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NBA 2K18 Wishlist Thread Now Open

NBA 2K17: Paul George

Since NBA 2K17 has been out for close to a couple of months and received a few title updates, it’s fair to say that we have a pretty good idea of what it’s all about. While some issues will hopefully still be patched in the months to come, some fixes and additions will have to wait until next year. As such, we’ve opened up our official NBA 2K18 Wishlist thread in the Forum.

If you have any feedback you’d like to send along to the developers in terms of fixes, improvements, and additions that you’d like to see in NBA 2K18, be sure to post it in the thread. We do ask that you keep things civil and constructive, since profane insults and snarky remarks tend not to be helpful. There are plenty of other threads where you can express those sentiments, and we’d rather keep the Wishlist threads constructive. We also recommend being as detailed as possible, since suggestions like “better gameplay” don’t exactly convey what it is that you want to see improved.

In recent years, we have been a little late in starting our Wishlist threads, so we wanted to make sure that we’re on the ball and collecting feedback for the development team much earlier this year. The thread will obviously remain open well into next year, but since NBA 2K18 is already being developed, I’d once again recommend that you start posting your feedback ASAP.

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