Details on May 28th Roster Update for NBA Live 15

A new roster has come through for NBA Live 15, containing line-ups that have been updated through May 28th, 2015. It also contains around 500 ratings changes, and seven player accessory updates. You can check out a full breakdown of all the changes in the May 28th roster in this spreadsheet.

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ J.R. Smith has been spotlighted again this week, along with James Harden of the Houston Rockets. Smith’s fine play off the bench has continued through the Eastern Conference Finals, and as such, he’s now rated 82 overall in NBA Live 15. Despite a couple of stinkers in Game 3 and Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals, Harden’s play throughout the rest of the series including his stellar performance in Game 4 has also earned him a boost, and he now sits at 90 overall.

As always, feel free to add any thoughts on the rosters in the comments section below, as well as in this thread in the NBA Live 15 section of the NLSC Forum.

NLSC Podcast – Episode #118

NLSC Podcast Logo

Tune in to Episode #118 of the NLSC Podcast, hosted by Arcane and myself! The NBA Finals are upon us, the first real piece of NBA 2K16 news has come out, and we received some more great topic suggestions from the community, so we’ve got some fun stuff to talk about this week.

  • The release date and pre-order bonuses for NBA 2K16 have been revealed. What do we think?
  • We give our thoughts on a couple of suggested features for NBA Live 16.
  • With FIFA 16 adding female players, might we see WNBA players in NBA Live 16 or beyond?
  • We revisit the topic of what would be included in our ultimate NBA video game. Spoiler: lace physics alone are not enough.
  • Has the NBA 2K15 modding season been comparable to what happened when NBA 2K9 came out? We also make a few comparisons between modding tools for NBA Live and NBA 2K.
  • Were this year’s Conference Finals boring? What should we make of the Hawks, Rockets, and James Harden?
  • Because we do so well with predictions, we make our picks for the 2015 NBA Finals. Of course, on paper there’s a safe pick, but never underestimate our ability to jinx teams.
  • Putting all of our Australian bias aside…do we think Matthew Dellavedova is a dirty player, or just scrappy?
  • Should Paul Pierce hang it up? We discuss the possibility of a farewell tour with the Boston Celtics.
  • We end the show by recapping some outstanding trolling by the Nike Shop Twitter account.

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Have some thoughts on the latest episode? Sound off in the comments below, or here in the Forum. Also, if there’s a topic you’d like us to discuss on the next episode of the NLSC Podcast, feel free to hit us up in this thread.

NLSC Podcast Episode #118 Topic Suggestions: Last Call

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This is a last call for any and all topic suggestions for Episode #118 of the NLSC Podcast, which Arcane and I will be recording in about 12 hours time. We’ve had some great suggestions the past couple of weeks, and although we do have some news and topics of interest to talk about in Episode #118, we’re still keen to get a few more ideas for this week’s show, as well as future episodes of the NLSC Podcast.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them in the comments section below, this thread in the Forum, or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter. We’re also looking to post segments from each week’s show over on our YouTube channel to spotlight certain discussions, and give everyone a taste of what they can expect from the NLSC Podcast. Check out a snippet from last week’s show, in which we paid tribute to the retiring David Letterman!

If you haven’t caught Episode #117 of the NLSC Podcast yet, check it out here. Thanks again for all the feedback and topic suggestions so far, and please keep them coming!

Release Date & Pre-Order Bonuses for NBA 2K16 Announced

After teasing some NBA 2K16 news yesterday on Twitter, 2K has announced today via their social media pages that NBA 2K16 will be released on September 29th, 2015. However, customers who pre-order the game will be able to play it on September 25th – four days early – with 2K dubbing it an “Early Tip-Off Weekend”.

Gamers who pre-order NBA 2K16 will also receive in-game bonuses in the form of 10,000 Virtual Currency, and MyTEAM VIP. According to Chris Smoove, MyTEAM VIP is comprised of bonus packs for MyTEAM, such as gold and emerald booster packs. Thanks to samardzicnba for the heads up on that.

What are your thoughts on NBA 2K16’s pre-order bonuses? Are they enough to encourage you to pre-order NBA 2K16? Sound off in the comments below, and join in the discussion in this thread in our Forum!

File Additions for NBA 2K14

NBA 2K14 Cover Art

Today’s new files for NBA 2K14 PC include a handful of fictional courts, an authentic arena update for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and a new face for Jae Crowder. Download them all at the links below!

Jae Crowder Face

Fictional Cleveland Cavaliers Court
Fictional Detroit Pistons Court
Fictional Indiana Pacers Court
Fictional Milwaukee Bucks Court

Cleveland Cavaliers Arena

Poll: How long do you play basketball video games?

We’re way, way overdue for a new poll here on the main page, so I’ve just added one which asks “How long do you play basketball video games?” When you get a basketball video game, do you play it all season long, or do you burn out on it sooner? Cast your vote now, and if you have any additional thoughts you’d like to share about your habits when it comes to playing basketball video games, feel free to post them in the comments section below!

Our previous poll asked “How often do you win championships in basketball video games?” It seems most people are winning virtual championships fairly often, as 34% indicated they win every season they play, while a further 29% are winning in most of the seasons that they finish. 14% of voters win championships after a few seasons of rebuilding, 9% rarely win championships, and a final 14% said that they never finish seasons in basketball video games.

File Additions for NBA 2K14

NBA 2K14 Cover Art

We’re wrapping up the week with one more file addition for NBA 2K14 PC, which came in after yesterday’s batch of additions was posted: a fictional court update for the Chicago Bulls, by dtd. Check it out at the link below.

Fictional Chicago Bulls Court

File Additions for NBA 2K14

NBA 2K14 Cover Art

Here are the latest file additions for NBA 2K14 PC, including player faces updates, current season rosters, and some custom title screens. Check them all out at the links below!

James Harden Title Screen
Alternate Logos Bootup Screen

Karl Anthony Towns Face
Stanley Johnson Face
Kevon Looney Face

LeBron James Title Screen
2KShiftLeader Andrew Wiggins Title Screen
2KShiftLeader’s Real 2015 Roster (Updated to v2.5)

The Friday Five: Revisiting My 2015 NBA Playoffs Predictions

The Friday Five

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Friday Five! This is a feature that I post every Friday in which I give my thoughts on a topic that’s related to basketball video games, the real NBA or another area of interest to our community, either as a list of five items or in the form of a Top 5 countdown.

So, here we are at the 2015 NBA Conference Finals. The Golden State Warriors have just gone up 2-0 on the Houston Rockets, the Cleveland Cavaliers will look to go up 2-0 on the Atlanta Hawks today, and most people seem to be expecting to see the Warriors take on the Cavs in the NBA Finals. This year’s NBA Playoffs haven’t been without controversy or criticism – when are they ever? – but on the whole, I feel it’s been a fairly entertaining postseason.

Since we’re down to the final four and inching closer and closer to finding out who will be the 2015 NBA Champions, I thought I’d take a look back at the predictions I made in The Friday Five at the beginning of the Playoffs, and see how I fared. Getting predictions wrong has become something of a running gag for us on the NLSC Podcast, but did I do a better job in written format? Read on to join me in revisiting my 2015 NBA Playoffs predictions!

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Details on May 21st Roster Update for NBA Live 15

A new roster has come through for NBA Live 15, with line-ups that have been updated through May 21st, 2015. The latest roster contains more than 1200 ratings changes, along with 11 player accessory updates. For a full breakdown of all the changes, be sure to check out this spreadsheet.

J.R. Smith is in the spotlight this week, as his performance in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ second round series with the Chicago Bulls earned him a one point improvement to 81 overall. If his play in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals is any indication of the groove that he’s in, it’s likely that he’ll be receiving another boost in next week’s roster.

Speaking of the Chicago Bulls, six of their players dropped one point overall, after struggling in their season ending series with the Cavaliers. Joakim Noah was singled out in EA’s bulletin, noting that he averaged just five points per game on 33% shooting.

As teams have been eliminated from the Playoffs, their rosters have been reset to their “prime” line-ups, ignoring any injuries. While this is certainly a welcome decision, we do sorely need the ability to customise rosters and reset injury flags in NBA Live 16.

If you have any thoughts on the latest update, feel free to post them in the comments section below, as well as in this thread in the NBA Live 15 section of the Forum.

NLSC Podcast – Episode #117

NLSC Podcast Logo

With no interruptions in sight this week, we’re sticking to our regular schedule with the release of Episode #117 of the NLSC Podcast! Join Arcane and I as we discuss a couple of recent issues in the world of NBA Live 15 and NBA 2K15, the latest results from the 2015 NBA Playoffs, and open up our mailbag to talk about some more of your suggested topics.

  • In honour of David Letterman’s impending retirement, we present the Top 10 Things Every Basketball Gamer Does!
  • We cover some of the recent content updates for NBA Live 15 and NBA 2K15, and revisit the issue of difficult jumpshots in NBA Live 15, post-patch.
  • No new retro games in Andrew’s collection this week, but a happy ending as far as getting the problematic copy of NBA Street Vol. 2 to work.
  • The Chicago Bulls have gone fishing. Has Tom Thibodeau’s tenure in the Windy City come to an end?
  • A spectacular collapse saw the Los Angeles Clippers give up a 3-1 series lead to the Houston Rockets. What’s next for them?
  • We catch up on the rest of the NBA Playoffs to date, give our predictions for both Conference Finals series, and discuss Game 1 of Warriors vs. Rockets.
  • After almost forgetting all about it, we talk about this year’s NBA Draft Lottery. We don’t buy into any conspiracy theories, but we do feel sorry for New York Knicks fans.
  • We chat about the future of the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Story Threads section of the Forum, and Kevin Garnett.
  • Episode #117 closes with a Tweet from a less-than-impressed Kobe Bryant.

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Have some thoughts on the latest episode? Sound off in the comments below, or here in the Forum. Also, if there’s a topic you’d like us to discuss on the next episode of the NLSC Podcast, feel free to hit us up in this thread.

NLSC Podcast: Last Call for Episode #117 Topics

NLSC Podcast Logo

Arcane and I will be recording Episode #117 of the NLSC Podcast in about twelve hours, so this is a final call for any topic suggestions/mailbag questions. Last week we got some great suggestions and had a lot of fun talking about the stuff that you wanted to hear us talk about, so if there’s anything you’d like us to discuss this week, please let us know ASAP!

Please keep in mind that topics such as the NBA Draft Lottery and ongoing NBA Playoffs are a given, along with any major basketball video game news from the past week. We’d also like to keep topics related to our content – basketball video games and real basketball, primarily the NBA – and avoid covering the same topics each week as much as possible, though there will of course be some overlap and recurring segments.

Having said that, if you have any specific suggestions, let’s hear them! Feel free to post them in the comments section below, in this Forum thread, or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter. Thanks as always to everyone who tunes into the NLSC Podcast on a regular basis, Episode #117 is coming your way very soon.

File Additions for NBA 2K13

We have one new file addition for NBA 2K13 PC today, as dtd has uploaded a custom title screen featuring LeBron James. You can download it at the link below.

LeBron James Title Screen

File Additions for NBA 2K11

NBA 2K11 remains one of the most popular games in the NBA 2K series, and as such, we’re still getting the occasional upload for it. If you’re still playing the PlayStation 3 version of the game, be sure to check out a new update from Jeffx, featuring end of season rosters.

Jeffx’s NBA 2K11 End of 2015 Season Rosters Feb 2015 (PS3)

Generated Players: The Ultimate Blank Canvas

When I was playing NBA Live 10, I saw a lot of generated players. In fact, by the time it was season 18, Dwight Howard was the only real life player left in the league. Even though it’s not as aesthetically pleasing to see a league full of computer-generated characters with porn moustaches, it can provide an excellent opportunity to exercise your creative flair and go far beyond what you think is possible as a sim gamer.

If you’re anything like me, you love chasing achievements like triple-doubles, five-by-fives, and 50-point games. Sometimes these achievements can be the only thing keeping your Dynasty or Association mode interesting if you’re constantly winning championships. But there’s always one problem with real life players – they’re often limited by our own expectations. After all, you have to be pretty liberal with your sim gaming if you can justify someone like J.R. Smith winning the MVP trophy, or someone like Kwame Brown becoming a productive player.

With generated players, there’s no overachieving or underachieving, because they don’t exist outside of the video game. They’re a blank canvas for your imagination and the ultimate vehicle for your achievement hunting. No other player in my basketball video game experiences has embodied this more than a generated player named Borislav Perko in my NBA Live 10 Nuggets Dynasty.

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