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Pippen joins ’92 Dream Team in NBA 2K13 after all

A major point of disappointment that followed the announcement of the ’92 Dream Team’s inclusion in NBA 2K13 was Scottie Pippen’s absence. 2K had, indirectly, hinted at money being the issue that prevented them from getting him in the game. In a sudden announcement (that is, without an announcement announcing the announcement), 2K posted that Scottie Pippen will be joining the rest of the team after all. An image of the full roster, all 12 players of that Dream Team, accompanied the announcement.

The first USA Olympic team to feature active NBA players, and one of the best ones yet, is in NBA 2K13 in full. See a screenshot of the team below.

Does the inclusion of Scottie make you even more excited to play with or against the Dream Team? Share your thoughts on the comment section below, or join the discussion in the Forum.

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Fantastic news. 🙂


scottie, welcome back to the Dream Team, haha