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Digital Version of NBA 2K13 Delayed Until October 16th?

It appears as though anyone planning on getting the digital download version of NBA 2K13 on PC may have to wait longer than expected. NLSC Forum user ProStyle8 originally noticed the date for the downloadable version on Amazon had been changed to October 16th and Chris Manning later responded to a Tweet from solovoy confirming an October 16th release for digital copies.

This is certainly unfortunate news for anyone who was planning on getting a digital copy when the game drops in just a few hours. If we receive any new information we’ll be sure to post it, but in the meantime you can join in the discussion of the latest details regarding the delayed digital release here in the Forum.

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dang shame. I dont understand why the hard copy for pcs is out today but they are delaying digital downloads 2 weeks. makes no sense