-ons, and the Phoenix Suns’ jerseys from the 90s. Download them all at the links below!

2000-01 Philadelphia 76ers
2001-02 Sacramento Kings
1992-93 Phoenix Suns
1992-2000 Phoenix Suns Uniforms

Monday Tip-Off: MyCAREER’s Funniest Text Message

Checking the phone in NBA 2K17's MyCAREER

We’re at midcourt, and the ball is about to go up…it’s Monday Tip-Off! Start your week here at the NLSC with a feature that’s dedicated to opinions, commentary, and other fun stuff related to NBA Live, NBA 2K, and other basketball video games.

I realise that not everyone is fan of the virtual Twitter and text messaging in NBA 2K17’s MyCAREER. For some people, it’s a pointless annoyance, an unnecessary addition that has nothing to do with gameplay or replicating the experience of being an NBA player. I can certainly understand that point of view, but I have to admit, I kind of like it. For me, it contributes to the immersive nature and world building aspects of MyCAREER, making the mode seem more alive with something that’s very prominent in the real world. Beyond that, of course, some of the messages and Tweets are actually pretty funny…though not always for the right reasons.

There’s unquestionably a lot of intentional humour in MyCAREER’s text messages and Tweets. Certain Tweets represent (with painful accuracy) some of the less intelligent things that we basketball fans are prone to putting out there on social media. There’s in-jokes, banter with other players, and texts that add minor plot points to the background storyline. There are supportive Tweets from Leftos, which I always enjoy. And then, there are the text messages that are just plain weird, and most likely glitched. That’s the type of message I’m sharing with you today.

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File Additions for NBA Live 2004

NBA Live 2004 Cover Art

We have a new update for a classic game today, as GNGGRIZZ27 has uploaded the final version of his 2017 court pack for NBA Live 2004 PC. Download it at the link below.

2016-2017 Courts (Final Version)

For more coverage of NBA Live 2004, be sure to check out my retrospective, which is part of our ongoing 20th Anniversary of NBA Live content. I’ll be picking that up again soon with a retrospective of NBA Live 06, so stay tuned!

The Friday Five: 5 Miscellaneous Suggestions for NBA Live

The Friday Five

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Friday Five! The Friday Five is a feature that I post every Friday in which I give my thoughts on a topic that’s related to NBA Live, NBA 2K, and other basketball video games, as well as the real NBA, and other areas of interest to our community. The feature is presented as either a list of five items, or in the form of a Top 5 countdown.

I originally planned for last week’s Five to be the final instalment in my current series of articles discussing what I’d like to see in future NBA Live games, beginning with NBA Live 18 later this year. However, there are a few more ideas that I wanted to put out there, as they didn’t quite fit into any of the previous areas that I was focusing upon. While it’s crucial that core elements of the gameplay and existing game modes are fixed and enhanced, and that features such as roster editing return, there are a couple of other ideas that I believe would help make future NBA Live games even better.

These are the ideas that cater to specific needs and preferences, and contribute towards making NBA Live a deep and well-rounded game. Again, getting the gameplay right, enhancing the existing game modes, and implementing roster editing are all improvements that are absolutely vital, but once progress has been made on those fronts, it’s important that NBA Live innovates and expands upon its content, as the series once did so well. There are certainly more than five things that can be suggested here, but these are the ideas that either appeal the most to me, or I believe will have the biggest impact.

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NLSC Podcast – Episode #195

NLSC Podcast Logo

Episode #195 of the NLSC Podcast is out now! Join Arcane, Kenny, and I as we discuss the latest controversy with Locker Codes in NBA 2K17, recap a tough week in 2K Pro-Am, and look ahead to the 2017 NBA All-Star Weekend.

On this week’s show…

  • NBA 2K17 celebrated Valentine’s Day with a Locker Code for a Kevin Love MyTEAM card, but the limited quantity didn’t exactly leave gamers swooning. We react to the controversy, and discuss what 2K could have done instead.
  • In Our Week in Basketball Gaming: NLSC THRILLHO enjoyed an exciting overtime win in 2K Pro-Am, but also weathered some tough, tough losses. Also, a milestone performance in MyCAREER, and expanding collections in MyTEAM.
  • A couple more significant trades have taken place, and it sounds as though a few more are in the works. We give our thoughts on the Toronto Raptors acquiring Serge Ibaka, and the Denver Nuggets trading away Jusuf Nurkic.
  • With the 2017 NBA All-Star Weekend just about ready to get underway, we offer up our predictions for all of the events.
  • We wrap up Episode #195 of the NLSC Podcast with a quick discussion of Ben Simmons. Will he make his debut this season, or shut it down until next year?

Click Play to listen to the show!

Have some thoughts on the latest episode? Sound off in the comments below, or here in the Forum. Also, if there’s a topic you’d like us to discuss on the next episode of the NLSC Podcast, feel free to hit us up in this thread.

File Additions for NBA 2K14

NBA 2K14 Cover Art

Here are the latest file additions for NBA 2K14 PC! Today’s new and updated releases include the 2017 All-Star jerseys, a fictional All-Star court, updated rosters, and more. Pick them all up at the links below.

Fictional NBA All-Star 2017 Outdoor Court

2017 All-Star Game Uniforms

Med’s NBA Roster Appdata Files (Updated to v4.5c)
Kuroko V Slam Dunk Appdata Files (Final Version)
PBA 2K Appdata Files (Updated to v14.2)

2016-17 NBA Schedule (Updated)

Wayback Wednesday: NBA All-Star Weekend in NBA Live

This is Wayback Wednesday, your midweek blast from the past! In this feature, we dig into the archives, look back at the history of basketball gaming, and indulge in some nostalgia. Check in every Wednesday for retrospectives and other features on older versions of NBA Live, NBA 2K, and old school basketball video games in general. You’ll also find old NLSC editorials re-published with added commentary, and other flashback content.

The 2017 NBA All-Star Weekend is almost upon us. While not everyone is a fan of the midseason classic, I’ve always enjoyed watching the pickup atmosphere of the Rising Stars game (in all its various formats), the drama of the Three-Point Shootout, the creativity of the Slam Dunk Contest, and the stars going head to head in the All-Star Game itself (though it’s sadly no longer as competitive as it used to be). I know that I’m not alone in my enjoyment of the All-Star Weekend’s main attractions, and for many years, a lot of us wished that those events were playable in basketball video games. Then, along came NBA Live 2005.

In featuring the All-Star Weekend, NBA Live 2005 boasted one of the most significant additions in the history of the series – not to mention basketball gaming in general – and the mode was a lot of fun to play back in the day. It’s well worth reminiscing about, so let’s take a look back…way back…

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Patch 1.11 Now Available for NBA 2K17 PC & Xbox One

Cover player Paul George dunks the basketball in NBA 2K17

Patch 1.11 has come through for the PC and Xbox One versions of NBA 2K17, after being pushed through on PlayStation 4 last week. The PC patch weighs in at 39.5 MB, while the Xbox One patch is 2.7 GB in size. It should come through automatically, but if you encounter any difficulties, try restarting your Steam client or console.

Despite the patch’s size on the consoles, it’s intended to be a quick fix to resolve matchmaking issues. Having played several 2K Pro-Am games since the release of Patch 1.11 for the PS4 version of NBA 2K17, it certainly appears to have been successful in addressing those problems.

Incidentally, the discrepancy in the size of the updates is something that’s been discussed at length by gamers, and we’ve also touched upon it in the NLSC Podcast. According to LD2K, the patches are accumulative, meaning that every patch must contain the fixes from the previous title updates, as well as the new ones that are being pushed through. These restrictions are reportedly enforced by Microsoft and Sony, which is why the console patches are much larger than the updates that come through on PC, since Steam does not enforce the same condition. As yet, there’s been no clarification as to why the PS4 and X1 updates differ in size from each other, given that they contain the same content.

In any case, Patch 1.11 is now available on all three of NBA 2K17’s primary platforms. Feel free to share any thoughts on the latest update in the comments section below, as well as in this thread in the Forum. You can also find a complete update history for the game here in our Wiki.

Next Gen Title Screens for NBA Live 06-08

Next Gen Title Screen for NBA Live 08 PC

You may have noticed that I’ve been using a few more screenshots from the Xbox 360 versions of NBA Live in some of my recent articles. That’s because I picked up an Elgato capture card not too long ago, and I’ve been keen to put it to use to grab some media for both written articles and video features.

The thought occurred that I could take screenshots of the title screens from the Xbox 360 releases, and create some custom title screens for their PC equivalents. It’s taken some careful and creative cropping, and in the case of NBA Live 07, I’ve had to use the pre-boot screen as the main title screen didn’t really suit the 512×512 file that the PC version uses. In any case, I’ve come up with some “next gen” title screens – well, next generation for the time the games came out, anyway – for NBA Live 06-08. Download them here:

A few previews:

As I’ve said before, I don’t have as much time to mod these days, especially when it comes to committing to creating any current roster updates. However, I do still like to dabble here and there when an idea comes to mind, so whenever I can set aside the time, I’ll be sure to upload the occasional release every now and again.

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File Additions for NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 Cover Art

Our modding community for NBA 2K17 remains very active, as you can probably tell from today’s batch of new file additions. Download a selection of court, jersey, and face updates, as well as an updated modding tool, at the links below!

New Orleans Pelicans Smoothie King Center

Alonzo Mourning Face Pack

Paul Zipser Face
Diamond Stone Face
Malcolm Delaney Face

Memphis Grizzlies Jerseys Pack
Phoenix Suns Jerseys Pack

Philips Arena

Manni Live
Houston Rockets Toyota Center HD

Jerry Gildner
NBA 2K17 Cyberface ID Edit (Updated to v1.3)

Monday Tip-Off: Pro Stick vs. Shoot Button in NBA 2K (Part 2)

Shooting a jumpshot with the Pro Stick in NBA 2K17

We’re at midcourt, and the ball is about to go up…it’s Monday Tip-Off! Start your week here at the NLSC with a feature that’s dedicated to opinions, commentary, and other fun stuff related to NBA Live, NBA 2K, and other basketball video games.

A few months back, I discussed the pros and cons of the Pro Stick and Shoot Button in NBA 2K, and my preference for using the button. Since the changes to the shooting mechanics in NBA 2K17 had just been announced, I noted that I’d be open to changing my approach, depending on the precision that was required when using the Pro Stick, and whether or not it offered a noticeable advantage. I also mentioned that I was more inclined to use the Pro Stick for shots in the paint, because of the ability to perform floaters and other elusive shots on cue, as well as have more control over dunk and layup animations.

NBA 2K17 has been out for about five months now, and has received eleven official patches, as well as several tuning updates. With all the gameplay tweaks, and having tried out more than a couple of different jumpshot animations for my MyPLAYER, there have been plenty of variables as I’ve experimented with both methods of shooting the basketball. I expect to be playing NBA 2K17 for several months yet, so the experiment is ongoing. As I look ahead to future NBA 2K releases, I must admit that my mind isn’t completely made up about which method I favour, and the direction that the controls and shooting mechanics should take.

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File Additions for NBA Live 06

NBA Live 06 Cover Art

The 2017 season updates for NBA Live 06 PC keep on coming with the latest releases from magiciangirl06. Download court updates for the Philadelphia 76ers and Atlanta Hawks at the links below!

2016/2017 Philadelphia 76ers Court
2016/2017 Atlanta Hawks Court (Updated to v2.0)

NBA 2K17 Patch 1.11 Released; Features Matchmaking Fixes

NBA 2K17: Searching for an Opponent in 2K Pro-Am

Patch 1.11 has come through for the PlayStation 4 version of NBA 2K17, and should begin downloading automatically as long as your console is connected to the Internet. The PC and Xbox One versions of the game are expected to receive the same title update soon.

Despite weighing in at the usual 7.6 GB, Patch 1.11 is basically a hotfix for some of the matchmaking issues that users have experienced recently. Arcane and I discussed those issues in Episode #194 of the NLSC Podcast, though we did actually manage to play a couple of games on Friday night (Australian time), before the patch was actually released.

For a full update history for NBA 2K17, check out this article in the Wiki. Are you still experiencing matchmaking issues, or has Patch 1.11 resolved the problem? Have your say in the comments section below, as well as in this thread in the Forum.

File Additions for NBA 2K11

NBA 2K11 Cover Art

We have one new file addition for NBA 2K11 PC today, namely experiment626’s latest team add-on, the 2008 Houston Rockets. Download it at the link below!

2007-08 Houston Rockets