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Ultimate Base Roster V2 for NBA 2K14 PC Released

HAWK23 and company have released V2 of the Ultimate Base Roster for NBA 2K14 PC. The latest release includes new faces and portraits, signature skills for all the retro season mods from 1980 through 1999, and a few other fixes and updates. A rundown of the key features of V2 is as follows:

  • Approximately 85 new CFs added/fixed that were missing (more still to do)
  • A few jerseys were added that were missing
  • Approximately 20 new portraits were added across the mods (shown below)
  • All of the Season Mods from 1980 – 1999 now have Sig Skills
  • Animations and some gear updates were made for the Season Mods
  • Some statistical issues in the 1980’s mods were fixed
  • Some other minor logo tweaks and other issues were fixed
  • Rosters still accurate as of 1/1/2014 (will update current rosters in V3)

Download the Ultimate Base Roster for NBA 2K14 here! For more information, previews and support, be sure to check out the release thread.

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YOOOOOOOO i loved nba 2k12 ubr i finished at nba 2k12 ubr 51 now i upgraded to nba 2k14 and i love it but this ubr is GARBAGE i mean the jumpshots are off and the accessories are off like why does every legend have a double wrist band and the freethrows are not theres and all of it is off i hope theres a big improvement and also what is up with ben wallace why does he not have a cyberface dude comeone step up plz fix the free throws the jumpshots and the accessories if u did all that this game mode what be PERFECT!!!! idk if this doesnt get fixed soon i might go back to 2k12


o and also the people in the greatest team rosters the all time teams they dont have sig skills whats up with that cmon cuhhh