Create a great 2012/2013 roster using Roster Merge & REDitor

We’re all excited for the new season of the NBA coming up, and we’re all following the progress of our teams and sharing the excitement of the new arrivals. And we also can’t wait. That’s why HAWK23’s Ultimate Base Roster hit a big spike when it became the first roster with complete 2012-2013 rookies in their proper teams. Only problem with that is that UBR only works in 82-games Associations and Seasons. Shorter schedules and MyPlayer don’t work at all. Also, Albys is renowned for his current roster, and he just brought us his final 2011-2012 roster, v6.  And as if that wasn’t enough, Nick completed v3 of his 2012 Draft Class, giving us the most complete and detailed rookies up to this point.

So, obviously, you’d love to have all that in one roster that works in every mode, right? Well, you can!

Visit our Forum to read my new guide on how to combine UBR, Albys’ roster and Nick’s draft class into a great 2012/2013 roster.

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