2K is seeking Bay Area fans for playtesting sessions

Ronnie 2K has Tweeted that 2K is looking for people from the Bay Area to playtest upcoming and existing games and give their opinions. This could be a great chance for you to not only get to play some of 2K’s upcoming games early, but also to influence them with your feedback and get to meet a lot of cool people in the process.

As noted by the signup page, which requires a survey to be completed in order for the candidate to be matched with an upcoming playtest:

2K is looking for Console/PC/Mobile game players to playtest upcoming and existing games. Tests range from taking simple surveys to actual in-house live game play sessions. Gamers who participate in testing will be rewarded for their time and help.


Please, fill out the following survey and tell us about your gaming likes and dislikes. Information collected is used only to match you with an appropriate game test, and will not be distributed outside of 2K.

Based on your responses we will try to match you with an upcoming play test.

When we find a play test for you we will follow up with an additional survey and invitation to our office in Novato, CA to play one of our upcoming titles and then tell us what you think.

If you are selected and you participate in one of our play tests, we’ll gladly thank you with a 2K or Rockstar game of your choice or visa gift card (to be confirmed in a follow up email after selection).

So, if you’re from the Bay Area, you don’t want to miss out! Which game would you be most looking forward to playtesting if you were picked? What would you be most looking for if you got the chance to playtest? Give us your thoughts in the comment section below or in this thread in the Forum.

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