Retro Gaming: Getting old NBA Lives to run on new PCs

Michael Jordan in NBA Live 2000

For anyone interested in taking a trip down memory lane and playing some of the older NBA Live titles on new PCs, benji has been exploring ways of getting them to run using VMWare and DOSBox. It seems most people are still able to run NBA Live 2003 PC onwards but if you’re looking to fish out your copy of NBA Live 2001 or earlier and give it a look for old time’s sake, be sure to check out this thread for more information.

Speaking of the older NBA Live titles, while there aren’t too many people releasing updates for them these days, uploads are still welcome and we still main a collection of patches and utilities for them in our Downloads section, along with resources in our Wiki.

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September 18, 2011 5:55 pm

A good guide for people who gets black images. Thank you Ben.