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Testers Needed for AND1/Ball Up Open Run Mod

I keep mentioning that I have been doing a lot of modding this past week, well now I need some help with testing one of the mods I created. Inspired by the way AND1 and Ball Up would choose local basketball players to play in their featured game for that city, I created a custom season schedule that tries to replicate that in NBA 2K14 PC.

Essentially you choose from 8 open run teams to be the user team, do a fantasy draft of the generic players in the roster, then play 3 ‘open run’ games. The game then chooses 8 players from these teams to fill the All Star teams, which serves as the taped¬†games we see from Ball Up nowadays. In the future I will make alternate versions for the 4 season schedules I can mod with different generic players and maybe even some NBA or Streetball players added in as well. Of course the courts and uniforms can be changes as well.

You can find out more details and a partial playthrough of the mod in the video above. Check it out yourself in this Forum Thread, just know you must be signed into the NLSC to access the attached file. Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

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how to update roster on this mod?


More information can be found in the thread linked in the post. Please note that however that JaoSming is now working for Visual Concepts, and thus is no longer working on any mods, and also cannot provide support for works such as this one.