Dumb Fact Monday: Exporting Draft Classes

This is Dumb Fact Monday, serving up random facts about basketball video games that you may or may not find interesting.

For most Association and MyGM players, an accurate draft class for the upcoming year is required to get the most of out the mode. While EA and 2K’s player generator can create some special characters, I feel that the ability to export a draft class from 2K’s College Hoops series is sorely missed in comparison. The best way to care about these generated draftees is by playing with or against them during their non-professional career. PC mods can help alleviate this missed feature, but no matter how much work goes into the accuracy of those mods they simply can not touch College Hoops 2K8. The ability to export and import draft classes from the college game into the NBA game was pretty well known for 2K basketball games, but do you know which EA basketball games supported this feature?

Even though EA enjoyed an exclusive license for NCAA basketball for March Madness 09 and NCAA Basketball 10, neither featured any import/export feature with their corresponding NBA Live games. In fact, none of the March Madness games on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 had the ability to export draft classes to NBA Live. We have to look back to the PlayStation 2 to find an EA basketball game with this feature.

NCAA March Madness and NBA Live 2004Yet another reason why this was my favorite NBA Live game.

Yes indeed, March Madness 2004 had the ability to export draft classes into NBA Live 2004’s dynasty mode. I was still a primarily console gamer when this feature came out, so some of my fondest memories of EA simulation basketball came from creating myself on Duke and then trying to draft myself with the Celtics.

NBA Live 2004: LeBron JamesUnfortunately, the Share button was still 10 years out.

I will say, I was and am still jealous of the integration NFL Street 2 got with Madden 2006, where you could export your Street football player into the simulation game. 2K basketball has helped with both issues though since College Hoops supported NBA games, and completing NBA 2K7’s 24/7 mode let your player get drafted into the pros. Those were some awesome features that I would love to see again, but unfortunately we are left without a college game or any street specific games or extensive modes; I guess my Xbox 360 will still get plenty of use into the next generation then!

I hope you enjoyed this little dumb fact and reminiscing. Let me know if I’m wrong and some PlayStation 1 era game did this. Check back next week for yet another dumb fact!

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March 25, 2014 8:28 am

Sadly, those of us in international markets missed out on this awesomeness, as we didn’t get NCAA March Madness 2004.