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Wishlist Topics for NBA Live 20 & NBA 2K20 Now Open

Our Wishlist includes improvements to Pro-Am

It’s that time again! The NBA Live and NBA 2K development teams are hard at work on the next titles, which means we need to get our feedback in as soon as possible. I’ve created our official Wishlist topics for NBA Live 20 and NBA 2K20, so that we can compile our suggestions and send them along to EA Sports and Visual Concepts respectively.

As always, we’re looking to compile a comprehensive but concise snapshot of what the basketball gaming community wants to see in the upcoming games. Whether it’s new features, fixes and improvements, or bug reports, it’s all useful feedback for the Wishlist. Bullet points are best and far preferable to long-winded essays and videos, though at the same time, don’t just say things like “make the gameplay better”. We need to explain how we want the gameplay to change, and what would make it better. The same goes for modes, and all other aspects of the two games.

Just a reminder that we are focused on constructive feedback here, so please leave out the snark and insults. Venting about the games is perfectly acceptable in other Forum topics, but these topics are about compiling useful suggestions, not yelling at the developers. By all means constructively criticise and point out problems, but please be aware that we’re not going to pass along profane suggestions!

Once again, we want to get our Wishlists in as soon as possible – ideally before the end of January – in order for them to have the most impact possible. To that end, sign up for a Forum account (if you don’t have one already), and start posting your ideas! We’ll be organising a Top Wishes section to concisely explain what we most want to see, so feel free to prioritise your lists. The first post in the Wishlist topics provides further information about the best format for your feedback, in case you’re looking for a guide. With all that being said, start posting those wishes!