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The NLSC’s Leftos Joins 2K Sports, NBA 2K Team

We’re immensely proud to announce that our very own Leftos has accepted a position with Visual Concepts/2K Sports and will be joining the NBA 2K Development Team in the near future! Leftos has been doing some fantastic work with his tools for the NBA 2K series over the past couple of years, not to mention his other work around the NLSC including our Podcast, and will undoubtedly be an asset to the NBA 2K team moving forward.

Leftos is the second member of our community to be offered a job on the development team of a basketball game, following NLSC co-founder Tim Tschirner who took a job with EA Sports back in 2001. On behalf of the entire NLSC Team and community, I’d like to congratulate Leftos on his new gig! While we’ll be sorry to lose him, we’re excited about what he’ll be able to do for the game in his new role and are eager to welcome him back whenever he is able to drop by and interact with the community.

Join us in wishing him the best of luck either in the Comments below or in this thread in the Forum.

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NLSC Podcast – Episode #23

We’re bringing you the latest in community news, NBA discussion and assorted video game ramblings in Episode #23 of the NLSC Podcast! Join Leftos, Ben and myself for another episode in which we give our thoughts on the latest news and results from around the NBA, spotlight some developments in our modding community and chat about one of our favourite pastimes. On the docket this week:

  • We talk a little about YouTube’s copyright policies and how companies are missing out on some opportunities for free publicity.
  • The Heat just keep on winning. When will the streak end? Who can possibly end it?
  • The Lakers find themselves struggling once again, possibly leaving the door open for the Mavericks and Jazz.
  • George Karl believes there should be a major change to Playoff seedings. Do we agree?
  • Moving on to community news, REDitor is getting closer to release, which should mean even more great mods.
  • The rosters for NBA Live 2005-08 are also close to being released. I take a moment to recognise the efforts and support of the community in getting them done.
  • We finish up with some discussion of the latest next gen console news.

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As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on this week’s show and your thoughts on the topics that we discussed, either in the comments below or here in the Forum.

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NLSC Podcast – Episode #21

We celebrate the NLSC Podcast’s ability to enjoy some “adult beverages” as we reach Episode #21, where we once again talk about the latest week in the NBA, basketball video gaming and more. As usual, Leftos, Ben and I are your hosts and we invite you to join us as we share our thoughts on the following topics:

  • We called the big two-oh a landmark last week, but due to cultural significance we’re trotting out the phrase again for the 21st episode.
  • Ben throws down a dunking challenge to JaoSming, so I pull a LeBron James.
  • For a change of pace, we dive straight into the NBA discussion this week, beginning with DeAndre Jordan’s dunk and the reactions it’s received.
  • We recognise the Heat’s winning streak, with Ben being the most excited about it.
  • The Mavericks are signing the first player in league history with multiple sclerosis. We wish Chris Wright well and applaud what we hope will be a feel-good story, while reflecting on some similar sporting stories (one of them admittedly fictional).
  • Moving on to community news, we once again touch upon the subject of sharing resources when it comes to patching/modding.
  • The Ultimate Base Roster has hit a significant milestone, so we take some time to recognise the outstanding efforts of everyone involved.
  • Ben has a few gripes about NBA 2K13 and isn’t a fan of Dunk Contest Hero.
  • We finish up with some talk about SimCity 5 and the messy situation upon launch. I sneak in a reference to LucasArts’ Afterlife, a SimCity clone from 1996 and an old favourite.

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As always, we hope you enjoy this week’s episode and invite you to share your feedback on the show, as well as everything we discussed, either in the comments below or in this thread in the NLSC Forum.

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NLSC Podcast – Episode #20

Episode #20 of the NLSC Podcast is celebrated with more predictions, along with the usual talk about the NBA, basketball video games and more. Join Leftos, Ben and myself for a milestone episode in which we discuss a multitude of topics from the past week, while once again bantering about this and that along the way.

  • Stranded somewhere between the review and preview seasons, we instead talk about the exciting new project devised during last week’s Impromptu-cast by Leftos and JaoSming.
  • We go over some of the great ideas posted so far and how the community can help out. We also mention a couple of things we’d rather not see in the project.
  • We wander off topic for a moment to talk about movies, quality acting and support systems for young actors and athletes alike.
  • In this week’s community round-up, Leftos has some more good news about tools and we approach a new milestone in our Downloads section.
  • I offer some reflections on my NBA 2K13 MyCAREER game, following an NBA championship in the first season.
  • Will NBA 2K13 PC ever receive the official patch? Should we be worried about the likelihood of future PC releases?
  • We move on to this week’s NBA discussion which includes angry Tweets, a big game by Stephen Curry and the impressive play of the Miami Heat.
  • Will LeBron James enter the dunk contest? Would the other participants get Magic’s $1 million if they end up winning instead?
  • We salute Dennis Rodman, diplomat extraordinaire!
  • After some talk about other video games that have come out recently, Ben has a few more questions for the community.

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As always, we welcome your thoughts on our discussion and the show in general in the comments below or this thread in the Forum, along with your answers to Ben’s latest round of questions.

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NLSC Podcast – Episode #18

After our failures predicting All-Star Weekend 2013, we try our luck with trade deadline predictions, catch up on some NBA 2K13 news and chat about all sorts of balls. Want to know what else we talk about in Episode #18 of the NLSC Podcast featuring Leftos, Ben and myself? Here’s an overview:

  • One of us has sustained an injury, but it’s not an ACL tear. What a faux pas!
  • A little bit of movie talk leads us to research the flicks with the most profanity and dish out a little innuendo.
  • We move on to basketball video game news, which has been slow. Still no news on the PC patch for NBA 2K13; we’re not jumping for joy.
  • NBA 2K13 and MLB 2K13 will be available together as a combo pack. I talk about it with all the enthusiasm I can muster.
  • As the discussion turns to All-Star Weekend 2013, we reflect on our not-so-wonderful predictions.
  • We offer our reactions to the Weekend and read out some comments from the community.
  • The latest trade rumours are discussed as the trade deadline looms. More bold predictions are made, ready to be laughed at next week.
  • We close with some chatter on Sony’s big announcement.

Click Play to listen to this week’s show.

We’re still working on the surprise we mentioned in last week’s podcast, so stay tuned for that in the coming weeks. As always, we’re eager to hear your feedback on this week’s show and everything we discussed in the comments below, as well as in this thread in the Forum.

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NLSC Podcast – Episode #15

It’s that time of the week again: a new NLSC Podcast is coming your way, hosted by Leftos, Ben and myself. As always, we talk about the latest basketball video game and NBA news, before moving on to some other areas of interest and even getting a little nostalgic. If you’re looking for a quick overview of this week’s episode, here you go:

  • We open with some chatter that includes the weather and in the process, get a great idea for a new theme park…patent pending.
  • The conversation turns a little dark, so we move on to a recap of the week in news.
  • NBA 2K13 and NBA Jam: On Fire Edition received roster updates last week, the latter prompting a little more discussion than the former.
  • A couple of potentially interesting notes about NBA Live are touched upon very briefly.
  • The Hornets will officially become the Pelicans effective as of next season and we know what their logo will look like. Has it changed our minds about the new name?
  • The reserves for the 2013 All-Star game have been announced. We react and talk about a couple of noteworthy snubs.
  • Leftos has no interest in discussing the Bulls/Pistons game, but I do get to express some enthusiasm for Jimmy Butler’s recent play.
  • Changing things up, we talk about some of our favourite web series, including the returning Nostalgia Critic.
  • Mention of the Critic leads us to reminisce about a few things we’re nostalgic for.

Click Play to listen to the latest episode!

A fair warning, at times the language in this week’s podcast is coarser than usual and not what you’ll see in news posts and feature articles here on the NLSC. It’s something we can tone down (or simply bleep) if it becomes a problem for you, our listeners, so let us know your feelings on that as well as your thoughts on this week’s topics and the show overall, either in the comments below or here in the Forum.

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The Friday Five: 5 Ways We Give Bad Feedback

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Friday Five! For those of you who haven’t read any of my previous Friday Five columns, this is a relatively new feature where I discuss a range of topics related to basketball video games, the real NBA and other subjects that are relevant to our community, either in list or Top 5 countdown format.

To say that the Internet has had a major impact on video gaming is a grand understatement. One of the ways it has changed gaming is its ability to put developers in direct contact with their customers, giving gamers the opportunity to provide feedback that shapes future releases and aids in post-release support. We basketball gamers have been doing that for some time now, but we don’t always make the best use of the opportunity. These are the things we should avoid doing, the five ways we give bad feedback to basketball video game developers.

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NLSC Podcast – Episode #13

The lucky thirteenth episode of the NLSC Podcast is out now for your listening enjoyment. This week, Leftos and I are joined by Ben (aka Arcane), following reports of his resignation that were greatly exaggerated, as we catch up on the week in basketball video gaming news and the latest goings on in the real NBA. A synopsis of this week’s show is as follows:

  • Ben is welcomed back to the NLSC Team after never actually stepping down, so we spend some time getting to know him.
  • NBA 2K13’s All-Star Weekend content is now available as DLC for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 users. We offer a few thoughts on that.
  • We briefly recap a couple of news items from the past week, which include a new official roster for NBA 2K13 and the shutdown of online services for NBA Live 10 and NBA Jam.
  • The Sacramento Kings may be moving to Seattle to become the new Supersonics, tipping off our NBA discussion for the week.
  • The Lakers broke their six game losing streak and we ponder how far they can actually go this season.
  • Rookie of the Year talk prompts us to mention Damian Lillard and of course, Andre Drummond.
  • Dunks and the Dunk Contest are discussed. With no JaoSming around, I rail against throw-ins, at least in the Contest.
  • Leftos tells us about the joys of running from zombies.
  • I manage to remember all our social media addresses in closing the show, a marked improvement from last week.

Click the Play button below to listen to the Podcast!

We hope you enjoy the show and as always, we invite you to give us your thoughts and feedback in the comments below, as well as in this thread in the NLSC Hub section of the Forum.

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NLSC Podcast – Episode #12

The NLSC Podcast is back with episode number twelve! Leftos and I are your hosts once again and after a brief catch-up following the holiday season, we get down to discussing the latest news and rumours surrounding NBA Live and NBA 2K, some community news and notes and the latest goings on in the real NBA. A quick overview of Episode #12 is as follows:

  • We’re back! We both had a nice holiday break, we hope you did too.
  • Arcane has stepped down from the NLSC Team and his post as a moderator on the official forums; we thank him for his contributions and wish him well.
  • Leftos provides an update on his latest tools for NBA 2K13 and the Stats Tracker for NBA 2K12.
  • NBA 2K13 received two new rosters last week, opinion is still generally lukewarm at best.
  • EA Sports are ending online support for NBA Live 10 and the 2010 reboot of NBA Jam. We ponder whether it means anything for NBA Live 14 and once again speculate a little on the next game.
  • We move on to this week’s feature discussion, the Royce White saga in Houston.
  • A few other NBA related topics are discussed.
  • I close the show by forgetting our Twitter handle. (Hey, it’s not like I maintain it or anything…)

Click the Play button below to listen to this week’s episode!

We’re glad to be back and looking forward to continuing to bring you a new episode each week throughout 2013. We hope you enjoy the latest episode, please feel free to add your comments below or in this thread in the Forum. You can also continue to discuss the situation with Royce White here in our NBA & Basketball Talk section.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone, and welcome to 2013! I hope that you all had a fun and safe New Year’s Eve and are looking forward to bigger and better things this year. As I mentioned in my New Year’s Eve post, that’s certainly what we’re aiming for here at the NLSC with more mods, more tutorials and resources, more podcasts, more video content and other regular features that we hope you will all enjoy. Once again, I’ll also be getting new rosters for NBA Live 2005-08 out for those of you still playing those games, for more info on how you can help me with that please see this thread.

That will all be coming your way very soon, so keep it locked here. Thanks once again for all of your support, be sure to stay with us throughout 2013 for your fix of basketball video game coverage!

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New Year’s Eve 2012

Though it only feels like yesterday since I was posting a New Year’s Eve message, somehow we find ourselves at the end of another year. It’s been another good year here at the NLSC as our modding community for NBA 2K continued to grow, more and more contributors began making use of our upload facilities and we finally got our podcast off the ground. Though NBA Live 13 was ultimately cancelled, we had some interaction with the developers in our Forum and will hopefully be able to chat to them again in the not too distant future. The game that did come out, NBA 2K13, was quite well received by most and our community has been modding it enthusiastically, as we have more than half as many files for NBA 2K13 as we do for NBA 2K12, in a little under three months of the game being out.

As always, a huge thanks to everyone for your continued support of and interest in the NLSC. Once again, we’re looking forward to doing bigger and better things in 2013. We’re intending on bringing you the NLSC Podcast each week, there’ll be more video tutorials and content, and some other regular features that we hope you will enjoy. As I mentioned before, our modding community is still going strong so you’ll also still see plenty of new files being posted and I’m hoping to have the current rosters for NBA Live 2005, NBA Live 06, NBA Live 07 and NBA Live 08 out as soon as I possibly can sometime early in the new year.

On behalf of the NLSC Team, thanks again for sticking with us through another year. If you have some big New Year’s Eve celebrations planned, have fun but please be responsible. Stay safe, don’t drink and drive, and as Lutz once cautioned us:

Remember the safest order of things on New Year’s Eve: 1. Fireworks, 2. Drink, and not vice versa!

See you in 2013!

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Merry Christmas from the NLSC!

On behalf of the entire NLSC Team, I’d like to wish a very Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it, and a happy and safe holiday season to the entire community. I hope you’re enjoying some quality time with family and friends, and if you’re partaking in a little basketball video gaming right now, be sure to check out our Downloads section and the various Releases sections in the Forum for the latest updates from our community.

Just a quick note, if you’re waiting for a particular update to be released or some help with a game or the creation of a mod, please keep in mind that a lot of our members are enjoying a bit of a break for the holiday season, so please be patient. That said, we are going to keep posting file additions and other updates throughout the holiday season, so stay tuned for those. Once again, a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all, be safe and responsible as you enjoy your celebrations, and don’t forget to check out the NBA’s Christmas Day games!

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NLSC Podcast – Episode #11

The eleventh episode of the NLSC Podcast has been recorded and is now available for your listening enjoyment! Leftos and I are your hosts and this week, we discuss our recent experiences playing NBA 2K13, the latest happenings in our community and for a change of pace, talk about some of the other games that we’ve been playing this past year. A rundown of this week’s topics is as follows:

  • What have we been playing in NBA 2K13 in the past week? Association and MyCAREER! We recap our recent experiences.
  • Certain elements of the commentary and presentation continue to impress us, though we talk about some of the improvements that could be made next year.
  • We provide a roundup of some recent happenings in the community and discuss ways that everyone can be a good citizen and get the most out of their time here.
  • Since news is a little slow this time of the year, we turn our attention to some other games that we’ve been playing, including our picks for Game of the Year.

Click the Play button to listen to the latest episode.

We hope everyone is still enjoying the longer shows, as well as the off-topic discussion in this week’s episode. We invite you to post your comments below as well as in this thread in the NLSC Hub, along with your answers to this week’s Question of the Week.

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Clutch Sim League Update

The Clutch Sim League, now in its third season, currently has five vacancies including some teams that are division leaders or at least in contention for the Playoffs. As its name implies, it is a sim league and is presently using NBA Live 08 to simulate its games. If you’re interested in joining the league, check out this thread over on the CSL website for a listing of the currently available teams and register ASAP to claim one.

If you’ve got a league or community announcement, don’t forget that you can post it in the NLSC Hub section of our Forum, which serves as a community noticeboard in addition to hosting discussion related to our Podcast, site bulletins and other NLSC features and issues.

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NLSC Podcast – Episode #10

The tenth episode of the NLSC Podcast is now available for your listening enjoyment! Leftos and I are hosting the show once again this week as we spend some time talking about a multitude of topics including the latest NBA 2K13 news, our recent experiences playing NBA 2K13 and the last week in NBA action. A rundown of this week’s topics is as follows:

  • Another official roster for NBA 2K13 was released, and the PC version actually received it!
  • We offer some impressions on the latest official roster and discuss the necessary evil of overall ratings.
  • NBA 2K13 was named Team Sports Game of the Year at Spike’s Video Game Awards; we give our thoughts.
  • We’re still enjoying spending time with NBA 2K13, so we spend some time talking about what’s keeping us hooked to MyCAREER and Association.
  • A few recent basketball videos have caught our attention; check them out and listen to our reactions.
  • The Bulls took on the Pistons and Noah had a big game. One of us was a little happier about that than the other.

Click the Play button to listen to the show!

We hope you enjoy this week’s episode! We’ve been able to sort out a couple of problems with the audio, so this week’s episode should sound a lot better and be much easier to listen to. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, as well as in this discussion thread in the NLSC Hub. You can also watch the videos mentioned in the podcast embedded below.

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