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Patch Notes for NBA Live 18 Demo Update 1.05

NBA Live 18 Demo: Warriors vs. Cavaliers

As we noted in Episode #218 of the NLSC Podcast a couple of weeks ago, the NBA Live 18 demo has been receiving a few official patches since its release. A new update (1.05) has just come through on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It should come through automatically as long as you have an active Internet connection, but if you encounter any issues, try restarting your console. Xbox One users may also want to try this workaround.

There hasn’t been a lot of information about the updates so far, and the Update History on PS4 simply lists the generic “minor bug fixes” note. However, NBA Live 18 Game Designer ProjectLeet has Tweeted out some comprehensive patch notes for the latest update, which are as follows:

  • Live Run unlocked.
  • Numerous gameplay changes, which include…
    • Big men will no longer be able to perform high tier dribble moves.
    • Contested layup percentage has been tuned.
    • Big men won’t perform as many athletic reverse layups.
    • Increased Game Speed to 80.
    • Interception tuning. Fewer interceptions when players aren’t facing the ball.
    • Alley-oop frequency tuning.
    • Hard screens are less frequent.
    • Celebration tuning.
    • Box out tuning.
    • Reduced the frequency of interior shot blocking based on matchups. Slight reduction overall.
    • Various Gameplay bug fixes.
    • Improved loose ball reaction times.

The dev team at EA Tiburon certainly seem to be taking feedback on the NBA Live 18 demo quite seriously. As such, if you have any impressions that you’d like to share, feel free to post them in the comments section below, as well as in this topic. Remember, the more detailed our constructive feedback about the NBA Live 18 demo, the more adjustments that can be made to the full version via a day one patch. We’ll do our best to compile feedback and pass it along to the developers accordingly.

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40 Comments on "Patch Notes for NBA Live 18 Demo Update 1.05"

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These all look good other than game speed and reduction in interior blocking frequency, however it is hard to tell when all we have are the ‘Super Teams’. Still very interesting.



1. Pull up jumpshots. They look like they’re all shooting in Shawn Marions form.

2. Do we even have any control on the layup releases? Seems to me that the animation does that part for you, which takes the skill out of it (why i hate 2k). Dont be like 2K.

3. Easy baskets glitch. Does this games AI even adapt to how you play? Bring the ball up the court on one side. ISOLATION. Start backing down, and then turning to run to the basket. The first time the AI will stop you. But back down again and turn, and typically results in a wide open layup as u leave the defender behind. In the rare case where this doesnt work, Just keep backing down and turning, eventually you get so close to the basket, and ur player just dunks it or lays it in. It seems boring, but whos not gonna do this in the 4th when u really need a bucket?

4. Relating to the AI. Why is it when im dribbling up the court with LeBron still at the SF position, Steph curry is the one guarding me? Easy backdowns all day. AI should atleast recognize mismatches.


5. Players jump toooooo high when shooting. Steph Curry in real life barely jumps.

6. The gravitational pull when dunking. The whole dunking needs to be corrected.


7. Not just the pull up jumpshots. The sideways ones too. They glitch and look funky.


8. Once again the AI. Shot clock is off. Hold for the last shot in quarters. They just run and gun with no knowledge of situations. Really disappointing AI in this game.


live will be good if they had real free throw shot and if you can change players gear

Gerald Aguirre

At the awarding after winning the Finals, the Larry O’Brien and MVP trophy looks dark. Maybe if they want it to look real, make it a little more shiny and glossy.


They need to fix the ball physics in the game. And the speed of passes


Seems like Dunk blocks need to be adjusted. Kevin Love blocks everything in the game. Kevin Love will rarely block a Durant dunk attempt. The vertical doesn’t make sense. Also, Lebron gets blocked by Durant and Draymond on about 80% of the time. This seems very unrealistic.

Pierce Wells

I believe the responsiveness of the players need to be adjusted. The biggest examples of this are when you pass the ball ahead on a fast break and you aren’t able to control the player receiving the ball for a second. Another example is when trying to pull for a shot off the dribble but your player takes a few more steps which gives the defender time to contest the shot.

Jason C

I’m preordering the game on PSN but is it going to be playable at midnight of the 15th or 11am EDT? The description makes it seem like it is 11am, which makes no sense coz most games are midnight.. is that just a typo?


Make the live run/park mode available offline and playable as a solo player when you don’t have all night to pair up with friends. Put player/position lock into the game like the old days. Make roster edit available, and create a player outside of the drew/one league. Older games were a blast to play under franchise mode with all this available to the player to create their own world.


I think the pull-up animation for jumpshots need to be motion captured because they seem a little to stiff and also try and motion capture player signature styles ,some of them just look completely off .

Robert Shorts

I like the direction live is going there just needs to be a little more smoother transitions between the animations for example the standing to jumping and tuning on the fouling system. Could include more block variations. big men should not be getting boxed out regularly…There should also be more penalizing when people refuse to play as a team in live run…could possibly add another camera mode….the hair and clothing physics are wonderful and the contact is great good base to continue building.

Robert Shorts

Also please tune the effectiveness of layups dunks regardless of archetypes they are overpowered to the point many only drive. And it should be easier to hit shots if the shot is upgrade but I understand once we get the full product well be able to upgrade further

Jarrett Blakley

I think NBA live 18 needs to be more tuned to player specific attributes. All players have a skill set in Live 18 yet still I think users don’t want to feel like all players have similar advantages i.e. 67 overall PG can’t finish layups as effective as a 80 overall “Stephen Curry” type player who can finish around the basket. Or A 70 overall shot blocker can’t be as effective at blocking shots as would a 90 overall Rudy Gobert type player. I am fan of the player traits that players have in Live 18 but I still would like to see it translate even more on the court or in Live Run when it comes to players standing out. In addition to, the players that have those defined skills or traits in Live 18, the NBA players and their respective users should have an advantage when it comes to 1 versus 1. Such as a Big Man Vs smaller guard – depending who has the better match-up strategy wise – should be more or less effective with isolation, pick-n-roll, and screen plays. NBA live has to take advantage of key match-ups especially when a situational 5 on 5 or 1 on 1 arises within the confines of the game clock. It’s the game within the game so-to-speak.


All i ask is for the cpu AI to just get an update. Thats all. Atleast have them hold the ball for the last shot when the shot clock is off. Or if they’re down by 3 with seconds to go. SHOOT THE 3. Why is the cpu shooting a losing 2 pointer at the buzzer. Just simple stuff that takes seconds to update with a patch.


Im really enjoying nba live 2018, but i noticed theres no stadium announcer….when my guys score no one announces their name…..


Live needs to add roster editing big time .. and there’s no way to play online unranked against friends . Makes no since


Will there be a patch for player editing?


Live 18 is good but I few things need to be addressed. The announcers are kinda lame, I like the ESPN presentation but the announcing needs to be more…”live” so to speak, when going for rebounds the players don’t seem to track the ball all that well. Franchise mode leaves a lot to be desired. Edit roster needs to be a thing!!! Having a custom roster to bring in franchise mode would be love. Wnba is a great, pleasant addition to the game..but, well they’re just there ya kno and don’t even get acknowledged in presentation (no halftime show) I mean if women could have their own “the one”…..anyway some janky animations need to be fixed and for some reason the game keeps calling some random player on my team Steph curry..I really like this game and hope it does well


Can y’all please have a 5 v 5 regular team up!


Can we have a 5 v 5 regular team up


Stretch bigs and wings shooters should get dunk pkg 1 and and should be allowed to make contested layups. The ankles broken percentage should be very low. You should allow for low level moves for stretch bigs.

laporcha powell

add more teams