Ultimate Base Roster V5 for NBA 2K14 PC Released

HAWK23 and company have released V5 of the Ultimate Base Roster for NBA 2K14. It includes new season mods, new special teams, new art updates and much, much more. A full rundown of the key features of the latest release is as follows:

  • Added updated version of the Ultimate Base Roster (UBR)
  • Added 10 new season rosters (1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, and 1979)
  • Added/unlocked the Rising Stars and All-Star Teams in Quick Play Mode (UBR)
  • Added 7 new teams to the UBR:
    #1: All-Time International Legends
    #2: Free Agent (DNP in NBA) International Stars
    #3: Free Agent (DNP in NBA) Fallen Stars
    #4: 2014 All-Star 3-Point Shooters
    #5: 2014 All-Star Dunkers
    #6: All-Time Shooting Legends
    #7: All-Time Slam Dunk Legends
  • Added many CFs throughout all the mods (very few are now missing)
  • Added 15+ new portraits were added
  • Added 9 new logos
  • Added approx. 15 new sets of jerseys for the 1970’s Rosters (courtesy Suirad)
  • Added approx. 60 new courts for the 1970’s Rosters (courtesy Suirad)
  • Rosters accurate as of 2/20/2014 (compatible/based off Meds)

Download UBR 2K14 V5 here! For more information, previews and support, check out the release thread.

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