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Quick NBA 2K14 Next Gen Gameplay Video (GameSpot)

GameSpot have posted a brief clip of raw gameplay footage taken from the next gen version of NBA 2K14, accompanied by some quick impressions based on a couple of minutes of hands-on time with the game at yesterday’s press event. The graphics and some of the animations seen in the video don’t quite live up to the OMG Trailer, but improvements are still noticeable.

Perhaps a little more troubling is the opinion of the gameplay that is expressed in the video, specifically the suggestion that the game didn’t feel remarkably different to current gen despite the new engine. However, a certain amount of optimism was also expressed, along with an acknowledgement that those impressions were formed after a very limited amount of time playing the game. I would personally suggest that there’s plenty more to learn, see and experience for ourselves in terms of how the game plays and feels.

In any case, you can watch the clip below or check it out here on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded video. As always, feel free to add your thoughts in the comments below, as well as in this thread. Thanks to athozoan for the heads up in the Forum.

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