File Additions for NBA Live 06

We have one new file addition today for NBA Live 06 PC: a game that will very soon officially turn ten years old! yunicorn has uploaded a 2014/2015 scoreboard update for the game, which you can download at the link below.

ESPN 2014/2015 Scoreboard

More Impressions of LIVE Pro-Am in NBA Live 16; Q&A Reminders

TicoisTocory, who also attended the NBA Live 16 community event that I was at back in July, has posted some of his impressions of LIVE Pro-Am in this year’s game. Tocory will have even more impressions coming soon, including a breakdown of all the courts in Summer Circuit and LIVE Run. Check it out below, or catch it here on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded video.

For those who may have missed it, I’ve posted my hands-on impressions of LIVE Pro-Am in NBA Live 16 here. If you have any follow up questions about Summer Circuit or LIVE Run, feel free to hit me up in the comments here on the main page, or in this thread in the NBA Live 16 section of the Forum.

We’re also still lining up some NBA Live 16 developer interviews, and we’d like to give everyone the opportunity to submit some questions of their own. If you haven’t already hit us up with some questions, be sure to post them in this thread ASAP. We’ll be looking to get some insight into the situation with the lack of custom rosters, clarification on some of the finer details of NBA Live 16, and much more, so be on the lookout for those interviews in the not too distant future!

File Additions for NBA 2K14

NBA 2K14 Cover Art

We’re wrapping up another week here at the NLSC with some great file additions for NBA 2K14 PC, including player faces, the updated 2016 season schedule, and more. Check out all the latest uploads at the links below!

James Harden HD Face (2010)

2015 Charlotte Hornets PRIDE Jersey

Fictional Outdoor Africa Game 2015 Court

Prince John
Emmanuel Mudiay Face [Rookies 2015]
Myles Turner Face [Rookies 2015]
Kelly Oubre Jr. Face [Rookies 2015]

2015-16 NBA Schedule (82 games)

More LIVE Pro-Am Impressions, Other NBA Live 16 News & Notes

Corey Andress and Marc Price, who I had the pleasure of meeting at the NBA Live 16 community event back in July, have posted a new episode of the Post-Game Podcast, in which they give their impressions of LIVE Pro-Am. Corey and Marc detail the specific features of Summer Circuit and LIVE Run, and answer some Twitter questions from basketball gamers. They also make comparisons between Pro-Am in NBA Live 16 and NBA 2K16, discuss the similar name, and much more. It’s definitely worth a listen, so check it out!

Speaking of the Post-Game Podcast, while the three of us were in Orlando for the NBA Live 16 event, the guys had me on the show to discuss how I got into basketball video games, how I came to run the NLSC, and some other fun topics. You can listen to that episode here.

Moving on to some other news and notes, while we have had some very good news to report about NBA Live 16 lately, we do have a disappointing tidbit to share today. EA has publicly confirmed via the official NBA Live Facebook page that NBA Live 16 will not feature custom rosters or roster editing, but they are working on it.

While I was at the event, I made sure to stress the importance of custom rosters and roster editing, and the developers were definitely receptive to the feedback. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get some more details on the situation in our upcoming developer interviews, but that is the situation as it stands today.

Finally, in case you missed it, I was given the green light to post my hands-on impressions of LIVE Pro-Am, LIVE Run, and Summer Circuit in NBA Live 16, which you can check out here. Feel free to hit me up with any questions in the comments or in this thread in the Forum, and look out for more of my NBA Live 16 impressions once I’m able to talk about other aspects of the game!

NLSC Podcast & The Friday Five Return Next Week


As you may have noticed, Arcane and I haven’t posted an episode of the NLSC Podcast for the past couple of weeks. Since a few of our listeners have asked when the next episode will be, I thought I’d post a bulletin letting everyone know that Episode #125 – another catch-up show, with all the news that’s come out in the past fortnight – will be out next Wednesday.

The main reason we haven’t recorded new shows in the past couple of weeks is that we’ve both been a bit under the weather lately (it’s Winter here in Australia, after all) and in particular, I’ve been trying to shake a nagging cough that I picked up on the plane trip home from Orlando. As you can imagine, that kind of gets in the way of recording an audio show!

Similarly, between illness, my day job, and other NLSC projects duties – including a late night covering the LIVE Pro-Am announcement and polishing up my impressions article – I’m feeling especially run down this week, and haven’t had time to write The Friday Five. So, as much as I hate missing deadlines and skipping weeks, I’m going to have to miss posting a new edition of the Five today.

In lieu of a new show and column this week, I’d like to open up the floor for any topic suggestions for Arcane and I to discuss in future Podcasts (beginning with next week’s episode), as well as anything you’d like to see me write about, or compile a Top 5 countdown for, in The Friday Five. Hit me up in the comments below or in the NLSC Forum, and I’ll make a note of any and all suggestions.

My apologies to everyone who regularly tunes in to the Podcast and reads the Five. I’m eager to deliver that content to you on a regular basis, and I really appreciate everyone’s support and interest in those features. Thanks for your understanding, and I hope you’ll tune in, and check in, next week!

NBA Live 16 Pro-Am: Hands-On Impressions

I’ve been waiting until I got the green light to make “official” mention it, but last month, I had the opportunity to visit the EA Tiburon studio to attend an NBA Live 16 community event. During this event, I got to spend a lot of time playing NBA Live 16, and give feedback directly to the development team. In turn, the team was very receptive of the feedback that I and the other attendees had to offer, and it felt like a very productive and constructive few days.

Needless to say, I do have a lot of impressions to share about the game – and there’s certainly good news! – but there’s a lot of stuff I haven’t been given the all-clear to discuss just yet. However, with the announcement of LIVE Pro-Am, featuring the Summer Circuit and LIVE Run, I have been given clearance to give you my thoughts on those modes, and take some questions from the community as well. Some questions I may have to run by my contacts at EA before I answer them, just to ensure that I’m not breaking the NDA I signed, but I’ll do my best to get you the info you’re after.

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at LIVE Pro-Am in NBA Live 16!

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More NBA Live 16 Pro-Am Coverage, Screenshots

As you would expect, the announcement of Pro-Am in NBA Live 16 has been covered around the web, from impressions to interviews. Here’s a round-up of the latest Pro-Am news and impressions:

  • Hands-on impressions by cdj, over at The Gaming Tailgate.
  • Further hands-on impressions from YouTubers QJB, AzureEffect, and Flight.
  • An interview with NBA Live 16 Executive Producer Sean O’Brien, over at Operation Sports.
  • A write-up on Polyon by Owen Good, providing an overview of Pro-Am and developer quotes.

I’m just finishing up my own hands-on impressions from the NBA Live 16 community event that I attended back in July, and they’ll be going live shortly. Stay tuned!

Yesterday’s blogs and announcements also provided us with several screenshots of Pro-Am in NBA Live 16, as well as a reveal trailer. You can check out all of those assets below, as well as in our NBA Live 16 screenshots gallery.

As always, feel free to have your say in the comments below, as well as take the discussion to the Forum!

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’08 Houston Rockets Confirmed for NBA 2K16

2K Sports has continued their reveal of new retro teams in NBA 2K16 this week, posting an image on Facebook and Twitter spotlighting two new historical squads: the 2000 Toronto Raptors, and 2008 Houston Rockets.

The addition of the 2000 Raptors had previously been revealed on an episode of NBA 2KTV, but the 2008 Rockets are a new confirmation. That Rockets team notably won 22 games in a row, which stood as the second longest winning streak in NBA history behind the 1972 Los Angeles Lakers 33 game streak, before the 2013 Miami Heat won 27 in a row. Their roster included Tracy McGrady, Yao Ming, Dikembe Mutombo, Steve Francis, Aaron Brooks, and Shane Battier, to mention a few noteworthy names,

As of this post, six new historical teams have been revealed: the 2000 Toronto Raptors, 2000 Portland Trail Blazers, 2001 Los Angeles Lakers, 2003 Dallas Mavericks, 2008 Houston Rockets, and 2008 Boston Celtics. A total of 12 new retro teams will be available in NBA 2K16.

What do you think of the 2008 Rockets being included, or any of the other confirmed historical teams? Have your say in the comments below, and join in the discussion here in our NBA 2K16 Forum.

NBA 2K16 Presents James Harden: Believe

2K has released another digital short to promote MyCAREER in NBA 2K16. The latest short, titled “Believe”, focuses on cover player James Harden and is once again narrated by Spike Lee. As with the “Beyond the Shadows” short which focused on Stephen Curry, “Believe” gives a quick overview of Harden’s journey to the NBA, once again hyping up the “Be The Story” tagline that 2K has used as a hashtag to promote NBA 2K16 throughout the preview season.

As with the previous digital short, “Believe” is mostly comprised of real photographs and footage of James Harden, however there are a few quick gameplay clips, including his signature “stir the pot” celebration. Presumably, we’ll get another digital short next week, featuring the third NBA 2K16 cover player, Anthony Davis.

Check out the short below, or catch it here on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded video.

Any thoughts? Sound off in the comments below, and join in the discussion in the NBA 2K16 section of the Forum. Thanks to TBM for the heads up!

Pro-Am Announced for NBA Live 16, Featuring LIVE Run & Summer Circuit

NBA Live 16: LIVE Pro-Am

EA Sports has officially announced the new online mode in NBA Live 16: LIVE Pro-Am. The mode is comprised of LIVE Run, a traditional multiplayer online team play mode, and Summer Circuit, an online mode that pits up to five human users against a squad of CPU opponents.

The announcement also confirms a demo of NBA Live 16, which will offer the ability for gamers to try out Summer Circuit and LIVE Run, and start levelling up their player. While the demo caps players at 80 overall, users will be able to carry their progress over into the full version. The demo, which will also include six playable teams, support for GameFace HD, and the Learn LIVE tutorials, will be available on September 15th. For those who are unaware, the full version drops on September 29th.

In addition to announcing Pro-Am, some new NBA Live 16 deep-dive developer blogs have also been posted, providing more information on Summer Circuit and LIVE Run. Both modes provide a pick-up style atmosphere featuring your Rising Star player, with games to 21 points, and streetball rules. Depending on how you perform, you’ll earn Skill Points to upgrade ratings, along with Reward Points which can be spent on gear, accessories, and shoes. The games take place in famous venues across the USA and Canada, from the HoopDome in Toronto to Rucker Parker in New York.

Another developer blog details the type of customisation that will be available in Pro-Am, as well as the player creation process. It also describes the player progression system and the GameFaceHD app, which will be available on September 8th.

Finally, a trailer for Pro-Am has been released. Check it out below, or catch it here on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded video.

Having had hands-on time with NBA Live 16 back in July, I’ll be posting some impressions of the Summer Circuit and LIVE Run very soon, as well as answering some questions about the modes. In the meantime, be sure to check out all the blogs on the official website for the full scoop!

Thoughts on Pro-Am, featuring the Summer Circuit and LIVE Run? Sound off in the comments section below, as well as join in the discussion in the NBA Live 16 Forum.

Reveal of New Online Mode in NBA Live 16 Coming Tomorrow

The new online mode in NBA Live 16 is set to be revealed tomorrow. Posts by the official NBA Live Facebook and Twitter accounts confirm that the announcement is coming, and tease that the community will finally learn what the #RiseTogether hashtag is all about.

The announcement of the new online mode was previously expected to come during Gamescom 2015, but NBA Live 16 was conspicuously absent from EA’s demonstration at the event. Nevertheless, details on the mode will finally be coming our way tomorrow.

I’m also excited to mention that we’ll be able to provide a little extra coverage of the new mode here at the NLSC, in the form of some hands-on impressions and answering a few questions about the mode. So, stay tuned for that, and in the meantime, feel free to speculate in the comments section, as well as join in the discussion in our NBA Live 16 Forum!

Windows 10 Issues for NBA 2K15 PC

As some of you may have already noticed when glancing at your Steam downloads, a patch has been pushed through for NBA 2K15 PC, which addresses issues users have encountered after upgrading to Windows 10. Several users reported problems connecting to the 2K servers after upgrading to the latest version of Windows, which in turn locked them out of online play, online MyCAREER saves, and anything else involving VC.

Fortunately, it appears as though the new patch has resolved those problems, and NBA 2K15 PC gamers can once again get online. While it’s obviously far too late for 2K to patch in major gameplay or game mode fixes, it’s good to see that they were willing and able to address the problem for gamers who upgraded to Windows 10. I imagine the outcry would have been extremely vocal had the issues not been resolved, and rightfully so.

If you are still experiencing any issues with NBA 2K15 PC after upgrading to Windows 10, by all means post about it in the NBA 2K15 section of the NLSC Forum, providing as much detail as possible. And while we’re on the subject of NBA 2K15 PC, while modding has been a bit slower this year due to the new file formats, we still have some cool Downloads for the game, so be sure to check them out. And of course, if you are making mods for NBA 2K15 PC, be sure to make use of our upload facilities! If you’re not sure how it all works, you can get a step-by-step guide with this video tutorial.

File Additions for NBA 2K15

We have a new file addition for NBA 2K15 PC today, as eko718 has been working on an offseason roster update. Check it out at the link below!

The Sigmaster – Offseason Roster

NBA 2K16 Presents Stephen Curry: Beyond the Shadows

NBA 2K16: Stephen Curry

2K has released a new teaser trailer for NBA 2K16 featuring cover player Stephen Curry, narrated by Spike Lee. As you might expect, the trailer hypes up the story in this year’s MyCAREER mode, as it reflects upon Curry’s journey to the NBA, overcoming advertising and doubt, and winning the championship last season.

Although the trailer is mostly comprised of real footage of Stephen Curry, there are a few clips of NBA 2K16 gameplay here and there, including a crossover on Chris Paul, a post-bucket celebration, and a three-pointer.

Watch the “Beyond the Shadows” trailer below, or catch it here on YouTube if you run into any issues with the embedded video.

Your thoughts? Sound off in the comments section below, as well as in this thread in our NBA 2K16 Forum. Thanks to TBM for the heads up!

File Additions for NBA Live 2003

In a previous file additions bulletin for NBA Live 2003, I mentioned that Murat was working on a complete update mod for the game. That mod – the NBA Live 15 project – is now finished and available to download at the link below. If you’re still playing NBA Live 2003 on PC, or feel like dusting it off to see what it would be like with current NBA rosters, check it out!