Beat Jao #1: Score 100 Points Quickly in Any Game

Do you think you can beat me? Each week I am going to challenge the community to do something that I have already done. It could be taking a better screenshot, getting a better play, doing something with a specific player or team, or even make a better mod. I have no plan for this series, but I am going to try and make sure that these challenges shouldn’t take more than a half hour to complete.

So for week one I am challenging you to score 100 points with any player, in any game, using any settings, as quickly as you can. With 12 minute quarters, I completed this challenge in the 2nd quarter with 2:53 remaining in the half. Meaning I scored 100 points in 19 minutes 7 seconds.

I used Antoine Walker from the 2002 Celtics with the NBA Jam: He’s On Fire mod created by bigh0rt for NBA 2K14 PC with rookie difficulty and casual sliders. In the Podcast Andrew suggested NBA Live 2003 might be a good game to complete this challenge, and really any arcade game or mod would give you the best chance at beating my time. You can get additional information on the mod and see sped up footage of my attempt in the video below.

If you want to share your time please comment below, reply to this Forum Thread, or comment on the YouTube video above. If we end up doing a contest or prizes for the winners, please provide some kind of proof with your time, like my image below. Remember this is just for fun, so I hope you enjoy this week’s Beat Jao challenge, good luck!

Beat Jao 1 Results 100 Points

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July 15, 2014 10:33 pm

This should be a fun feature. 🙂

My attempt for this week: