Basketball Classics v0.9.0 Released; New Content, Fixes

Basketball Classics v0.9.0

Basketball Classics v0.9.0 has been released! The update should come through automatically as long as you have an active Internet connection. If it doesn’t, try restarting your Steam client.

v0.9.0 is a big release, as Namo Gamo anticipates it being the last major update while Basketball Classics is still in Early Access. The latest update expands upon Story Mode, and adds new teams and arenas including a street court. It also includes new halftime shows, some fixes and gameplay tweaks, and adds over and back violations. Please see below for the full patch notes!

The game is available to purchase here on Steam. As I’ve said before, Basketball Classics is a fantastic throwback to the 8-bit and 16-bit era of hoops games, with the benefit of several modern twists. Be sure to check out my interview with Josh and Dave from Namo Gamo if you haven’t already, as it was a fun conversation! Feel free to share your thoughts on Basketball Classics v0.9.0 in the comments section below, as well as join in the discussion here in the Forum.

Basketball Classics v0.9.0

  • Story Mode PLUS – So you’ve unlocked the Legends and beaten the Phantom 5. Do you have it in you to take on a second quest? Begin Story Mode+ and you’ll continue your travels through time as you unlock a new team of elite ballers: the Superstars.
  • Here Comes a New Challenger – Once you’ve unlocked the Superstars, you’ll have a target on your back. Several new teams are going to try to take you on. Win and you’ll not only unlock them in the “Story” roster, you’ll also unlock new arenas to choose from in any of your future matches.
  • Halftime Shows – We’ve hired several new performers for your entertainment. Get hyped with musicians, jugglers, and one of those big foam hands; many of them rocking the colors of the winning team.
  • Street Court – Our favorite arena has finally made it into the lineup, complete with a fresh, animated audience. We love the contrast created with this court and hope it enhances your experience.
  • Bug fixes and Minor Adjustments – We’ve finally added a longtime fan request: over and back violations. Make that ref blow his whistle to your heart’s content! Along with that, we’ve included several other minor changes and additions that add to your enjoyment of the game such as slightly increased player sizes, further AI tweaks, and a change to how the sparkle trails on the ball work. That one may sound insignificant, or even downright strange, but hear me out. In the past, the sparkle trail on the ball was only shown when the player released the shot with near-perfect release timing AND if the shot was gonna go in. Now, you’ll get the unicorn glitter for every perfect release regardless of shot success, so it won’t ruin the anticipation of “is it gonna land or not!?”
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