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Quick Comparison Between NBA Live 14 and 15

After seeing the quality of player faces in today’s screenshot of NBA Live 15, I wanted to make a quick comparison between it and NBA Live 14. Needless to say, it is like night and day. I did have some issues with player emotions in my comparison screenshots, but you get the idea. We are going from something that was pretty terrible quality (especially for a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game) to headscans. Let’s just hope the improvement carries over to gameplay and animations as well, as promised in that Open Letter last week.

To check out the comparisons hit Read More. I have the comparison image and a gif that automatically flashes between the two images as well.

Click to view the full resolution images.

NBA Live 15: First Screenshot

NBA Live 14 Comparison

Click this image to get an animated gif that flashes between the two images.

NBA Live 14 15 Animation

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