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JaoSming’s Predictions: Cover Athlete

As previously outlined by Andrew, basketball gamers have a lot to look forward to in the coming fall of 2012. The return of EA’s NBA simulation game and yet another iteration of NBA 2K should destroy our free time and cause many sick days for working and student gamers.

Following my “successful” predictions about NBA 2K12 last year, I thought I would make another run at predicting what features the upcoming basketball games will have this coming fall. Although this year I plan on adding in some personal wishlist ideas as well.

Just to get it out of the way, I will first attempt to predict who the cover athlete will be for both games. I still feel that some basketball gamers put too much emphasis on the cover athlete to decide which game they buy. But if I could look past NBA 2K10’s Kobe Bryant cover, then I hope everyone else will decide by the game itself instead of the cover.

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What basketball gamers can look forward to in 2012

2012 is upon us and before we know it, we’ll be entering a new season of previews for this year’s basketball video games. However, before those previews begin to come out and the games themselves eventually drop in October, there’ll be official updates for NBA 2K12 and NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, along with plenty of community-made mods released for the PC versions of NBA 2K and NBA Live.

Join me as I take a look at some of the things basketball gamers have to look forward to in 2012!

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NBA 2K12 PotW – Week 10 Results & Patch of the Year!

Congrats to TNeckDME for winning his second Patch of the Week in a row and his third total!

TNeckDME won with his Enhanced Sideline Characters. Now that we have 10 winners, there will be a two week vote to decide the Patch of the Year! TNeckDME’s Enhanced series takes up three of the possible votes and is going against the first Rookie Roster, dornas, courts, shot clocks, shoes and the 1993 Phoenix Suns. Be sure to get your vote in here!

NBA 2K12 PotW – Week 9 Results & Week 10 Voting!

Congrats to TNeckDME! He is the first two-time winner of PotW!

TNeckDME won with his Enhanced Crowd Textures, a must have for any NBA 2K12 PC player. It looked like it was going to be a runaway week for TNeckDME, but the voting evened out as the week progressed. On to week 10! Be sure to nominate, vote for and download the best patches from the past week in this thread.

NBA 2K12 PotW – Week 8 Results & Week 9 Voting!

Congrats to Push! He won last week’s Patch of the Week vote with his first Court Pack.

Be sure to check out the winning patch by clicking this link, and check out this thread to vote for this week’s nominees. If you see a patch in the Forumthat you want to vote for, make sure you get the patch maker to upload it to our Downloads database, and then nominate it in this thread.

NBA 2K12 PotW – Week 7 Results & Week 8 Voting!

Another week of PotW, and another new winner! Congrats to HAWK23 for finally winning this week!

HAWK23 has been nominated for every PotW vote but this is his first win. His third revision of the 1992-1993 Suns, complete with cyberfaces, is what finally got him this win. It was also the closest win, two patchers tied for second by one vote, and third was one vote below them. Will Week 8 have the first two-time winner? Vote and check back next week to find out!

NBA 2K12 PotW – Week 6 Results & Week 7 Voting!

Congratulations to Sixers85 for winning the sixth week of Patch of the Week!

Sixers85 won with his TNT Style Exteriors patch and doubled the votes of the patches tied for second. That is six different winners for the first six weeks of this feature; will we see a seventh new winner in a week? Or will we have our first two-time winner for PotW?  Vote in this thread to have a hand in the matter.

NBA 2K12 PotW – Week 5 Results & Week 6 Voting!

Yep, it is that time of week again. Last week’s winner of the NBA 2K12 Patch of the Week feature is se7six!

As you can see, se7six created a great update for the shot clocks that you should download right here. This week’s patches are up and ready to be voted on in this thread. This week’s voting includes the 99-2000 Lakers, a new style for Brandon Jennings, and the year’s first global.iff file update. Be sure to give nominations for next week’s PotW in the voting thread as well!

NBA 2K12 PotW – Week 4 Results & Week 5 Voting!

Congratulations to JoeJames for winning the fourth Patch of the Week contest!  JoeJames’ 13 Team Dornas Pack won by one vote, narrowly beating three other patches tied for second.

This week JoeJames attempts to be the first 2-Time winner of PotW.  He returns with a Bobcats jersey pack with a fictional alternate uniform, but he’s going against the patching return of two NLSC veterans of Jowe and Nick, with a classic Nuggets jersey and Fictional Draft Class respectively.  Other patchers included in the Week 5 voting include a Reggie Miller Pacers team, a retro Derek Fisher face, an accurate Madison Square Garden court, and authentic shot clock digits.  You can vote and nominate patches for Week 6’s PotW here.

NBA 2K12 Roundtable (Part Three)

Welcome to the third and final part of the roundtable discussion of NBA 2K12 between Patrick (Pdub), Jon (JaoSming), Lean, The X and myself. Today we’re wrapping up the roundtable with our thoughts on NBA’s Greatest and the presentation in this year’s game, as well as covering a couple of other topics of interest and summing up our opinion of NBA 2K12. Don’t forget to check out part one and part two if you didn’t catch them the first time around.

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NBA 2K12 Roundtable (Part Two)

Welcome to the second part of a three part roundtable discussion of NBA 2K12 between Patrick (Pdub), Jon (JaoSming), Lean, The X and myself. Yesterday in part one, we offered our initial impressions of the game with quick thoughts on our favourite additions and biggest complaints. Today we’re taking a look at gameplay along with Association and My Player. Check back tomorrow for our impressions on NBA’s Greatest and presentation, along with some closing thoughts on the game.

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NBA 2K12 Roundtable (Part One)

Welcome to part one of a three part roundtable discussion of NBA 2K12 between five members of the NLSC Team: Patrick (Pdub), Jon (JaoSming), Lean, The X and myself. In this first part of the roundtable, we cover our initial impressions of NBA 2K12 including our favourite additions, our biggest complaints, the little things that stand out and more. Check back tomorrow for part two, which will cover our thoughts on gameplay, Association and My Player.

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NBA 2K12 PotW – Week 3 Results & Week 4 Voting!

Congrats to TNeckDME for winning the third week of NBA 2K12 Patch of the Week!

TNeckDME’s patch updated the graphics of all players in NBA 2K12 with enhanced textures. It was up against a true juggernaut which was a Rookie Roster with CFs from west44 which actually got 10 times as many downloads as TNeckDME’s winning watch. Drop by this Forum thread to vote for next week’s patch of the week and feel free to nominate any patches released between now and Sunday for next week’s voting!

NBA 2K12 Patch of the Week – Week 2 Results & Week 3 Voting

The winner of the second NBA 2K12 Patch of the Week feature is, kc2135 for his Rookie Roster!

kc2135’s roster was the base for the west44 roster which is included in the Week 3 voting. To check out all of this week’s nominees, vote, and nominate patches for next week’s PoTW, check out this Forum thread.

NBA 2K12 Patch of the Week – Week 1 Results & Week 2 Voting

The inaugural week of the NBA 2K12 Patch of the Week feature has ended with Dmayne’s Air Penny Shoepack winning Week 1.

Voting has now begun for Week 2. The patches you can vote for include more Retro Shoes from Dmayne, fantasy Brooklyn Nets art, Led Dorna updates, courts, a Nick Young cyberface, and a Rookie Roster. All voting takes place in this forum thread and be sure to nominate your favorite patches for Week 3’s poll.