NBA 2K16 Gameplay Blog by Scott O’Gallagher (Operation Sports)

NBA 2K16 gameplay designer Scott O’Gallagher has posted a new deep-dive developer blog over on Operation Sports, in which he talks about – yes, you guessed it – gameplay. As with the previous blogs on franchise modes and gameplay, it’s an absolute must read if you’re itching for information on NBA 2K16, and is very difficult to sum up in a few points. However, here are some of the highlights:

  • Expect to see improved on-ball defensive behaviour, including better anticipation. Wingspans also come into play, and the CPU plays much smarter defense overall. Elite defenders really stand out, as they will have a better awareness of the play.
  • You can make on-the-fly defensive adjustments (Tap L1/LB, select the defender, choose defensive pressure adjustment), and new indicators will help you with your defensive positioning.
  • A new Championship DNA Badge gives certain players the ability to see double teams coming before they arrive.
  • The new adaptive coaching engine in NBA 2K16 allows the CPU to react to gamers and change its strategy accordingly. Strategies adapt to players differently according to the type of game (exhibition, season, Playoffs), as well as player type and behaviour. Apparently, there are over 5000 different adjustments that the CPU will make.
  • The historical teams in NBA 2K16 will also make these adjustments (eg Scottie Pippen guarding Magic Johnson in the 1991 Finals, Gary Payton guarding Michael Jordan in the 1996 Finals, etc).
  • Every pick and roll defense in the NBA is in NBA 2K16. On the offensive side of the ball, you can now choose the side of the screener, and whether he’ll slip, roll, or fade. Hold LB/L1 to call for screen, Tap RT/R2 to flip side of screen, Tap RB/R1 for roll/fade, Tap LB/L1 again to slip or pop early.
  • Teams will employ multiple defensive assignments, look to exploit weaknesses and mismatches, and make better defensive switches.
  • NBA 2K16 even includes signature walking animations for coaches!

Be sure to check out the blog for the full scoop, including a bunch of raw gameplay videos that demonstrate what Scott is talking about. What are your thoughts on how gameplay in NBA 2K16 is shaping up? Sound off in the comments section below, and be sure to join in the discussion here in our NBA 2K16 Forum.

The Friday Five: 5 Best Features in Subpar Basketball Video Games

The Friday Five

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Friday Five! This is a feature that I post every Friday in which I give my thoughts on a topic that’s related to basketball video games, the real NBA or another area of interest to our community, either as a list of five items or in the form of a Top 5 countdown.

Generally speaking, when it comes to subpar basketball video games, we don’t have too many good things to say about them. However, even the worst basketball video games can sometimes boast really good features. Those features may not be enough to save the game from bad reviews and the scorn of basketball gamers, but they’re still worthy of recognition. Indeed, it’s frustrating to see such appealing features, and not be able to enjoy them because the rest of the product isn’t up to scratch.

Perhaps even more frustrating, however, is when those great features in bad games are never really followed up on, and end up being absent in future releases. In this week’s Friday Five, I’m taking a look at five of the best features in five of the most notably subpar basketball video games that I’ve played. Let’s begin.

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NLSC Podcast – Episode #127 (Leftos & JaoSming Talk NBA 2K16)

NLSC Podcast Logo

Episode #127 of the NLSC Podcast is out now, and it’s a special episode this week as Arcane and I welcome Leftos and JaoSming back to the show they started! After catching up with our old friends and joking around a little, we get down to business as Leftos gives us a detailed insight into MyGM, MyLEAGUE, and MyLEAGUE Online in NBA 2K16.

In short, a lot of work has gone into the franchise modes in NBA 2K16. In our interview, Leftos talks about improvements to logic and functionality, explains the ins and outs of the new features, describes the philosophy behind the development of the modes, and answers questions straight from the community. If the developer diary on MyGM, MyLEAGUE, and MyLEAGUE Online in NBA 2K16 got you excited to play this year’s franchise modes, you’ll definitely want to tune in for more information.

Click Play to listen to the show!

A huge thanks once again to Leftos and JaoSming for joining us! Have some thoughts on the latest episode? Sound off in the comments below, or here in the Forum. Also, if there’s a topic you’d like us to discuss on the next episode of the NLSC Podcast, feel free to hit us up in this thread.

’05 Suns & ’06 Heat in NBA 2K16; More Dev Blogs Tomorrow

NBA 2K16: 2005 Phoenix Suns & 2006 Miami Heat

Two new retro teams have been confirmed for NBA 2K16 this week: the 2005 Phoenix Suns, and the 2006 Miami Heat. The 2000 Toronto Raptors, 2000 Portland Trail Blazers, 2001 Los Angeles Lakers, 2003 Dallas Mavericks, 2004 Detroit Pistons, 2008 Houston Rockets, 2008 Boston Celtics, and 2013 Miami Heat have already been announced, leaving two new historical teams in NBA 2K16 that are yet to be revealed.

Not particularly interested in new historical content, or don’t care for the new teams that have been added? Well, you might be interested to know that Operation Sports has Tweeted out that new NBA 2K16 developer blogs on gameplay, by Scott O’Gallagher and the one and only Da_Czar, will be coming out tomorrow. The previous blog by Mike Wang delivered a wealth of information, so be on the lookout for more great insights into what to expect from gameplay in NBA 2K16!

What are your thoughts on the retro teams that have been announced so far? Which teams are you hoping to see announced as the final two additions? Are you hyped for NBA 2K16? As always, feel free to have your say in the comments below, and join in the discussion in the NBA 2K16 section of the Forum!

NBA Live 16 Soundtrack Revealed

NBA Live 16 Soundtrack, Curated by MICK

EA Sports has revealed the soundtrack for NBA Live 16, which has once again been curated by MICK. As with the mixtapes for NBA Live 14 and NBA Live 15, the NBA Live 16 soundtrack features a selection of underground and up-and-coming artists. Once again, users will be able to create individual playlists for each of the game modes, as well as the main menu.

You can check out the full NBA Live 16 soundtrack below, as well as here in our Wiki. If you’d like to listen to all the tracks before the game drops, tune in to this Spotify playlist. Dime Magazine has also posted an interview with MICK, which you can read here.

Incidentally, the NBA Live 16 soundtrack has been named as the latest reason to play NBA Live 16 over on the official website. Any thoughts on the soundtrack? Share them in the comments below, and as always, feel free to take the discussion to the NBA Live 16 section of the NLSC Forum!

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NBA 2K16 Developer Blog on Gameplay Improvements

Following on from “The Living World” trailer, developer Mike Wang has posted an in-depth blog over on Operation Sports, discussing the improvements that have been made to gameplay in NBA 2K16. As with the previous developer blog on MyGM, MyLEAGUE, and My LEAGUE Online, it’s a lengthy read and difficult to summarise in just a few points or paragraphs. However, here are some of the key points:

  • The motion system has been revamped for better and more fluid player movement. Players no longer get stuck in animations.
  • Players also have much more awareness of their position on the floor, and the action that’s taking place. Mike puts it simply: they’re playing basketball.
  • Game rhythm, badges, and logic have all been enhanced and re-worked in NBA 2K16, for a more dynamic experience that the user (and CPU) will need to adjust to.
  • Physics have been improved, from player collisions to the ball bouncing off the rim, and even net movements. Foot planting was also re-written from the ground up.
  • The post game has been rebuilt. Users now enter the post up stance with L2/LT, a change that has been made for quicker access, and hundreds of new animations have been added.
  • There are three passing buttons in NBA 2K16: A/Circle for best pass, B/Circle for a bounce pass (tap), flashy pass (double tap), or dribble hand-off (hold), and Y/Triangle for lob/overheard passes (tap), alley-oops (double tap), and lead passes (hold, then release as your teammate cuts to the basket).
  • More responsive movement on defense.
  • Lots of new animations have been added across the board, including pick-and-roll situations, new jumpshot types, and support for signature size-ups in four directions. Around 9000-10,000 animations have been added in NBA 2K16.
  • Pump fake is back, a new Dynamic Defense Assist feature has been added, and the user has more control over blocking shots and boxing out on rebounds.
  • 2K cam now offers both a swivel and immediate cut option.

Be sure to check out the blog for the full scoop!

What’s your take on the improvements to gameplay in NBA 2K16 that Mike has described? Have your say in the comments below, and join in the discussion here in the NBA 2K16 section of the Forum.

NBA 2K16 Presents: The Living World

NBA 2K16: Stephen Curry

A new NBA 2K16 trailer has been posted, titled “The Living World”. Developers Mike Wang, Jerson Sapida, and Scott O’Gallagher talk about the improvements to player movement and AI, collisions and physics, coaching strategies and personalities, and other elements of gameplay that have been enhanced this year. It also shows off plenty of NBA 2K16 gameplay, from cinematic camera angles.

Other improvements include better foot planting, player velocity, strategic adjustments from game to game, and the way players react to what’s going on. All in all, it sounds like a lot of work has gone into making the gameplay in NBA 2K16 even more authentic, as well as dynamic.

The trailer also mentions that there will be three dedicated pass buttons this year, giving users complete control over bounce passes, flashy passes, and alley-oops. Mike Wang describes NBA 2K16 as “easily the best looking, the best feeling, and the most realistic 2K basketball (they’ve) ever made”.

Watch “NBA 2K16 Presents: The Living World” below, or check it out here on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded video.

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments section below, as well as join in the discussion in this thread in the NBA 2K16 section of the Forum.

20th Anniversary of NBA Live: NBA Live 96 Retrospective

20th Anniversary of NBA Live: NBA Live 96 Retrospective

To mark the 20th Anniversary of NBA Live, we’re posting content for every game in the series, including retrospectives, patches, countdowns, and more. Whether you’re a long-time basketball gamer who grew up with the NBA Live series and would like to take a drip down memory lane, or you’ve only recently started playing basketball games and would like to learn a little about what they used to be like, we hope that you enjoy the 20th Anniversary of NBA Live content here on the NLSC!

NBA Live 96 on PC was the first game in the series that I actually owned – I used to regularly rent the Super Nintendo version of NBA Live 95 from the local video store – and it’s also the game that I was looking up content for when I first discovered the NLSC way back in 1997. As such, it’s fair to say that I have something of a sentimental attachment to it, and it’s one of my favourite games in the series. Beyond that, though, was the game any good? Let’s take a look back at the game that proudly proclaimed itself a “Back-to-Back Champion” on the back of its box.

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NBA Live 16 Achievements Revealed; 16 Reasons to Play has revealed the Achievements (and by extension, the PlayStation Trophies) for NBA Live 16. Some familiar Achievements return this year, such as trading for a 90+ overall player in Dynasty Mode, completing a BIG Moments challenge within 24 hours of it being posted, and levelling up your Rising Star player.

Some of the new Achievements include scoring 100 points in a game with any player, which from memory was last offered up as an Achievement in NBA Live 10. A couple of the Ultimate Team Achievements hint at new features, including a list of GM objectives.

Additionally, EA Sports have begun counting down their 16 Reasons to Play NBA Live 16, basically spotlighting key features of the game that have been announced so far. The three reasons currently listed are: Russell Westbrook on the cover, improved visuals, and Freestyle controls. A new reason will be added to the list daily.

It won’t be long before we get our hands on NBA Live 16, as the demo is set to drop on September 15th. We’ll also be able to start scanning our faces for use in the game next week, as the GameFace HD app will be released on September 8th. In the meantime, share your thoughts on the latest developments in the comments section below, and feel free to take the discussion to our NBA Live 16 Forum.

File Additions for NBA Live 95: Definitive NBA Live 95

Yes, really! It’s been a long, long time since we had a new file addition for NBA Live 95, but as part of our 20th Anniversary of NBA Live celebrations, we’re releasing a little something for every PC title in the series.

We’re tipping off those releases with a roster patch for NBA Live 95, which I’ve titled “Definitive NBA Live 95”. In a nutshell, it contains final 1994/1995 rosters with several missing players added, adjusted ratings, and various fixes. I’ve used all my experience from years of working on roster updates for NBA Live, as well as all the resources that are now available online, to put together what I feel is the best possible NBA Live 95 experience, with accurate 12-man 1995 season rosters.

You’ll find a season-compatible version of the rosters that uses incorrect portraits, and an exhibition-compatible version that removes the portraits of overwritten players, so you won’t see Larry Krystkowiak smiling at you whenever Michael Jordan goes to the free throw line. Please see the included readme file for full details.

Download Definitive NBA Live 95 here! And, if you need help getting NBA Live 95 to run under DOSBox, be sure to check out this guide in our Wiki.

Stay tuned for more 20th Anniversary of NBA Live content!

New NBA Live 16 Screenshots: Pro-Am Courts, Damian Lillard

We’ve been looking back at the history of the NBA Live series through our 20th Anniversary of NBA Live content – which will continue – but we’re turning our attention back to the upcoming game today, as a couple of new NBA Live 16 screenshots have come through recently.

The latest screens include another glimpse of the Kezar Pavilion and Brooklyn Park, LIVE Pro-Am gameplay at Seattle Pacific University, and a new shot of last year’s cover player, Damian Lillard. You can check them all out below, as well as in our NBA Live 16 screenshots gallery.

It won’t be long before we can get our hands on NBA Live 16, as the demo will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 15th. For those who are unaware, the demo will feature six playable teams in Tip Off mode, as well as LIVE Pro-Am and support for the GameFace HD app, which is due for release on September 8th. The full version will be out on September 29th.

Got any thoughts on the latest NBA Live 16 screenshots? Have your say in the comments below, and as always, be sure to join in the discussion here in the Forum!

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20th Anniversary of NBA Live: NBA Live DOSBox Guide

Chicago Bulls in NBA Live 97 - 20th Anniversary of NBA Live

Over the past few days, we’ve been sharing some memories of NBA Live 95, plus a couple of fun things from the archives. But what if you want to play NBA Live 95 PC yourself? Or the PC version of NBA Live 96, or NBA Live 97 for that matter?

Doing so can be difficult in recent versions of Windows, unless you use DOSBox. And if it’s been a while since you used DOS – or if you’ve just picked up the games off eBay, and have never used DOS before – that can feel like a daunting task. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with a new addition to our Wiki resources: a step-by-step guide to running NBA Live 95, NBA Live 96, and NBA Live 97 in DOSBox!

In case you haven’t felt inclined to dust off those old games just yet, you may want to keep that page bookmarked, as I’ll be releasing some patches for the PC versions of Live 95-97 as part of our ongoing 20th Anniversary of NBA Live celebrations. Working on them has certainly been a nostalgic experience for me, so I hope that at least a few of you will feel inclined to fire up those old games, and give the new releases a spin once they’re available.

Stay tuned for more 20th Anniversary of NBA Live content!

File Additions for NBA 2K15

We have a one new file addition for the PC version of NBA 2K15 today, as pinoy21 has uploaded a new jersey update pack for the San Antonio Spurs. Check it out at the link below!

San Antonio Spurs Jersey Pack

20th Anniversary of NBA Live: A Game of NBA Live 95, Play-By-Play

Orlando Magic vs. Houston Rockets in NBA Live 95

If you can’t catch NBA games live on TV, you might be familiar with the play-by-play live scores on, as well as and Yahoo! NBA. Well, you really should look into NBA League Pass Broadband if you can, but if a subscription is too expensive, or just not feasible for whatever reason, the live scores are pretty much your best (legal) option for following along with NBA games.

Many, many years ago, there was a period in my NBA fanaticism when I didn’t have the opportunity to watch a lot of games live. My cousin, who had pay TV, recorded games for me to watch later on VHS, and I also made use of PonTel. However, when I wanted to keep up to date with a big game, I’d have to jump online – dialup Internet, no less – and fire up the live scores. Incidentally, the first game I followed along with online was Game 5 of the 1999 NBA Finals. At the time, I thought it was pretty cool, though it obviously has nothing on League Pass Broadband.

As I’ve previously mentioned, back in high school, my cousin would always come to stay with us in the holidays, and we’d spend a lot of time playing NBA Live and NBA Jam. You know, in between watching NBA videos, and trying to emulate our favourite players on my hoop in the backyard. Since we loved NBA Live 95 on PC – even though it was a few years old at that point – we were playing through a season with the Houston Rockets. We had a lot of fun with that season: as may have seen, we brought Larry Bird out of retirement, and we once held Shaquille O’Neal to just 17 points (1 point in the second half!) in a full length game.

We also documented one of the games we played, play-by-play, on audio cassette. VHS, audio cassette, dial-up Internet…be sure to look up these ancient technologies on Wikipedia kids, you’ll get a kick out of it! Anyway, we documented the entire game, and then transcribed it to post on the NBA Live Domain, which I was running at the time. For your enjoyment, and indeed, for posterity, here is the play-by-play from that game, documented in the style of the live scores back then.

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File Additions for NBA 2K14

NBA 2K14 Cover Art

With all the other news and features that we’ve been posting lately, I’m a little behind in posting a file additions bulletin for NBA 2K14 PC. As such, we do have a fair few new files from our community to share with you today, including faces, jerseys, courts, rosters, and more. Check them all out at the links below!

Fictional Outdoor Eurobasket 2015 Court
Fictional Outdoor Wolfgang Court

R.J. Hunter Face

1995/1996 Toronto Raptors Uniforms

Paul Pierce HD Face

Meyers Leonard and C.J McCollum Faces
Zaza Pachulia Face
Joakim Noah Face

2015-2016 Toronto Raptors Uniforms

Rookie Josh Smith Face
Young Dirk Nowitzki Face
Young Brandon Roy Face

2015-16 NBA Schedule (82 games) (Updated to Final version)

2KShiftLeader’s (Tha2KProphet) Real 2016 Roster (Updated to v4.1)