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File Additions for NBA Live 08

NBA Live 08 Cover Art

We’ve got some new updates for NBA Live 08 for you today, including PBA courts, a retro court for the Cleveland Cavaliers, a pack of faces for eight Lithuanian players, a Superman add-on and a face for Willie Reed of the Memphis Grizzlies. Download them all at the links below.

MOA Arena & Smart Araneta Coliseum

2005/06 Quicken Loans Arena

8 Lithuania Players

Superman Add-On 08

Willie Reed Face Patch

File Additions for NBA 2K13

We’ve had quite a few new and updated files for NBA 2K13 over the past couple of days, so if you’re looking to get stuck into playing the game this weekend, you’re in for a treat. Today’s files include several player faces, 11 new retro arenas from retroman, a Name Generator, real and fictional jerseys, WNBA jerseys, a Playoffs court update for the Pacers, Nike shoes and more.

There’s also a 30 team conversion of the College Hoops 2K13 mod for the Xbox 360 version of NBA 2K13. In total, we have 30 new or updated files from the modding community today, all of which you can download at the links below.

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NBA Live 14 Confirmed for EA’s Press Conference at E3 2013

Gametrailers have posted a quick video preview of EA’s press conference at E3 2013, which includes a brief rundown of the titles that will be showcased during the event. NBA Live 14 will be one of those titles, along with FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, Need for Speed Rivals and Battlefield 4. As such, more info and possibly some quick glimpses of the game would seem to be heading our way within the next couple of weeks.

EA’s press conference will be shown live on Gametrailers and Spike TV on June 10th at 4 PM ET/1 PM PT.

The Friday Five: Top 5 Least Favourite NBA Finals Series

Welcome to another edition of The Friday Five! For those of you who are checking out The Friday Five for the first time, this is a feature that I post every Friday in which I give my thoughts on a topic that’s related to basketball video games, the real NBA or another area of interest to our community, either as a list of five items or in the form of a Top 5 countdown.

Last week, I listed my Top 5 Favourite NBA Finals Series, limiting myself to just two of the Bulls’ six championships and saving the other four for my honourable mentions. Having covered my five favourites, this week I’ll be counting down my Top 5 Least Favourite NBA Finals Series. These are the NBA Finals series that I felt were lacklustre, anti-climactic or for one reason or another, just not as enjoyable as I would have liked.

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Create your own custom NBA 2K14 covers

There haven’t been any hints as to who the cover player of NBA 2K14 might be, though our own JaoSming has predicted that Michael Jordan will grace the cover one more time, either by way of an alternate cover or alongside a current star (or stars). The reveal will likely be made within the next few weeks, but in the meantime it’s always fun to speculate.

You can also take your speculation one step further by creating some custom covers. In addition to posting a template for the NBA Live 14 cover, Forum user hiteshom has provided us with a template for anyone who wants to take a shot at creating their own NBA 2K14 cover. Download it in this thread and be sure to post your creations for the rest of us to see!

NLSC Podcast – Episode #31

Leftos returns to make it a trio once more as we talk about the latest news and events in the basketball gaming community in Episode #31 of the NLSC Podcast. Join us this week as we recap a few news and notes from the community, talk about the 2013 Conference Finals and offer more thoughts on the next generation of consoles. On tap this week:

  • Leftos is back, as not even wild sandstorms can suppress his passion for his digital broadcasting duties!
  • We remind everyone to show off their creativity by creating some custom NBA Live 14 covers, thanks to hiteshom’s template. The possibility of Kyrie Irving being the NBA Live 14 cover player is also discussed.
  • Some fun ideas for upcoming podcasts are brought up, as we invite the community to let us know if they’re interested.
  • Taking a look at the latest news and releases from our modding community, we recognise some big releases while once again bringing up the idea of an open source approach.
  • TGsoGood’s work adding female players and WNBA jerseys to NBA 2K13 leads to a discussion about video games based on women’s sports.
  • This week’s NBA discussion focuses on the Conference Finals. The Grizzlies are out, the Spurs are in the Finals and the Heat and Pacers are still battling it out.
  • How do we see the Eastern Conference Finals and potential NBA Finals matchups playing out?
  • At the risk of sounding unoriginal, we don’t care for the job the referees are doing, or the way certain players are flopping.
  • The discussion moves to the latest news and info surrounding the next gen consoles. Leftos offers his reactions to the announcement of the Xbox One.
  • We close with some additional NBA Live and NBA 2K news.

Click Play to listen to the show!

As always, we invite your feedback on this week’s episode in the comments below, as well as in this thread. We’re also interested to hear whether you like some of the ideas we threw out for some of our upcoming episodes, so let us know what you think.

NBA 2K14 News Coming Next Week?

Ronnie 2K appears to be hyping some upcoming news for NBA 2K14 on Twitter, as he has posted a couple of Tweets professing his passion for the game and pledging that the NBA 2K team will raise the bar. He notably used the hashtag #SixSix13 in both Tweets, seemingly pointing at some kind of announcement on June 6th, 2013.

What do you think is coming on June 6th? A glimpse at the game, perhaps even the next gen version? The reveal of the cover player? Or something else entirely? Have your say in the comments below and as always, feel free to take the discussion to the NBA 2K14 section in the NLSC Forum.

Create your own custom NBA Live 14 covers

With the recent placeholder cover art that has appeared in online stores and his prominence in the EA Sports Ignite trailers, Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star guard Kyrie Irving is heavily rumoured to be the cover player for NBA Live 14. An official reveal is likely to be made within the coming weeks.

NLSC Forum user hiteshom has already posted a custom cover for the game featuring Kyrie Irving, which you can check out here. hiteshom has also posted a Photoshop template for anyone else who wishes to try their hand at creating some custom NBA Live 14 covers, so if you’re feeling creative, download it and be sure to post your work in the thread for all of us to see!

All VC Content for NBA 2K13 Xbox 360 Currently 50% Off

2K Sports have announced via the official NBA 2K Facebook page that all Virtual Currency packs, which are used to purchase player gear and attribute boosts in MyCAREER, are 50% off for the Xbox 360 version of the game. The sale, being held in celebration of the upcoming 2013 NBA Finals, begins today and will run until June 4th.

Additionally, the Gold Collection and Spanish Add-On are currently discounted by 200 Microsoft Points, the Platinum Collection and All-Star Pack have been discounted by 400 Microsoft Points and the Blue Diamond Collection has been discounted by 1000 Microsoft Points. If you haven’t yet picked up the game itself, the digital download version of NBA 2K13 for Xbox 360 is also currently 50% off.

Ultimate Base Roster V52 for NBA 2K12 PC Released

HAWK23 and company have released V52 of the Ultimate Base Roster, which now includes 37 full season mods including up to date 2012/2013 season rosters accurate as of May 27th, 2013. The latest release also includes a variety of fixes and new art files, across several of the rosters. A full rundown of the key features is as follows:

  • We now have 37 full season mods from 1977 – Present
  • Added brand new 1976-1977 Roster
  • Added new versions of the All-Star Mod and All-Time Legends Rosters
  • Includes a “UBRV52 Association.ros” roster file which strips out all of the retro teams for those of you who just want the updated roster with flawless Season/Franchise mode. Don’t worry the normal Ultimate Base Roster V52 with all the retros is still there too.
  • All players on current teams have real portraits
  • Added 5 new jersey sets to supplement appropriate Season Mods
  • Added 4 new Retro court to supplement appropriate Season Mods
  • Added 5 new and year-specific cyberfaces for players throughout the Season Mods
  • Added new/updated draft classes for 1998 and 1999
  • Fixed all roster mods to enable importing/creating multiple custom teams
  • Tweaked ALL Season Mods for updates such as skin color, ratings, player additions, cyberface assignments, and age updates. We now have 37 full season mods, the ABA mod, the All-Legends mod, All-Star mod, the 60s, 70s, and 80s Ultimate Basketball mods, and the Ultimate Base Roster (UBR) all compatible without affecting regular NBA2K12 files and they all work in season/association.
  • Current NBA Teams Rosters/Rotations up to date as of May 27th, 2013.

Download V52 of the Ultimate Base Roster here. For previews, information, support or to just say thanks, check out the release thread here.

File Additions for College Hoops 2K8

VTCRB has released another demo of his 2012/2013 roster update for the Xbox 360 version of College Hoops 2K8, which now features 94 teams. Download it at the link below and be sure to check out a video tutorial such as this one if you need help re-hashing the roster file for use with your Gamertag.

94 Team College Hoops 2K8 2012/2013 Roster (Xbox 360)

File Additions for NBA Live 06

Dc311 has released his final conversions of TanyaMarkova’s NBA Live 08 court updates for NBA Live 06, namely the courts for the Utah Jazz and Oklahoma City Thunder. The courts for all 30 NBA teams are now up to date as of the 2012/2013 season and will be included in my final season roster update, coming soon. In the meantime, download the latest courts at the links below!

TanyaMarkova & Dc311
2012/2013 Utah Jazz Court Patch [TanyaMarkova Conversion]
2012/2013 Oklahoma City Thunder Court Patch [TanyaMarkova Conversion]

File Additions for NBA Live 2005

Here are the latest file additions for NBA Live 2005, featuring a couple more of TanyaMarkova’s courts converted by Dc311. With these releases for the Utah Jazz and Oklahoma City Thunder, the courts of all 30 NBA teams have now been updated for NBA Live 2005. Pick them up at the links below!

TanyaMarkova & Dc311
2012/2013 Utah Jazz Court Patch [TanyaMarkova Conversion]
2012/2013 Oklahoma City Thunder Court Patch [TanyaMarkova Conversion]

File Additions for NBA Live 07

Still playing NBA Live 07? BAYAG has released a new version of his SUPERSTAR AIACT update, with new animations and other modifications for an improved gameplay experience. He’s also added it to the AIACT and Movies pack for his International Classic Teams mod. Pick up the updated files at the links below!

SUPERSTAR ’07 AIACT (Updated to v6.0)
ICT Mod AIACT and Movies (Updated to v2.0)

May 22nd Official Roster for NBA 2K13 Out Now

I’m a little late in posting this, but a new official roster update has come through for NBA 2K13, featuring lineups that have been updated through May 22nd, 2013. Steve Novak has returned from injury in the latest roster, while Norris Cole, Jimmy Butler, Iman Shumpert and J.R. Smith have all received ratings updates.

As always, the new rosters will come through automatically as long as your PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or Wii U is connected to the Internet. For PC users who wish to update their game manually, I’ve added the latest roster and online data files to our offline update pack. Thanks to illidan for the heads up!