Beat Jao #3: Implosion

Do you think you can beat me? Each week I am going to challenge the community to do something that I have already done. It could be taking a better screenshot, getting a better play, doing something with a specific player or team, or even make a better mod. I have no plan for this series, but I am going to try and make sure that these challenges shouldn’t take more than a half hour to complete.

You guys are good, proving that you are much better than me at basketball video games these base two weeks. So, can lose as awesomely as I can? This week I want you to load up an 82 game Association or Dynasty, keep default settings, and win as little as possible. Dump players, make trades, fire coaches, do whatever you want in-game other than edit player ratings.

I was able to tie the late Bobcats’ terrible honor of least amount of wins in a single season with the amazing Lakers. 7 wins in an 82 game season is what you have to ‘beat’ this week. Get under that win total and net yourself some sweet Jao points on the overall leaderboard. You can watch me lose with style and get the full breakdown on the rules in the video below. Let me know how you do in this Forum Thread or in the comments of this post, or the YouTube video.

Congratulations to both NST Typhoon from YouTube and ReaperWolverine here on the NLSC forums. These guys beat the Blacktop Jordan Challenge by 15 points on Hall of Fame difficulty, well done. ReaperWolverine is our current leader after 2 weeks. Check out the full standings and results from last week by hitting the Read More button.

Last Week’s Challenge Results

#2 Blacktop Jordan Challenge –

  1. NST Typhoon (YT) 15
  2. Reaperwolverine 15
  3. Mr. Dimovski (YT) 14
  4. R4zoR 14
  5. Piggy_Destroyer(SRB) (YT) 13
  6. zzcoolj21 13
  7. stockalone1232 12
  8. buzzy 11
  9. abishekfcb 11
  10. Andrew 7
  11. BadVera 6
  12. Toivo94 5
  13. fernistheman 5
  14. Rush Hour (YT) 4
  15. Southside Senator (YT) 4
  16. FIBA Baller 3
  17. Kenny 3
  18. KevinParker13 2
  19. JaoSming 2

Overall Leaderboard


  1. Reaperwolverine 92
  2. zzcoolj21 89
  3. R4zoR 86
  4. stockalone1232 80
  5. NST Typhoon (YT) 75
  6. Mr. Dimovski (YT) 70
  7. Piggy_Destroyer(SRB) (YT) 65
  8. abishekfcb 55
  9. buzzy 55
  10. Andrew 49
  11. T-Bo 42
  12. Toivo94 40
  13. BadVera 30
  14. Kenny 30
  15. FIBA Baller 29
  16. Mazzocchi 27
  17. fernistheman 25
  18. JaoSming 20
  19. Rush Hour (YT) 20
  20. Southside Senator (YT) 20
  21. KevinParker13 10
  22. tbennett5438 9
  23. Bieberkinz 6



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July 31, 2014 12:10 am

I used the Official 2K Roster and went 5-77 With the Jazz 🙂

August 2, 2014 3:44 pm

i went 0-164 in my first two season the pistons

August 2, 2014 4:03 pm
Reply to  cool1324

using ubr v17 roster the one for season