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    Please note…

    Remember that you can also keep in touch with us via FacebookTwitter and of course, the NLSC Forum. For more information about the NLSC, please see our About Us page.

    We appreciate your feedback and support, and will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible if necessary. If you do require a response, please make sure that you supply us with a valid email address. Please note that we reserve the right to ignore any messages that are rude, abusive or threatening, so we do ask that you keep it civil if you have a complaint or technical problem.

    Please also keep in mind that not every download that is available here at the NLSC is created by a member of the NLSC staff. Make sure that you always contact the person who created the mod or tool if you require assistance. If you encounter any broken links in the Downloads section, you can let us know via the Report broken download link underneath the file description.

    We do not engage in sponsored content, link insertions, or any such practices, so please don’t bother asking. We are not interested in working with anyone who is promoting gambling; this should be clear from our content criticising predatory mechanics in basketball video games. Any such proposals will be ignored (especially if you call us a “blog”; FYI, we’re a fansite and community, not a blog!).

    Finally, we are not affiliated with EA Sports, Visual Concepts, or any other video game developer, so please don’t contact us for technical support, refunds, etc. Please contact the company responsible for the game in question.