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Ultimate Classic Teams Roster by Dee4Three Released

Ultimate Classic Teams Roster for NBA 2K17

Something I’d like to do moving forward is to shine more of a spotlight on some of the big modding projects in our community. I’d like to begin with a recent release by Dee4Three, namely the Ultimate Classic Teams Roster. The mod adds 18 new classic teams to NBA 2K17 PC, and is suitable for both MyLEAGUE mode and Play Now games.

A lot of work has gone into the project, which includes accurate rosters for all the new teams, as well as all the appropriate faces (with some lookalikes), portraits, jerseys, courts, and logos. You’ll even find the correct head and assistant coaches for every team. Painstaking attention has been paid to the ratings and tendencies for all the retro players, for the most authentic experience possible.

The Ultimate Classic Teams Roster can be downloaded through the in-game roster sharing function; you’ll find it under the name UCTRD43. You can download all the required art assets in this thread in the Forum. You’ll also find plenty of previews and more information about the mod there.

Congratulations again to Dee4Three on the release of such a comprehensive retro mod! If you like the Ultimate Classic Teams Roster, you might also want to check out his other releases: the Ultimate All Time Teams Roster, and Ultimate Fantasy Draft Roster. For more great work from our community, stay tuned for further bulletins, and keep it locked to the Releases & Previews sections in the Forum!

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AJ Bernal

Hi Dee4Three. Great great job by the way! I just want to ask if there is a download link for Codex version of the game? A little response would help. I’d really want to use your classic teams in My League. Thanks!


Front page!


This saved NBA 2k17 for me.


How do i install this? whenever i install it it just shuffle with my old rosters.. pleasehelp me