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Ultimate Base Roster V22 for NBA 2K12 PC Released

HAWK23 has completed and released the latest version (V22) of the incredible Ultimate Base Roster for NBA 2K12 PC. The new release contains all the latest transactions, six new missing face updates, a new retro court, a bug fix and of course, a stack of additional historical and special teams including all of the NBA champions since the 1970s.

You can get the Ultimate Base Roster here in the our Downloads section. For more information and previews of UBR, as well as technical support, check out the release thread here. Also be sure to give HAWK23 some thanks while you’re there! If you’re having trouble installing the mod, or any other mods for NBA 2K12 PC, check out this tutorial by our own JaoSming.

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download V21 install it like in the video but why every time i start the game it ask my to create a new account?


The original Jordan titlepage was present in V21, now the UBR titlepage is back for V22. I’d rather have the Jordan page, nothing personal.


help please..I followed jaosming’s tutorial (though I have tried UBR before)..when i try to create a new MYPlayer..I cant change the player specialties (athletic,3 pt specialtie) when i choose the positions of PG all I can get was the ‘pass first’ option..and the rest of the positions ae just “all around” . am i missing something? thanks..


Hi I just want to say nice job. But I was trying to create Joel Freeland, Aleksey Shved, and Pablo Prigioni the 3 international players that recently signed with the blazers, wolves, and knicks but I can’t create all of them because there are not enough create a player slots left. There is only enough for me to create 2. Is there a way to make their be more room on the create a player slots or do I just need to wait until you create them. Is it possible to know when the next ultimate base roster is coming out? Can you please add those 3 players to the game because they will be playing next year in the nba just like how you added victor claver.



Hi.thanks Andrew for your hard did a great those great classic teams.played a couple of quick exhibition games with no problems.followed the video tutorial.installed fine.thanks again to everyone involved in the Ultimate Base Roster.