20th Anniversary of NBA Live: A Game of NBA Live 95, Play-By-Play

Orlando Magic vs. Houston Rockets in NBA Live 95

If you can’t catch NBA games live on TV, you might be familiar with the play-by-play live scores on NBA.com, as well as ESPN.com and Yahoo! NBA. Well, you really should look into NBA League Pass Broadband if you can, but if a subscription is too expensive, or just not feasible for whatever reason, the live scores are pretty much your best (legal) option for following along with NBA games.

Many, many years ago, there was a period in my NBA fanaticism when I didn’t have the opportunity to watch a lot of games live. My cousin, who had pay TV, recorded games for me to watch later on VHS, and I also made use of PonTel. However, when I wanted to keep up to date with a big game, I’d have to jump online – dialup Internet, no less – and fire up the live scores. Incidentally, the first game I followed along with online was Game 5 of the 1999 NBA Finals. At the time, I thought it was pretty cool, though it obviously has nothing on League Pass Broadband.

As I’ve previously mentioned, back in high school, my cousin would always come to stay with us in the holidays, and we’d spend a lot of time playing NBA Live and NBA Jam. You know, in between watching NBA videos, and trying to emulate our favourite players on my hoop in the backyard. Since we loved NBA Live 95 on PC – even though it was a few years old at that point – we were playing through a season with the Houston Rockets. We had a lot of fun with that season: as may have seen, we brought Larry Bird out of retirement, and we once held Shaquille O’Neal to just 17 points (1 point in the second half!) in a full length game.

We also documented one of the games we played, play-by-play, on audio cassette. VHS, audio cassette, dial-up Internet…be sure to look up these ancient technologies on Wikipedia kids, you’ll get a kick out of it! Anyway, we documented the entire game, and then transcribed it to post on the NBA Live Domain, which I was running at the time. For your enjoyment, and indeed, for posterity, here is the play-by-play from that game, documented in the style of the NBA.com live scores back then.

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File Additions for NBA 2K14

NBA 2K14 Cover Art

With all the other news and features that we’ve been posting lately, I’m a little behind in posting a file additions bulletin for NBA 2K14 PC. As such, we do have a fair few new files from our community to share with you today, including faces, jerseys, courts, rosters, and more. Check them all out at the links below!

Fictional Outdoor Eurobasket 2015 Court
Fictional Outdoor Wolfgang Court

R.J. Hunter Face

1995/1996 Toronto Raptors Uniforms

Paul Pierce HD Face

Meyers Leonard and C.J McCollum Faces
Zaza Pachulia Face
Joakim Noah Face

2015-2016 Toronto Raptors Uniforms

Rookie Josh Smith Face
Young Dirk Nowitzki Face
Young Brandon Roy Face

2015-16 NBA Schedule (82 games) (Updated to Final version)

2KShiftLeader’s (Tha2KProphet) Real 2016 Roster (Updated to v4.1)

20th Anniversary of NBA Live: Bird Flies With The Rockets in NBA Live 95

Larry Bird on the Houston Rockets in NBA Live 95

I’ve never been a big online basketball gamer, but that doesn’t mean I’ve always played them alone. Back in high school, my cousin – also a huge basketball fan and hoops gamer – would come to stay with us every school holidays. Whenever we weren’t watching basketball, or out in the backyard emulating the moves of our favourite players, we were playing basketball video games. NBA Live and NBA Jam were our titles of choice, and as the years rolled by and my collection grew, we had a few different versions of NBA Live to choose from. At one point, we started replaying the 1995 season in NBA Live 95 PC, with the Houston Rockets.

We always used to play co-op, because we preferred being on the same team and trying to win as many games as we could, together. Of course, when it’s two human users vs. the CPU, you need to find ways to keep things fresh, challenging, and interesting. In our NBA Live 95 season, we did that in the usual manner: making a few trades, aiming for certain statistical marks and records, and trying to blow out the CPU by the largest margin possible.

Oh, and Larry Bird made a comeback for our Houston Rockets, part of the way through the season.

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’13 Heat in NBA 2K16, Latest Screenshots, More

Catching up on a few snippets of NBA 2K16 news from the past couple of days, the 2013 Miami Heat have been confirmed as one of the new historical teams in this year’s game. The 2008 Boston Celtics, one of three teams mentioned on an episode of 2KTV, were officially announced at the same time.

Additionally, more players have been posting screenshots of themselves on social media, revealing their overall ratings in NBA 2K16. The latest overall ratings to be revealed are as follows:

  • John Wall: 87
  • Kobe Bryant: 85
  • Aaron Brooks: 75
  • Tony Wroten: 75
  • Terrence Ross: 73
  • Isaiah Canaan: 73
  • CJ Miles: 73
  • Evan Fournier: 72
  • Langston Galloway: 72

You can check out the screenshots below, as well as in our NBA 2K16 gallery.

Finally, 2K has posted a short video clip  – “Be the Canvas” – spotlighting the tattoos that are available in this year’s game, which you can also find below. What do you think of the latest information and previews? Have your say in the comments section, and join in the discussion in our NBA 2K16 Forum.

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The Friday Five: My Top 5 Favourite NBA Live Games

The Friday Five

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Friday Five! This is a feature that I post every Friday in which I give my thoughts on a topic that’s related to basketball video games, the real NBA or another area of interest to our community, either as a list of five items or in the form of a Top 5 countdown.

As you may have seen, our 20th Anniversary of NBA Live celebrations are underway. We’ve got lot of fun stuff lined up, including complete retrospectives for every single game in the series, feature articles, analysis, patches, and more. As this is the first Friday Five since our 20th Anniversary content tipped off, it seems like a good time for a countdown that’s been on my list for some time now: My Top 5 Favourite Games in the NBA Live series.

Please keep in mind that these aren’t objectively the best games in the NBA Live series, though I do believe they rank up there. As part of our celebrations, I’ll also be collaborating with the rest of the NLSC Team to pick the Top 10 Games in the NBA Live series, which I believe will reflect popular opinion, not just my own preferences. As for this list however, I’m just briefly reflecting on my personal Top 5 favourite NBA Live games, sentimental picks included; again, full retrospectives will be coming for each game. With that said, let’s get to the countdown!

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20th Anniversary of NBA Live: NBA Live 95 Retrospective

20th Anniversary of NBA Live: NBA Live 95 Retrospective

To mark the 20th Anniversary of NBA Live, we’re posting content for every game in the series, including retrospectives, patches, countdowns, and more. Whether you’re a long-time basketball gamer who grew up with the NBA Live series and would like to take a drip down memory lane, or you’ve only recently started playing basketball games and would like to learn a little about what they used to be like, we hope that you enjoy the 20th Anniversary of NBA Live content here on the NLSC!

We’re tipping off our series of retrospectives with a look at the game that started it all: NBA Live 95. The game is often remembered fondly by long-time basketball gamers; beyond its significance as the first game in the NBA Live series, it’s also generally considered to be a classic. However, looking back on it twenty years later, it’s certainly fair to wonder…is that reputation justified? Just how well does NBA Live 95 hold up today? Let’s find out.

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NLSC Podcast – Episode #126

NLSC Podcast Logo

We’re in good health, good spirits, and have some exciting stuff to talk about, so it’s time for another episode of the NLSC Podcast! In Episode #126, Arcane and I recap the week in NBA Live 16 and NBA 2K16 news, preview some upcoming features here at the NLSC, and discuss a couple of NBA-related topics.

On this week’s show…

  • At long last, we’re launching our 20th Anniversary of NBA Live content! On a similar note, Andrew is celebrating his 14th Anniversary as NLSC Webmaster.
  • We also have interviews with Sean O’Brien, and Leftos & JaoSming coming up. Get your questions in ASAP!
  • Recapping the week in NBA Live 16 news, we give our thoughts on the latest preview media, and information on this year’s pre-order bonuses.
  • The first proper gameplay trailer for NBA 2K16 has dropped. Do we feel hyped?
  • Last week delivered us a huge amount of information on MyLEAGUE, MyLEAGUE Online, and MyGM. Naturally, it all came through after we wrapped up last week’s episode, but we’re happy to get it nevertheless.
  • We discuss a few other NBA 2K16 news and notes, including changes to ratings, and the latest retro teams to be confirmed.
  • With gamers looking forward to both NBA Live 16 and NBA 2K16, shots are being fired by both companies. We weigh in on the situation.
  • Metta World Peace could be returning to the Los Angeles Lakers. What do we think of that move?
  • Michael Jordan makes more in endorsements than any current NBA player. We reflect on the brand power of His Airness.
  • We wrap up Episode #126 of the NLSC Podcast with Nick Young’s desire to play for the Boomers, and Andrew Bogut’s response.

Click Play to listen to the show!

Have some thoughts on the latest episode? Sound off in the comments below, or here in the Forum. Also, if there’s a topic you’d like us to discuss on the next episode of the NLSC Podcast, feel free to hit us up in this thread.

20th Anniversary of NBA Live Content Tips Off This Week

It’s been a long time coming, and it’s arguably a year too late (though NBA Live 95 PC was actually released in 1995), but we’re finally ready to tip off our 20th Anniversary of NBA Live content here at the NLSC! Obviously, we’re still looking to the future and the NBA Live 16 coverage will keep on coming, but at the same time, we’ll be taking the opportunity to look back at 20 years of the NBA Live series.

Our content will be tipping off within the next few days, and will continue to run alongside our NBA Live 16 content, most likely through to the end of the year. We’ve got some fun stuff planned, including:

  • Retrospectives on all of the games in the NBA Live series
  • Roundtable discussions about the series’ past and future
  • A release (of some kind) for every single NBA Live on PC
  • Feature articles, analysis, and fun stuff from the archives
  • A couple of other surprises we really think you’ll enjoy

It’s going to be a lot of fun, so stay tuned!

On a related note, today marks my 14th Anniversary as the webmaster of the NLSC (or NBA Live Series Center, as was our full name at the time). On August 26th 2001, a couple of months shy of turning 17, I was entrusted to take over one of my favourite websites, and while it hasn’t always been smooth sailing, for the most part it’s been a fantastic experience. It’s something that I enjoy doing to this day, and I’m looking forward to running the site for years to come. As always, a huge thanks to everyone for your continued support!

Upcoming Interview with Leftos; Submit Your Questions!

As you may have seen on social media, NBA 2K16 developer – and NLSC alum – Leftos Aslanoglou will be returning to the NLSC Podcast to talk to us about MyLEAGUE, MyLEAGUE Online, and MyGM in NBA 2K16. Needless to say, we’re very excited to have our old friend back on the show that he himself started, and to pick his brain for insights into this year’s franchise modes.

There are probably a lot of questions that you’d like us to ask Leftos, so I encourage you to hit us up in the comments below, or in this thread in the NBA 2K16 section of the Forum. We’ll do our best to ask as many questions as possible, as Leftos has pledged to answer as many as he can.

We’ll be recording Episode #126 of the NLSC Podcast before our interview with Leftos, but we will be chatting to him very soon, so be sure to get any questions in ASAP! In the meantime, if you’d like to get some more insight into MyGM and MyLEAGUE, be sure to check out the developer diary, as well as Leftos’ appearance on the Post-Game Podcast. A big thanks to 2K for giving us the greenlight to chat with Leftos about NBA 2K16, we hope everyone will enjoy the interview once it’s out!

NBA 2K16 Trailer: Winning (Gameplay & MyCAREER Teaser)

2K Sports has posted a brand new NBA 2K16 trailer titled “Winning”, spotlighting gameplay from cinematic camera angles. If you’ve been waiting for an extended look at NBA 2K16 in action, as opposed to the quick clips seen in the digital shorts, then this is the video that you’ve been holding out for.

As you might expect, cover players Stephen Curry, James Harden, and Anthony Davis are prominently spotlighted in the new NBA 2K16 trailer. They’re joined by several other star NBA players, including Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Carmelo Anthony, Derrick Rose, John Wall, Kyrie Irving, and more. You can also catch a glimpse of several new team designs, such as the new jerseys for the Atlanta Hawks, Los Angeles Clippers, and Toronto Raptors, as well as the Raptors’ new centre-court logo.

As the trailer concludes, it offers up a brief teaser of MyCAREER mode, specifically the scene in which your MyPLAYER announces which college they’ve decided to sign with. The video cuts off just before the player names the college they’ve chosen, emphasising the “Be The Story” tagline of NBA 2K16.

Check out “Winning” below, or catch it here on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded video. Is this the NBA 2K16 trailer you’ve been waiting for? Having watched it, how hyped are you for this year’s game from 2K Sports? Have your say in the comments section below, and join in the discussion in our NBA 2K16 Forum!

New NBA 2K16 Trailer: Winning

NBA Live 16 Screenshots, Video Clip, & Pre-Order Bonuses

High resolution screenshots of the final two LIVE Pro-Am courts in NBA Live 16 – Venice Beach and Seattle Pacific University – have been released during the past couple of days. You can check both of them out below, as well as over in our NBA Live 16 screenshots gallery.

EA Sports has also posted another quick clip showing off some of the customisation options in Rising Star and LIVE Pro-Am, this time spotlighting one of the important aspects of basketball culture: shoes. You can check out that clip below, or catch it here on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded video.

Finally, listings on GameStop and the PlayStation Store have confirmed the pre-order bonuses for NBA Live 16. Gamers who pre-order this year’s release will receive a LIVE Ultimate Team Pro Pack every week for ten weeks. This is dependant on the user logging in to LUT each week and opening their pack, so unlike previous years where the pre-order packs were delivered on day one, it will be possible to miss out on your bonuses if you’re not firing up the game each week. Additionally, gamers who pre-order NBA Live 16 will receive a custom theme, according to the PSN listing.

That’s all the NBA Live 16 news we have for the moment, but more should be on the way very soon. As always, if you have any thoughts, feel free to share them in the comments below, as well as join in the discussion here in the Forum!

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Several NBA 2K14 Downloads Removed; Reminder About Our Upload Facilities

Please be advised that I’ve unfortunately had to remove around 40 files from the NBA 2K14 section of our Downloads database, that were added by NBAModder. There’s no controversial reason for this, just an unfortunate one: NBAModder is no longer around, nor is his website, where he was hosting his work. As such, all that was left were the dead links, which were recently pointed out to me via the “Report Broken Download” function.

As these files are no longer available and the author is no longer around to provide them, it’s left me with little choice but to remove those entries from our Downloads database. This is a situation we’d like to avoid as much as possible, and it’s why we encourage people to make use of the upload facilities provided in our Downloads section. While we do have a 100 MB upload limit, we can make special arrangements for larger files if you contact us. If you do wish to use external hosting for whatever reason, please ensure that you’re uploading your work to a place where it can be preserved, and is unlikely to disappear within a year or so of its release.

If you’re not sure how the upload facilities in our Downloads section work, please check out this video tutorial:

Any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with me so that I can help you out, especially if you do have a larger file you want to share. One final word on problematic files in our Downloads section: if you do come across a file that isn’t what it’s advertised to be, or cannot be downloaded, please report it using the “Report Broken Download” function, located towards the bottom of the file page. Please don’t use that function if you’re having trouble getting a file to work in your game, or simply because you don’t like it. We also get some reports about files that are definitely available to download, so please make absolute sure the issue isn’t at your end.

As always, a huge thanks to our community of patchers who contribute their work to our database! Remember, whether it’s NBA Live, NBA 2K, or another basketball game, whether it’s PC or console, we welcome your mods! Want to start contributing? Be sure to check out that video above, register an account in the Forum, and start adding your work to the Downloads section!

First Overall Ratings Revealed for NBA 2K16

Following on from Mike Stauffer’s insight into how ratings have been changed in NBA 2K16, the overall ratings of various players are starting to be revealed. Ronnie 2K has been hooking up players with in-game screenshots featuring their overall ratings, which they have in turn been posting on social media.

As of this post, the overall ratings for eleven players in NBA 2K16 have been revealed. They are as follows:

  • Kevin Durant: 91
  • Andre Drummond: 83
  • Isaiah Thomas: 81
  • Hassan Whiteside: 81
  • Rudy Gobert: 79
  • Jared Sullinger: 77
  • Shelvin Mack: 72
  • CJ McCollum: 72
  • Kyle Anderson: 71
  • Spencer Dinwiddie: 70
  • Pierre Jackson: 69

You can check out the screenshots below, as well as over in our NBA 2K16 gallery.

Any thoughts on the ratings so far? Which players are you most interested in seeing? Have your say in the comments section below, and join in the discussion in our NBA 2K16 Forum.

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Insight into Ratings Changes in NBA 2K16

Mike Stauffer, the man responsible for the official NBA 2K roster updates, has Tweeted out a detailed insight into some of the key changes that have been made to player ratings in NBA 2K16. Following the final roster update for NBA 2K15, Mike and the team sat down and analysed the criteria used to determine player ratings, and looked at ways of improving that criteria in NBA 2K16 and beyond.

One of the key changes is that player ratings will be based on a Hall of Fame scale. In other words, if the performance of an all-time great player is considered the pinnacle for a certain attribute, then that is the standard for a 99 rating. Overall ratings also fall in line with the Hall of Fame scale, so the all-time greats will stand apart a little more from current players, and even each other. Notably, Michael Jordan is the only player in the game rated 99 overall.

These changes are being made to cut down on the amount of “cheese”, and also in the name of greater authenticity and player differentiation. While it remains to be seen how it will all play out in NBA 2K16, as someone who prefers the sim style and has made roster updates of my own for many years, the logic is very sound and the changes sound like very good moves.

You can check out Mike’s full insights below, as well as on his Twitter account. What are your thoughts on these changes to the ratings? Sound off in the comments below, and join in the discussion in the NBA 2K16 section of the NLSC Forum.

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Post-Game Podcast Talks to Leftos about MyLEAGUE & MyGM in NBA 2K16

Our old friend, former NLSC Team Member and current NBA 2K16 developer Leftos Aslanoglou, joined Marc Price and Corey Andress on the Post-Game Podcast to talk about MyLEAGUE and MyGM in this year’s game. The show runs for just over an hour, and provides a deep dive into the franchise modes in NBA 2K16.

Leftos talks about this year’s development process and what went into creating the new additions to MyGM and MyLEAGUE, also describing how the team juggles the tasks of improving existing features at the same time as adding new ones. Leftos also covers the new features of this year’s modes in-depth, and addresses some questions about MyLEAGUE Online.

It’s well worth listening to, as Marc and Corey always produce a great show, and Leftos’ passion for what he does ensures that you’ll get some great insights. Tune in now, and be sure to hit the guys up with some feedback! After you do, feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below, as well as join in the discussion in our NBA 2K16 Forum.