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NBA Street Vol. 2 – 2016 Remix Released

NBA Street Vol 2. - 2016 Remix

It’s been just under a year since the last Remix mod for NBA Street Vol 2. was released, but johnz1 is back with a new edition for the 2016 season. For those who are unaware, the Remix mod is a complete update for the Gamecube version of NBA Street Vol 2., which makes use of the Dolphin emulator. It includes updated rosters, new team jerseys and apparel, and even player faces. A couple of bonus teams are also included.

Key features of the new release are as follows:

  • Updated rosters (up to and including the 2015-16 trade deadline)
  • Updated player ratings (same overall ratings distribution as the original game)
  • Updated jerseys
  • Updated team logos
  • Updated team apparel (shirts, shorts, headbands)
  • Added the 2016 All-Star teams
  • Added the USA and World teams
  • Replaced Philadelphia with Charlotte
  • Replaced cyberfaces for a handful of players
  • Updated the ISO banner and info file (opening.bnr)
  • Replaced the GameCube controller graphics with Xbox 360 controller graphics

Please note that johnz1 is only supporting legal copies of NBA Street Vol. 2, in accordance with our community rules and policy. Neither we nor johnz1 will provide links or information on how to acquire a pirated copy of the game. Please be advised that we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to piracy, and any requests for links or support with pirated games is grounds for an immediate (and permanent) ban. For more information, please consult our Forum Rules.

With that said…download the 2016 Remix mod for NBA Street Vol. 2 here! For more support and instructions on how to get the mod to work, be sure to consult the release thread. Additional information on configuring Dolphin for optimum performance can also be found here. Finally, please see below for some preview images of the new release. Thanks to johnz1 for sharing his work with us!

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NBA Street Vol. 2 – 2015 Remix Released

johnz1 has released a new version of the Remix mod for the Gamecube version of NBA Street Vol. 2!

The new release adds opening night 2014/2015 season rosters, with ratings based on V22 of the Ultimate Base Roster for NBA 2K14 PC.

Additionally, all team jerseys have been updated for the current season, right down to the NBA logo above the players’ names, and the gold strip indicating the number of championships the team has won.

You can pick up the NBA Street Vol. 2 – 2015 Remix mod here in our Downloads section! For more information and previews, be sure to check out this thread.

General File Additions – NBA Street Vol. 2 HDR Update

You may recall the NBA Street Vol. 2 HD Remake Project that JaoSming and Mazzocchi were working on a few months back, which sought to update the Gamecube version of NBA Street Vol. 2 as of the current season. Recently, johnz1 has created a further update for the project, which is now available to download. Check it out at the link below!

JaoSming, Mazzocchi, johnz1
NBA Street Vol. 2 HDR Update (’13-’14) V2

NBA Street Vol. 2 HDR Roster & Art Update Released

At long last, the HDR update for the Gamecube version of NBA Street Vol. 2 has been released. Thanks to Mazzocchi‘s hard work cleaning up the roster file I previously created, as well as updating over 500 textures for the game, we can now publicly release this update pack.

While the update includes current rosters for the 29 NBA teams in the game, as well as jerseys for the players included, we still need help with the cyberface art for future updates. If you are interested in helping out, please check out the HDR threads in the Virtual Hardwood Forum.

You can download the update in the NLSC Downloads Database, and please stop by the Release Thread as well. For tutorials on how to make your own edits to the game, please check this Resources Thread. I hope that you enjoy the updated rosters for this great game as much as we are!

NBA Street Vol. 2 Modding Resources Available

Along with the release of the 2013-2014 Rosters for NBA Street Vol. 2 (only the rosters, no art updates yet), I have compiled a resources thread in the Forum for all releases, tools and tutorials for playing and modding NBA Street Vol. 2 on the Dolphin Emulator. We are still early in the overall progress of the HD Remake mod, but I feel the combination of finished rosters and tutorials showing step-by-step on how to create and share texture mods for the game should speed things up a bit.

Be sure to check out the new Resources Thread, and the other NBASV2HDR threads in the Virtual Hardwood Forum.

NBA Street Vol. 2 HD Remake Roster Progress Update

Mazzocchi and I have been busy finishing up the roster end of the NBA Street Vol. 2 HD Remake, or update mod. We now have a fully working and updated roster in the game. It includes accurate ratings, heights, weights, names, and semi-accurate appearance models. Now the fun part can begin, adding all of the art that not only updates the appearance of the game, but enhances it as well.

I will be creating tutorials on how to create custom rosters as well as adding and editing textures for the game soon. In the meantime, you can check out the updated roster files and other discussion in The Virtual Hardwood Forum. You can also see the mod in action in the video below.

NBA Street Vol. 2 HD Roster Feedback Needed

With the ability to create custom rosters for the Gamecube and PlayStation 2 versions of NBA Street Vol. 2, the possibility of an HD fan remake got much better. While we have not yet begun updating the game just yet, we do need to figure out what players should represent each team in the game. With the five player limitation, it can be tough to weed out certain players in favor of others.

Rather than chose the rosters ourselves, we are looking for input and feedback on which players should make the final cut. Please take a look at the current rosters in this Forum Post. For additional information and progress on the update, please check out the video below and the NLSC Virtual Hardwood Forum.

NBA Street Vol. 2 Roster Editor for Gamecube and PS2

Thanks to Mazzochi for getting this started again, but I spent some time today creating profiles for Hex on Steroids, which effectively acts as a roster editor for NBA Street Vol. 2. Both the Gamecube and PlayStation 2 versions of the players and teams database files are supported, so we can edit the files and play them on PC emulators such as Dolphin and PCSX2. There is hope that this may eventually turn into a fan-made HD remake of this classic game, but there is still plenty of planning, organizing and texture making to do before that.

In the meantime, check out this Forum thread for more information. If you are interested in helping out, or editing the files yourself, you can get the profiles from the NLSC Download Database and watch the tutorial video below on how to use them.