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Patch 1.11 Now Available for NBA 2K17 PC & Xbox One

Cover player Paul George dunks the basketball in NBA 2K17

Patch 1.11 has come through for the PC and Xbox One versions of NBA 2K17, after being pushed through on PlayStation 4 last week. The PC patch weighs in at 39.5 MB, while the Xbox One patch is 2.7 GB in size. It should come through automatically, but if you encounter any difficulties, try restarting your Steam client or console.

Despite the patch’s size on the consoles, it’s intended to be a quick fix to resolve matchmaking issues. Having played several 2K Pro-Am games since the release of Patch 1.11 for the PS4 version of NBA 2K17, it certainly appears to have been successful in addressing those problems.

Incidentally, the discrepancy in the size of the updates is something that’s been discussed at length by gamers, and we’ve also touched upon it in the NLSC Podcast. According to LD2K, the patches are accumulative, meaning that every patch must contain the fixes from the previous title updates, as well as the new ones that are being pushed through. These restrictions are reportedly enforced by Microsoft and Sony, which is why the console patches are much larger than the updates that come through on PC, since Steam does not enforce the same condition. As yet, there’s been no clarification as to why the PS4 and X1 updates differ in size from each other, given that they contain the same content.

In any case, Patch 1.11 is now available on all three of NBA 2K17’s primary platforms. Feel free to share any thoughts on the latest update in the comments section below, as well as in this thread in the Forum. You can also find a complete update history for the game here in our Wiki.

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hey i’m new to 2K17, i have PC steam version, how do you download and install the patches?