Beat Jao #2: The Blacktop Jordan Challenge

Do you think you can beat me? Each week I am going to challenge the community to do something that I have already done. It could be taking a better screenshot, getting a better play, doing something with a specific player or team, or even make a better mod. I have no plan for this series, but I am going to try and make sure that these challenges shouldn’t take more than a half hour to complete.

It took all of two weeks, but I am going to ask you to load up Blacktop mode for this week’s Beat Jao challenge. I want you to take on 5 Michael Jordans in a game to 21 and see if you can beat them. To make things interesting (more difficult), I am asking you to play on Hall of Fame difficulty and to limit yourself to only using current NBA players, no legends. Players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, please use Casual sliders like users on last gen versions of the game are forced to.

I was only just barely able to beat this Jordan superteam, needing an extra point to beat them 22-20. Since we will measure this through point differential, you need to beat my score of, 2 points. So basically you just need to win. You can watch my highlights and get the full breakdown on the rules in the video below. Let me know how you do in this Forum Thread or in the comments of this post, or the YouTube video.

Congratulations to T-Bo who was somehow able to wreck the Spurs with Dirk in NBA Live 2004, scoring 100 points in an amazing 4 minutes and 33 seconds. Great job to him and thanks to everyone who participated in last week’s challenge. You can see a scoreboard for last week and an overall leaderboard by hitting Read More.

Last Week’s Challenge Results

#1 Score 100pts –

  1. T-Bo 04:33
  2. Mazzocchi 07:01
  3. zzcoolj21 07:59
  4. stockalone1232 09:37
  5. Reaperwolverine 11:29
  6. R4zoR 12:19
  7. Toivo94 12:32
  8. Kenny 13:03
  9. Andrew 13:57
  10. FIBA Baller 14:07
  11. JaoSming 19:07
  12. tbennett5438 21:01
  13. Bieberkinz 30:00

Overall Leaderboard

  1. T-Bo 42
  2. Mazzocchi 27
  3. zzcoolj21 24
  4. stockalone1232 20
  5. Reaperwolverine 17
  6. R4zoR 16
  7. Toivo94 15
  8. Kenny 15
  9. Andrew 14
  10. FIBA Baller 14
  11. tbennett5438 9
  12. Bieberkinz 6
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July 22, 2014 8:19 pm

Well, that escalated quickly!

Alright, I’ll give it a shot, I guess.

July 23, 2014 6:30 pm

Can we still enter for 100 pts challenge? :3

July 31, 2014 12:12 am
Reply to  JaoSming

Well, Stephen Curry hit 100 pts after 12:28 In game time.

July 23, 2014 8:25 pm

Done, 22-15. Screenshots and so forth here in the Forum thread: